This travel app lets you win rewards that you can then spend on their tour packages

KeyoCoin, which is a travel rewards company hosting more than 12,000 tour experiences from around the world, has announced 1,000 travel challenges in over 100 cities in which customers can earn KeyoCoin tokens after completing. KeyoCoin acts as blockchain-based travel and tour marketplace that will be powered by a cryptocurrency. It is supported on Android and iOS.

Travel businesses and partners will be able to host their services and products on the platform, while travelers can access these packages and buy them using cryptocurrencies. The challenges are another aspect aimed at helping travelers to get more out of their travels. They can also be used by travel businesses who list their services on the platform, to reward loyalty and attract more customers.

The challenge rewards program is also an addition to the normal rewarding program that involves rewarding their customers when they book through their app. However, the crypto rewards will see them earn cryptocurrencies even without purchasing as long as they complete the challenges.

These challenges are sponsorable by independent travel companies who can also create their own challenges. Ideally, they hope that local companies will be able to fund these challenges as part of local experiences that are complementary to the services they provide. Therefore, the experiences could promote their businesses.

A user accesses these location-based travel challenges on logging into the app and can then complete them. After this, they will get rewards in KeyoCoin tokens when the token launches in early 2019. It comprises of a variety of tasks including speaking in your best British accent to the pelicans of London’s St. James Park, recreating Russell Crowe’s “Gladiator” speech in Rome’s Colosseum, pouring the perfect pint of Guinness in Dublin, among others.

The company is also developing a marketplace on which the token will be used to purchase tour packages from around the world. Currently, they have more than 12,000 live tours, activities and local experiences in 60 plus cities all over the globe and will obviously continue to add more. Those who earn rewards can also use them to purchase the tour packages on this marketplace.

KeyoCoin founder and CEO Matt Baer said that the program will see independent travel businesses being able to give something back to their model guests when they leave a review or share their experiences on Instagram or volunteer an hour or two of their time for the local community.

The platform is starting with 1,000 challenges but the overall plan is to launch 10k challenges across the top 100 cities around the world before the token launches early next year. Baer said their merchant partners are very interested in sponsoring the challenges and there have been very encouraging suggestions for new challenges from some of the partners.

Ideally, KeyoCoin wants to use blockchain to redefine travel and tourism industry: for instance by allowing direct access to travelers by travel companies and therefore shifting benefits from commission-hungry middlemen, and putting it back in the hands of travelers and independent travel businesses.

On the platform, clients will be able to get rewards for bookings as well as access cheaper tour packages and products. Currently, the platform has mobile apps, the marketplace, and a hospitality platform.

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