These Masternode Hosting Services Allow For One-Click Deployment

Third-party masternode hosting solutions, as they might best be called are masternode hosting services that provide hosting interface to enable a user to invest in their select masternode and they host it online via VPS. A third-party hosting service is not the company behind the masternode coin as the name implies but only allows a user to deploy and run a masternode via them and earn rewards. Apart from one-click masternode coins, you might want to go for a hosted masternode solution or service provider because you do not have the skills or do not want the many steps and technicalities behind deploying and maintaining one. Ordinarily, unless you are with a crypto blockchain that allows for one-click masternode deployment, then you would be deploying and running one on a Virtual Private Server and you would need to have some knowledge on command-line based setup for the server, masternode, and local wallets.   

Basically, a third party masternode service or company will allow a user to select a masternode coin from the multiple listed or supported masternode coins and then the user can proceed to set up and deploy after paying collateral. In many cases, third-party masternode hosting services allow for shared masternode or masternode pooling where many users can contribute shares into a single pool and share rewards, of course at some fee charged by the service. There also are many masternode hosting solutions and different masternode hosting services charge different fees for each service although they are comparable. Most third party masternode hosting services now have their own platform coins that also support masternodes.

For many people who value decentralization in crypto, a third party masternode hosting solution will not be recommended option because you will have to entrust your keys and digital assets to a third party, which may be dangerous if the service says not genuine or not trustworthy or just in case the wallet is compromised. Nevertheless, there are some masternode hosting services that are working and serving clients well. Here is a list of some of the third party masternode hosting solutions below.


NodeStop supports or allows hosting of 95 masternode coins including PIVX. The service offers instant setups for masternodes where the server is deployed and the blockchain synced within minutes after the customer has paid collateral for the masternode. Besides, the nodes are updated automatically and the customer is notified in case there is an error on the system. For coin security purposes, NodeStop deployment retains the coins in the cold wallet such that the coins on the masternode do not leave their native blockchain wallet. The person can use the service anonymously.

With NodeStop, a customer can select from a variety of masternode hosting plans, ranging from 3, 6, or 12-month prepaid plans; for instance, a daily auto-renewed payment plan costs $0.40, a monthly plan $9.95, 6 months $8.95 per month and yearly plan $7.95 per month. They accept PayPal as well as crypto (variety of crypto) payments.


Clicknode platform by Stakinglab supports or allows the deployment of a masternode in the shortest time possible and supports a number of masternode coins. A customer is able to deploy masternode and start earnings rewards minutes after confirmation of their collateral payment.

A customer sends collateral, then installs a hosted VPS (either a shared VPS that costs $3.30 per month or a personal dedicated shared VPS that costs $9.90 per month) via a GUI interface and then starts the masternode. The shared server can run 3 to 4 coin wallets on one server. Sharing the servers reduces the cost of hosting masternodes. A dedicated hosting solution, which is a bit expensive, can host 1 masternode of 1 coin thus has only 1 owner.

Customers of Clicknode can also track the value of their investments and rewards right from their dashboard and they get access to intuitive graphs that reveal details of their daily and monthly coin earnings individually.

Payments are done with Clix, which can only be bought using LabX cryptocurrency. The cost of hosting a dedicated server is 3 Clix a day which is equivalent to $0.51. Clicks are sold in bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond packages.

The nodes are also updated automatically by the service.


With Solemn, a customer can sign up, choose coins to host, send collateral and then deploy the master node within minutes. It supports masternode cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Wagerr, Zcoin, and others. It also features anonymous email-based masternode deployment and cold wallet storage for the crypto invested in the masternode. That means the coins never get to leave the wallet when they are invested in the masternode.

Hosting plans start at as low as $3/month for a dedicated virtual private server solution that is fully managed by the company and featuring a cold wallet, and those setting up masternodes with this service can pay in a host of cryptocurrencies (+400 altcoins). With Solemn, it is also possible to get organized and host all the masternodes listed, under one VPS account.


NodeBase not only allows for a one-click masternode hosting but also features shared masternodes on which users can pool coins together with others interested in running a masternode, to host a masternode together and each get a share of rewards based on the number of coins they contribute.

Nodebase also has a masternode marketplace lets users buy and sell masternodes easily, transparently and securely. Transactions are done and happen with less human interference on a peer to peer basis with NodeBase acting as the arbitrator for the transactions.

Once a user purchases a designated exchange or the NodeBase marketplace, they then send the collateral coins to the NodeBase Web Wallet, then set the masternode and start to earn rewards. They can also use other features such as seamless masternode monitoring and auto-profit conversion.

The platform allows users to launch masternodes by paying with platform tokens NDB or other coins or crypto. The NDB coin also is a masternode coin that requires 1,000 NDB collateral to set up and run a masternode with or on. Masternodes receive 80% of the block reward on the blockchain. The coin also has staking feature that allows users to run a staking node or stake coins from the wallet and earn more rewards.


HostMasterNode lets users host a masternode with just a button's click from a GUI-based interface. In addition to hosting masternode with HMN coin, users can also choose to host masternodes for other masternode coins or coins with masternodes as well. The wallet is compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS.

The price for hosting a masternode with HostMasterNode is $8/month on a dedicated VPS server solution. Running a full node requires $2.99/month payment while an instant shared node costs $4.5/month, which service is yet to be launched. All of these plans also feature software updates. HostMasterNode also has a platform token known as MN, which uses PoS and PoW algorithms. The array of products also includes a mobile phone app.


Trittium also allows the deployment of masternodes in about three minutes and the masternode is then immediately ready for reward payments: it features cold wallet masternode hosting. What that means is that you will have a native coin wallet installed on your machine for the blockchain in question say Dash wallet if wanting to host Dash masternode, and then the coins will not be moved from there. This makes the coins be quite safe. It provides fully functional web wallets for all the coins that are listed for masternode hosting with the service. Currently, the service lists a total of 113+ coins including famous masternodes such as PIVX, and has over 3690+ masternodes online.

Each node setup gets a dedicated IP address and unlike some other masternode hosting solutions, the investment is treated as one position and will not be splitted into multiple dedicated or shared masternodes. Users require a minimum of 10 EUR and they can add more investments and withdraw from the masternode investment at any time.

Rewards from the masternodes are paid four times in a day and once they start earning rewards, users can make automatic reinvestment from the accumulated rewards without requiring additional wallet for staking or shared masternode for their rewards. However, this is optional; when reinvestment is not enabled; the rewards are transferred to the web wallet of the coin in question.

Any fees for masternode set-up are charged in TRTT on a daily basis without pre-payments or subscription requirements. For a full masternode, this means that the fee is 0.167 EUR/day (5 EUR/month) in TRTT. However, those choosing shared masternodes pay a fee of 4% of rewards with a condition that the minimum daily fee for a full masternode is 0.1667 EUR charged as a proportion according to the share. With some coins, users can receive a discount on investments and some others have zero fees for a certain period of time.


Mano, which recently changed from, is a solution from the Masternode Foundation for the easy setting up and deploying of masternodes. It allows investors with as little as $5 to invest in masternodes in a simple one-click set up process. That means it has shared masternode service that allow users with little amounts to invest in masternodes when and if they may not afford or be willing to invest in a full node. The easy masternode deployment feature was launched in June this year.

The required collateral to start a masternode with Mano is 2500 Mano coins according to the website. Mano is a PoS coin that depends on the Quark algorithm. It's also based on Phore, which is a PIVX-based blockchain. Finally, Mano features staking for Mano block rewards and has a desktop wallet for both the Linux and Windows operating systems.

Finally, the platform features a masternode ranking system where masternodes will be ranked in the way that coins are ranked on CoinMarketCap.

Through the Mano Exchange, users can even get their rewards and trade them with other users for a profit. They can also sell these rewards automatically if they choose to do so.

The Node Monitor service will allow users to monitor their masternodes by mails and mobile through Android App or IOS App.


NodeBuilder by Apollo Network has the NodeBuilder, a Windows, Linux and MacOS app that allows for click set up of masternode: it verifies collateral, deploys the masternode and connects the masternode to the the wallet so it can start earning rewards. There is no technical expertise required to explore this option and and it is easy to use. NodeBuilder lists over 1000 coins for masternode hosting (1172 coins). It also features a Windows, MacOS, and Linux wallet.

The service also provides full hosting option for those who want to host a masternode with the service, and this is charged only $2.99 per masternode per month. This includes updating of the masternode. Another option is the Run Your Own Nodes (RYOPN) option where a user can select their own VPS provider when hosting a masternode but the team will still be left to do any updates that are needed. This service costs the user $0.99 per MN per month + the cost of the VPS they choose to go with.

Dextro Platform

Dextro Platform is a masternode deployment platform for investors who want to deploy masternodes, which can be done easily without any technical knowledge. The one-click masternode hosting solution allows for the instant deployment of master nodes that are connecting to industry leading servers.

It features a web wallet, Windows and Linux wallets as well as details for each of the masternode they support for hosting. Purchasing masternode hosting service is done using only the Dextro coin (DXO).

Users can also deploy several masternodes from the same account and it is still possible to change the currency of the node at any time the user likes/wants as long as the service is active and has at least 7 days remaining before expiry.

The platform also allows users to monitor their masternode performance metrics besides setting up a masternode. The platform also allows users to learn how they can identify the best ROI through analyzing profiles of other anonymous investors.


MedicCoin lets users host shared and full nodes with ease (one-click), with no set-up fees and featuring daily payouts and support. The coins do not leave the wallet and therefore will be on cold storage when the masternode is being hosted. The service ensures instant syncing so customers will start to earn rewards from the network immediately after setting up the masternode. Customers are also able manage the set up masternode on their own without requiring any Linux knowledge for managing VPS servers or masternodes.

MedicCoin offers daily payouts for rewards and there is also the option for reinvesting of the earned rewards in order for users to compound on their earnings. Plus the rewards can also be returned for staking so that users will earn more while they are still pending payout or some further masternode set up.

The service also adds multiple coin options for those who want to invest in masternodes. The platform also features API to automate investment and reports. The service also tries to improve transparency by ensuring live stats for each masternode, making public the rewards, fee and profit stats for masternodes.

With MedicCoin, anyone can share a masternode with their peers and be able to track how many investors are sharing a particular masternode at any given point and whether that particular masternode is accepting peers for shared investing or not. A person who is so co-investing can also view the profit details for theirs and other masternodes.

The fee is 5% fee on the invested coins but paying fees in MEDIC attracts some discounts. This also applies to the shared masternode.

Mycelium (MYCE)

Myce hosting bot helps remove all the technicalities and complications of setting up a masternode, which increases the likelihood of people/customers losing their coins and control of their servers easily. It solves the installation difficulties when setting up masternodes of the coins they choose and acts as a one-stop solution for activation, configuration, and maintenance of your Masternodes.

To set up, a user creates an account on a VPS hosting provider, decides the number of masternodes they can install on the same VPS, then starts off the MYCE Hosting Bot that handles the complicated configurations. They then start the masternode from their local wallet.

The solution is decentralized, free to install and set up masternodes, and cost-effective by having to host multiple masternodes on a single server.

In addition to making it easy for people to set up masternodes, the software allows customers to set up a max of 10 Masternodes on the same VPS.


Selfmade allows hosting of over 120 masternode coins with the user needing to only fund their masternode, send outputs to the platform and then receive the config file to insert into their wallet which is easy and done within minutes. The coins invested in the masternode do not leave the owner's wallet during deployment of the masternode.

Users are also able to monitor the performance of the 120+ masternode coins even those they have not deployed masternodes. Selfmade also features an academy through which users can learn about masternodes and strategies relating to earning more income with them. Customers can also set up for notifications to receive notifications about masternodes, commissions, news and more.

SelfMade offers three plans; a free option that attracts 7% commission on 3 levels -- first level 5%, second 1% and 3rd 1%. The basic plan costs $9.90 monthly and attracts a commission of 21.5% commission on 10 levels. The Premium option has a $19.90/month set up fee and attracts a 50% commission on 10 levels with the first being 25%, 2nd being 10%, 3rd being 5%, 4th being 3%, 5th being 2% and 6-10 levels being 1%.

Zcore Masternodes System

ZCore features an automated deployment for masternode, which can be done even by people without much technical knowhow in setting up a masetrnode through command lines. It eliminates hassles of setting up masternodes also by allowing setting up of a masternode in a few clicks. The user's coins are also always stored in the user's local desktop wallet and therefore, are not at a high risk of being stolen. Currently, they support over 100 coins for masternode hosting.

The platform allows users to monitor masternode stats and make sure the coins are generating passive income and if something changes in the masternode, the owner is alerted by the ZMS. Currently, the service allows for hosting Dash, PIVX, EBCR, MNP, ZER, GHR, MCPC, TELOS, and DACHX and many other masternode coins.

The platform charges as low as $1.99/month fee to set up a masternode and they allow customers to pay with a range of coins and cryptocurrencies; with the service, although they employ VPS servers, users do not need to rent a VPS or do the manual setups of masternodes via VPS. Basically, the platform automatically creates and configures the masternode server for the user in the background.

Zcore is itself, a Proof of Work ecosystem, based on the Lyra2z algorithm. The Zcore cryptocurrency performs InstantSend and PrivateSend transactions with maximum speed and security. It can be mined via GPU, CPU and mining pools.

iHostMN Masternode Hosting

iHostMN Masternode Hosting lets users to set up masternodes without the hassle of deploying a VPS and again allows for shared masternodes, which is another appealing case for masternodes. The project also provides support for very many masternode projects out there and customers are able to gather information such as the ROI from the same platform.

The company also has a low fee structure, given that it only charges 0.99 euro per year across the board. Hence, it attracts a good amount of new users. Setting up a masternode at the site does not require technical processes on the side of the user; the company provides information to users to update their masternode configuration files immediately during deployment.

Shared masternode is another feature for the platform and with it, users can contribute their shares to earn rewards to a pooled masternode; the rewards are earned as soon as the user completes sending their contributions or the deposit. For shared masternodes, the fee of 5% is deducted on earnings or payouts.

iHostHM accepts payment in many payment methods including in cryptocurrencies, ideally, all cryptocurrencies supported by CoinPayments can be used to pay for full node hosting fees at iHostMN. Users can also top up their accounts with PayPal.


Gentarium, which is run by Gentarium International OÜ, a company registered in Estonia, allows for instant masternode deployment for a chosen cryptocurrency, while also featuring shared masternodes and ability for users to manage ASICs. The crypto is kept in cold storage or customer's local wallet and never leaves the user's local wallet in order to stay secure.

Their shared masternode service comes in two types: first where a user will need to wait until masternode collateral is full after sending his or her share before it can then be deployed, and secondly, where a user starts earning immediately after sending a share of the masternode without waiting for the node to have enough people to contribute collateral coins for a full node.

The hosting tariffs or cost for a single personal masternode or what is referred to as full node is $0.15 daily, $3.99 monthly payment, and $10.47 quarterly payment. For shared masternode, the payment is $2.5-$4 a month depending on the coin for 100% of a share. For shared masternodes, the fees are deducted in the invested coin from each reward in proportion to a share. There are also discounts applied for those willing to set up multiple masternodes with this service; for 10 masternodes, the discount is 5%; 20 masternodes is 10%; 30 masternodes is 15 % and 50 masternodes is 20%.

All payments are accepted in a GTM coin-based pairing, because GTM is the platform's native coin.


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