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Possibilities are nearly endless when you combine blockchain, AI and IoT and traditional technologies. ICOs integrating AI and blockchain are exploring these possibilities in various fields from digital marketing, healthcare,to digital asset trading. We covered some ICOs involving AI here and here, and we have yet some more in this article.


Auctus is a blockchain based retirement or pension fund platform where users can hold traditional class assets and cryptocurrencies. It uses Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain Robo advisory system to provide users with information on how to make better savings.

It provides a user with variety of and enables them to have a holistic view of different plans including retirement savings, from government regulated IRA/401k plans, voluntary traditional retirement plans, as well as crypto wallets. This allows them to have a long term strategy for their assets and saving plans.

The platform will have reduced fees and features such as employer matching. It will use AUC cryptocurrency for payments of fees and commissions of the platform.

Ico starts on March 27th. 


AdHive is a blockchain based social video advertising platform that leverages AI to create better engagement and make multi-platform ad placement more real for advertisers. It will bring together a distributed community of video bloggers who can create and monetize content.

Advertisers, on the other hand, can place ads in multiple platforms. It will create a massive international ad campaigns for advertisers – brands, services including in cryptocurrency markets.

Ad task execution by bloggers is AI-controlled and AI modules hook to the video and speech recognition. All placement, control, and payment are automated. It will also integrate with other platforms such as Ninja Outreach, BlogMint, BrandBacker and others to create more value for advertisers.

ICO starts on 28 Feb 2018 to 14 Mar 2018. 


Faceter is a decentralized surveillance system for consumers which aims to bring face detection, object detection and real-time video analysis to cameras, but also convolutional neural networks to improve security by understanding the situation.

It will be available for all-sized businesses and mass market consumers even smaller businesses as it will be cheaper given that it employs distributed resource model all with mining capability for those contributing their resources. They say they will make their mining twice as profitable as mining of Ether on the same Graphic Processing Units.

ICO will be from March 10 to April 30, 2018. 


Savedroid is a German-based fintech company that wants to create a AI-based ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for the masses. Customers can access variety of AI-based crypto saving plans in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash etc. They can also get access to investment opportunities such as portfolios, derivatives, and ICOs.

A smart User Experience (“UX”) will auto convert assets to cryptos and mame it easier for saving and trade.

The ICO is active from 9th February and ends on the 2018-03-09.


SafeCrypt wants to be a safe crypto exchange platform that help crypto users to avoid catastrophes of losing their digital assets as happened in mt.Gox where 850 000 BTC disappeared and 850 000 BTC disappeared where more than $400 million disappeared.

The project advertises itself as fail-safe by design because it uses cascade data encrypting to achieve the highest-standard security of the information. It targets at creating complete anonymity for the traders in a cloud environment. It will also have other functionality such as crypto trading.

ICO takes place on 2018-02-26 - 2018-04-02.

Plaza Systems

Plaza Systems might not be the most innovative, but will utilize AI in offering help to buyers and sellers of items on the block chain based marketplace.

Plaza Search Chatbot will help with that, but it will also aid browsing and up-selling. Crypto holders can also use PlazaCard to spend assets on everyday payments in shops and restaurants all over the world. However, the card will accept only the PL$ and PLAZA from the PlazaCard to create an extra layer of security. However, other Cryptos are acceptable and can be stored on the wallet.

ICO starts 2018-03-01 - 2018-03-14


Invacio is a bit advanced given they are five years old in development. It brings together a variety of services grounded on mass data analysis and multi-agent system artificial intelligence. They also have TAMIUS, the revolutionary decentralized blockchain banking system that underlies their cryptocurrency.

Invacio Coin will be used in a variety of areas including big data, research and development, online security, social networking, Zero-Knowledge communications, blockchain technology, banking, fintech and hedge fund and AI.

The company will provide data on shopping habits of customers like Amazon would have. 10 million dollars is already raised in presale.

ICO takes place from February 1 to February 28. 


Iryo is a healthcare block chain system that hopes to manage risk for medical data given that only a few people are prepared to provide their medical data to a “GoogleEHR”-type of capture and reap it for commercial motives.

The system will use a zero-knowledge data storage that encrypt data and stores it on distributed networks. It will give ownership of data back to users and anyone wanting g to use that data will have to attain approval from users.

Crypto Angel 

Crypto Angel wants to create a AI based virtual life assistant. The startup aims at using AI and bringing together developers in AI to help create a decentralized central intelligent model called Master-Mind which contains trained AI models that can offer customers with customized model outputs for their searches.

It uses Angel cryptocurrency that can be used to reward developers while searchers can pay for models using the cryptocurrency. Miners will also be rewarded with crypto for helping process models and contributing their resources.

Users can use a mobile app to set up their personal goal and the Master-Mind will recommend the best options for reaching that goal. There is also the possibility of data monetization.

ICO takes place from February 24 to March 31. 


As the name suggests, Shopin is meant to provide better shopping experiences using AI. This is in addition to connecting customers and retailers. Shoppers can even fully own, control, and share data and get cryptocurrency rewards for it.

ICO takes place from 1st to end of March. 

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