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MasterNodes.Online is a platform that monitors and allows for comparing different masternodes. Currently, the 24-hour volume for the platform’s supported masternodes is $246,313,775 or 38,905.34 BTC. The total market cap for the coins is $2,364,330,338 or 373,496 BTC. The website currently lists a total of 453 masternode coins with a total of 236,200 being online.

The website currently lists a total of 22 tiers including their details as well as those masternodes under maintenance. In other words, coins listed on the maintenance page are awaiting feedback from the coin development team. In other words, these coins require coin maintenance product for re-branding, coin swap, hard fork or collateral change.


Tracking a variety of factors/features about masternodes allows anyone willing to invest in masternodes to gain clean, concise and accurate information when deciding on the masternodes and to compare the coins as they should when investing. This helps avert a situation where a person cannot invest in a masternode due to inaccurate information from inaccurate sources.

The website currently allows for comparison of around 440 masternodes currently. With the website, a person is able to compare coins in detail including the name of the coin, details of the coin, last traded price, change from 24 hours ago, market cap of each masternode, volume traded in the last 24 hours, and the annual return on investment of masternode (ROI). One is also able to view the value of masternode based on price traded and the percentage of total supply locked in the masternode currently.

Tracking the change in price in terms of percentage changes is also helpful if you are currently investing in a masternode because it allows you to see the gains. The website separates masternodes in terms of gainers and droppers.

There is also Return on Investment where you can check what to expect from the investment. Those willing to invest in masternodes are also able to check the number of coins you need to invest in each of the masternode.

Basically, you are able to click and view the listing for each coin and further details for each of the coins. For instance, you can check the daily income of a masternode you want to invest in, the weekly income, the monthly incom, eand yearly income. For each of the pages for each coin, you are able to check the announcements about a given coin, the Github pag, eand land to the website and the explorer page for the particular coin.

Other details from the page of each masternode are the masternodes map and information about a particular team. Therefore, in addition to ROI, you are able to investigate about the community, the ability of the development team, the purpose of the platform and the liquidity wallet.

Apart from the currently available masternodes, you can invest in, provides a list of upcoming masternode coins that you could watch out for and invest in.

ICO listing and maintenance coins

Apart from the listing of masternode coins, people can also list ICOs for masternode coins although currently, the number of ICOs listed are only a few. The listing for masternodes also features coin details such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income.

Those coins that are listed on the maintenance page are those requiring coin maintenance products for re-branding, coin swap, hard fork or collateral change. However, the website removes from the MNO platform, any coins that remain on the maintenance page for more than 14 days.

Listing and advertising on the website

The website charges a one-time fee to list masternode coins and tiers. However, apart from the fees, additional fee applies for Swaps/Collateral Changes/Rebrands. If your coin is listed on exchanges, the listing for the coin is express for 0.3 Bitcoin. The standard charges for listing a coin that's already listed on exchanges is 0.2 Bitcoin while ICO coin listing and promotion package is 0.85 Bitcoin. The ICO/Presale coin listing is 0.6 Bitcoin.

You can also choose to advertise on the website and the awareness package is 0.44 Bitcoin, the broadcast package is 0.8Bitcoin, Homepage banner 100,000 pageviews at a cost of 0.16 Bitcoin, while a homepage banner that attracts 250,000 pageviews costs 0.34 Bitcoins and homepage banner of 50,000 page views goes for 0.1 Bitcoins. A rotating banner of 1 million pageviews costs 0.56 Bitcoins, rotating banner 125,000 pageviews and a rotating banner of 250,000 pageviews goes for 0.16 Bitcoins.

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