The Divi Project – Crypto for the Masses?

As it stands now, cryptocurrency is not popular with masses even after many years of launching tech defining projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. At least as we know it, cryptocurrency, both in terms of trading and investment, has been and is still popular only among the tech gurus and people who can afford to buy the coins and mining machines and doing the complicated setups.

Divi, which is a blockchain and "smart wallet," is seeking to bridge that gap by making masternodes available at a lesser cost of $600 at the initial coin price, by introducing easy to set up one-click masternodes with Proof of Stake such that coin holders will earn more coins automatically after staking, by allowing coin holders to use an intuitive username system instead of the confusing and hard-to-remember private addresses that have numerous digits, by introduction social features in their wallet, and by introducing a smart wallet with advanced features such as marketplace that allows merchants to accept payment with DIVI tokens and coin holders to buy and sell goods to other holders.

Divi project labels itself as the world's first tiered or multi-level masternodes project because coin holders can invest in or stake masternodes in 5 different levels with different percentage chances of earning more coins. Built on a custom Ethereum blockchain, the ERC20-compliant DIVX tokens are already in the sale although they will be converted to DIVI tokens when the blockchain is released in April 2018.

Will Divi help popularize crypto among the masses?

Below is a details explanation of how Divi seeks to achieve this.

1. Earn a masternode for only $600 at the initial coin price

This will definitely make things lesser expensive because the most popular masternodes are way-way expensive; $25k for PIVX, or $270k for Dash.

Tiered masternodes mean you can start and be in Level 1 up to Level 5 depending on the number of coins you have. Level 1 requires only 1000 coins and is called Copper. Higher levels than one are more likely to earn coins with increasing percentages.

1000 Coins - Level 1: Copper
3000 Coins - Level 2: Silver +5%
10,000 Coins - Level 3: Gold +10%
30,000 Coins - Level 4: Platinum +15%
100,000 Coins - Level 5: Diamond + 20%

Multi-level masternodes also make masternodes investment more fun.

2. Easy to set up masternodes; one-click masternode set up for Operating Systems, and masternode stats

Current masternodes are hard to set up with complicated . In fact, it is only computer geeks who can do it successfully because you need to know and enter commands and there is some good level of security to be maintained. Divi will have an easy masternode installation setup for common computer operating systems and step-by-step videos as tutorials.

There will also be an easy-to-set up cloud hosted masternode via VPN if you need to outsource the task or need help.

With current masternodes, you also require a static IP for each masternode and this makes things more expensive and difficult for average users. Divi will change that to make it easy to set up a masternode with your home computer.

Divi is also bringing a user-friendly interface to make setting up masternodes user-friendly, easy and fun. According to them, this is probably the most requested feature by the masternode communities for all cryptos out there.

In addition to that, coin masternode holders will be able to view masternode stats from within the masternode and mobile application. You will be able to view earnings, history, current block, coins in circulation, total global masternodes, coin value in USD/BTC, community proposals, voting % approved, and more features.

You will also get a masternode map and be able to see how masternodes are connected with each other and see basic contact details and a photo/logo of other node holders who provide the details publicly.

Vote with a simple click: no more inputting of programming commands to vote.

3. Earn easily as you sleep or play

Divi will use Proof of Stake which means you do not need to buy mining machines and do all the complicated set up to start earning. You simply invest in or stake a masternode and the process of earning kicks off!

4. Buy and sell at the Divi marketplace: Back to the issue of adoption of cryptocurrency: adoption of cryptocurrency has been so slow -- and expensive -- among the business community since it was invented because it is expensive and interfaces have been lacking. Divi will bridge that gap by making available plugins that you can install on your website and accept payment with Divi over your website. You can also search for those accepting payment in DIVI and buy products from them.

There will be a Peer-to-Peer marketplace where you can list products and services and sell to others or buy from others using DIVI tokens.

Divi will also issue a credit card or debit card that’s directly connected to your Divi wallet.

5. Support

Support is probably one of the most important things a masternode user will need with regard to issues such as how to set up masternodes, the security of their applications, and stats. In addition to normal support via website, slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and email, Divi will add a Live Community so you can access the team 24 hours 7 days They will have Vlogs, tutorials, blogs, interviews, conventions, meetups, seminars, market news, live streams to help users using their masternodes and make it easier for them.

Besides, Divi will allow you to send and receive coins. It will let you use Password Send such that the recipient will use a password to unlock funds, know your receiver by way of confirming that that is his photo and details before sending money, and mobile behavioral biometrics to improve security.

Please see more from their whitepaper.

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