BlockchainMasternodesTechnology is a website that provides statistics about masternodes including collateral, initial price, current price, and change. The website provides stats for masternodes that have a market cap greater than $1,000,000. It provides data for various factors including the Collateral, initial price, current price, and change.

Without much explanation, the initial price is how much the masternode was worth at project start and you can compare that with the current price if you need to invest in the masternode. For instance, you can gain some insight into how much the masternode has grown in value/price to date. Also, the change in price is an important factor for anyone tracking the performance of the masternode.


Analytics is also an important feature for anyone willing to invest in masternodes. First of all, the analytics column tracks the best performing among the listed coins in the week. It provides an analysis of the top 10 or listed masternode coins.

Thus using the analysis, you can track if a masternode has been performing best on a weekly basis.

Other features

Apart from these masternode statistics, the website is a place for buzz about masternodes and other coins as well as blockchain. It provides news about masternodes, blockchain and general coins. In terms of the buzz, you also get columns written by various writers including guests who are knowledgeable in blockchain, masternodes and coins.

The DailyBuzz is also an interesting part of the website which is a buzz about developments in the crypto projects space. It could be a release of a new project, a fork, an upcoming fork, launch of a website, or achievement of a milestone etc.

Besides the above listed features, the company hosts interviews with different experts. For instance, they interview CEOs of masternode projects, their advisors and other crypto team members. These interviews can help one to gain deeper insight into a project and you can use the information to speculate the performance, for instance if the managers provide details about upcoming features of the project.

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