Hong Kong-based firm launches 100% automated trading platform

Hong Kong-based startup Napston has announced through a press release, the launching of a 100% automated platform on which traders can earn passive income from their cryptocurrency savings, mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum. Basically, it lets customers earn different rates of interest daily depending on the package bought from the platform.

Built around Distributed Artificial Neural Networks, the platform uses data from a variety of independent sources to predict prices and market movements more accurately. The information is derived from the large and highly distributed network of computers in the ecosystem. It can be used by advanced as well as inexperienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Based on the press release, customers using the platform can expect up to 1.5% per business day without trading. It comes with instant withdrawals, detailed reporting, and compliance.

Customers can start earning from their Bitcoin and Ethereum savings by buying the starter package of minimum $100 while the premium package costs $5000. Each of these packages also features different incentives.

A company spokesperson said the trading platform would help customers to earn profits on otherwise dormant Bitcoins or Ethereum without even trading, adding that they believe there is demand for that kind of a platform.

While it appears not as attractive to trade cryptocurrencies at present market conditions, the platform is targeted at making the usually complex process much easier.

The company was started in 2013 and has been helping only larger corporate and high net individual customers to trade cryptocurrencies.

David Kariuki

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