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Axel.Network is already a fully operational masternode network bringing the future of the distributed web. The network seeks to re-look at the way internet handles data, moving from a centralized to a decentralized world. They have built their Content Distribution Network (CDN) from the ground up using distributed technologies to achieve this purpose. It will render transparency and reduce vulnerability of user data and grants users control-ability to their data as their own “data custodians.”

How it works is that it is an IPFS-integrated blockchain network. InterPlanetary File System allows the uploading and storage of tech, images, music, and videos to the distributed InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) through the pinning facility, after which they are made available without limitations of centralized servers.

The AXEL-IPFS Global Search Engine extends IPFS by adding important metadata to data stored on the IPFS for easy searching and categorization. The IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open. Rather, it is a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system.

The platform also features AXEL Exchange, a distributed and decentralized digital commerce platform, through which users can sell and buy content from creators on a peer-to-peer basis, ridding of middlemen that would charge them outrageous fees and rob them of their data custody and control of their content.

This platform utilizes AXEL Utility Token through the AXEL Web Wallet which allows users to send, receive, and track AXEL Tokens. In addition to the web wallet is a desktop wallet available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The IEO will start on August 12 on Probit Launchpad and conclude on August 13.


Bitpanda's token Best will let users to enjoy a 25% fee reduction on trading fees (this feature coming starting from Q4 2019) on Bitpanda crypto exchange starting Q4 2019. Furthermore, holders and investors in the token will have priority in gaining access to the upcoming Bitpanda Launchpad and future products. They will also again access to lower trading fees to additional discounts, rewards and more. Starting from Q4 2019 until the end of 2020 users will receive discount at the rate of 25% when paying trading fees with BEST token.

In addition to trading in over 20 types of assets, Bitpanda also has other services such as investment and savings products.

The IEO is on and will continue on Bitpanda Launchpad until the 06 August.


BitWings is a token for the Wings Mobile ecosystem, which is a mining smartphone that can generate up to 2 ETH a month without any power consumption. The phone employs the Safe Core OS secure operating system based on neural technology. The neural technology is built within commercial Android systems powered with an AI Neural Face ID that helps recognize people by their faces as strangers or users of the phone. The identification makes it lock or unlock apps accordingly. Firstly, people will be able to purchase the mobile phones using crypto tokens BWN and can get a 10% discount on phone purchases.

Other features include Wings Guardian 2.0, Proof-of-Data algorithm that is employed in mining and produces 1000 megahash per second, Super Natural Speech system “Angel" and WingsPay triple authentication protocol (FaceID, fingerprint, and PIN) to help secure the wallet. Through the Wings Pay, the team will implement a revolutionary payment platform for all crypto users who want to buy goods and services using digital currencies.

Wings is a Spanish virtual mobile operator founded in 2007, and which already has managed over 400,000 users and a turnover of over $1 trillion USD. The company wants to be a leader in mobile security devices. They believe the future will be built on incorporating security protocols and tools into their products and which will also facilitate seamless trades on crypto exchanges and enable crypto payments for goods and services. For that reason, they are integrating neural technology within its new X series devices starting with their new Wings Minephone WX. The device features triple factor authentication ans has neural technology and an e--wallet with built in hardware Cold Storage.

Regarding crypto security, their product uses Artificial Intelligence to quickly and efficiently predict, identify and eliminate cyber threats which is impossible through human analysis alone.

XBook is also their high security laptop available in 15.6” & 14" versions and has blockchain-based SAFE CORE OS technology with triple factor authentication, neural technology and cold storage e-wallet built into the hardware.

The pre-ICO will take place until 2019-08-31 while the IEO starts on Exmarkets Launchpad on September 02 to November 30.


BlackPearl.Chain ensures transaction is confirmed within seconds of sending, thanks to its VRF lightning-fast consensus mechanism. According to their website, they say BTC, ETH, EOS all rely on producing new tokens, increasing circulation volume, controlling token supply by one or many tricks, and that these have poor decentralization and throughput for transactions, as well as poor security and performance. Hence, according to BlackPearl, there is needed a complete blockchain solution that is extremely secure, new levels of speed and throughput, complete decentralization, minimal utilization of computer resources, ultra low gas fee, and easily adopted smart contract.

Their solution to answer these problems is a true Gen3 Blockchain OS BPC. It has been tested, according to their website, and has delivered single shard smart contract trading at a continuous TPS is 5730. During the tests, it also runs Ethereum'’s 420 million smart contract transactions (about 421,004,776 transactions) from the whole Ethereum history and took just 20 hours.

It also took BPC 15 hours to run Bitcoin's 400 million transactions from scripts. Bitcoin's more than 10 years of distributed accounting history can be done in a single shard by BPC within a day, with 1000 shards, can be done in 1 minute. However, the main issue for many blockchain networks today is not achieving speed but having ability to have and to incorporate all known important issues of decentralization, speed and security together without compromising any of them. So it is interesting to see how they solve these three problems simultaneously.

Other features include the BPC allowing for digital asset trading, supply chain tracking, social media messaging and payment processing. It will have ultra-low gas fees and which will make it mass-friendly for commercial application, and what's more? Users will be able to run nodes on mobile devices. Not just mobiles, their nodes will be capable of running on PC, cloud, and data center servers.

With millions of TPS (transaction per second) or throughput, users around the world will be able to run IoT devices simultaneously. It will thus be applicable for making payments, paying utility bills, marketing, providers, and many other things as well. Besides, the platform will be of low power consumption and low transaction cost of around $0.05/T.

The team will deploy testnet with full features including state sharding, confirmation in seconds, millions of TPS throughput, system contract and anti-quantum computation, in Q4. Platform will utilize BPLC tokens.

The IEO will take place on Probit Launchpad until September 22.


CryptonX is a cryptocurrency exchange with aim to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat money and in which 20% of funds of each fee received is deposited to the “token growth fund” and this fund will be utilized in buying CRTX tokens back from the market for subsequent burning and thus increase demand.

IEO for the ERC20-token CRTX will take place until September 15.

Digital Wallet Project

Digital Wallet Project is a fintech mobile-based wallet established by a group from Japan, and which aims to supporting life of international citizens and through which investors are able to invest using cryptocurrency. The project is based on an existing and already profitable service by Digital Wallet Corporation also based in the same country, which was started in 2016. It has been offering real-time, low-cost, and 24-hour available service.

The platform already built allows users to send money directly to other countries such as Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and etc at any time for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Smiles, as the mobile remittance service is called, is already popular with a very high number of downloads in Japan.

They are planning to start a new investment service and they want to expand in the areas of establishing a digital wallet token (DWT) based on ERC20 format, deployment of a wallet service that allows users to transfer money to other Asian countries including Europe, besides Japan, and an investment service that allows international citizens to make investments on variety of projects including agricultural projects.


Eminer is a blockchain-based mining and financial services platform that aims to provide hash rate services, financial services (such as pledge, financial management, leverage installments, loan and hedging), investment services and information services. Further, it will allow users to circulate fixed assets including miners and mining farms within the platform and on a secondary market under specific conditions. Users will run EM nodes to enjoy and compete for services offered. They can also pledge a certain amount of their EM holdings to provide other users with hash rate services and gain BTC and EM rewards through their EM nodes.

The service has been operational for more than half an year now and has a large hash rate (320P) contributed from their self-owned thousands of connected machines. They currently own around 20,000 mainstream BTC miners and miners of other currencies, accumulating hash rate of about 320P.

The platform currently supports third party mining field to provide hash rate services for users via competing for EM nodes, and gain EM token at nodes or BTC and EM token dual rewards. Investors in Eminer include: JRR Crypto, Bitrise Capital, Iconiz, Hash Capital, A Capital, and several more firms. Their IEO’s token, known as EM, is based on Ethereum platform and its sale started on OK Jumpstart today Wednesday July 31st when it also concluded at 11:00 PM (UTC).


Emjac combines green energy and crypto and blockchain to facilitate transparency and traceability of global waste tires management to reduce illegal dumping and thus ensuring accountability of logistics and production, environment protection, and to ensure the trapped energy and carbon in the waste tires are fully recovered and reused. The marketplace will allow direct trading for both p2p and b2b for collection, procurement, and shipping of waste tires and production, sales and shipping of the recycled products worldwide.

The waste tires are targeted to end to the thermal recovery planets around the world. Token holders will be able to trade on supply and demand of waste tires in each country, shipping quotes and buying and selling the recycled products of synthetic diesel, refined black and steel wires on a global marketplace.

The pre-ICO will end on August 10 while IEO will take place on Exmarkets Launchpad starting August 11 and end October 31.

Payment Porte

Payment Porte is a public blockchain-based and DLT digital payment solutions that allow users to send money abroad, transfer virtual assets to their wallets such as through cross-border transactions and payment gateway for modern enterprises, port-maritime industries, importers and exporters of global trade cargo. These users do not have to be tech-knowledgeable or be on the level of developers.

Through it, users will be able to pay with fiat, payout to their bank accounts, and they can transfer virtual financial assets to the bifold wallet for payment transfer and store in a complementary wallet. The platform will hold user assets in Bifold Wallet as an escrow until conditions for release are met. The smart contract holds payments in escrow until conditions for release are met. The Bifold Wallet can also hold assets on long term storage or to transfer funds to a bank account.

The IEO will launch on Exmarkets Launchpad from August 19 to August 24.


Swaps. The network is a fully decentralized OTC (over the counter) Global Liquidity Pool which provides cryptocurrency exchanges with liquidity for OTC transactions and helps to connect OTC buyers and sellers in a global marketplace. It provides a full-cycle solution that includes registration, management, and processing for OTC deals.

The platform consists of two parts namely token creation & selling mechanic. Through their partnership with MyWish Platform, users are able to create a token within 5 minutes and sell it to the public through the platform. This is a great thing for start-ups, small businesses & entrepreneurs looking for capital funding. Users of the platforms will be able to swap non-listed tokens without any limits on volumes, and all trading pairs will be supported.

IEO concluded on Bitforex Launchpad on July 26.


Tok is an iOS and Android chat or instant messaging application based on Ethereum blockchain and in addition to the chatting features, the app also has an in-built crypto wallet. It will have features that support personal and business use-cases of messaging such as allowing users to host webinars, create and share collaborative documents, do whiteboards, do screen sharing, do video broadcasts, and will have advanced location features and currency transfer support.

The app will bring advantages of blockchain such as securing user data to chat apps, and which makes harder user data breach. Furthermore, it will be compatible with all devices and operating systems are easy to use and are a cross-platform app. The wallet will let users send as well as buy and sell tokens between each other.


Viaz is a decentralized p-2-p lending and funding platform which connects users and acts as a conduit between the crypto sphere and fiat currency. Therefore, it will serve both lenders and borrowers of both fiat and digital currencies and use smart contracts for transactions initiated on the VIAZ platform.

It empowers users to borrow, lend, and transfer currencies throughout a global network which unlike banks, is more efficient, cost-effective and secure service for all users. Users in need of fiat can borrow fiat with cryptocurrency as collateral and without any middlemen while those in need of income via lending can lend fiat at a higher rate of interest and customize their loans without the need for middlemen.

It will be the first DAPP on the Tezos blockchain and is a self-amending crypto ledger.

The IEO will start August 7 and take place until August 31.


VibraVid is peer-to-peer desktop and mobile streaming application that lets video and audio creators to stream content to their users. Creators will be able to upload, store, market, lease and sell their content to other users and they can, therefore, be able to crowdfund event through tickets or selling merchandise directly to their subscribers and fans.

Users are rewarded with the Beatzcoin token, which they can use to buy content, fan merchandise, and event tickets or to promote their own content.

The token is based on the Tron platform and the token sale will continue until August 1.


ZoomEx presents itself as a cryptocurrency that can handle 1 million orders or transactions per second as the and thus users will be able to trade well even during the times of network overload. This is in addition to the exchange offering a low commission of 0.05% per transaction traded on their upcoming web-client app. They will start supporting BTC, ETH, LTC, ARCT, and ZXE token before they can add any other. As such, it will also vet projects for listing on the crypto exchange.

Other benefits to holders of the token include bonuses in the form of daily lotteries with winners being determined in random order; and bonuses being given through airdrop(s) from projects before they are listed on the ZoomEx exchange.

Holders of the token ZXE will benefit from a lower trading commission on the platform, which will be only 0.05% of each transaction.

The IEO for ZooomEx, which is an ERC20-token, will take place between 05 August and 12 August on the ZooomEx exchange.


Zoptax is a U.S-registered company using a decentralized blockchain-based VOIP application and Zoptax or ZPT Coin to build a security infrastructure that secures user communications when users are connected to each other over Zoptax Network. They will also have a Zoptax Phone which will feature the Zoptax Embedded App.

With the iOS and Android mobile app, users can use the token to pay to make decentralized calls, pay call fees, send texts over blockchain, and hold it to earn even more tokens. The token is based on the SHA256 algorithm and hence people can run/host nodes and mine the coins as they verify the transactions: plus the calls will go through the nodes hence users will stay knowing they are free from any interruption as would occur in a centralized VOIP platform or network.

The IEO will take place on ExMarkets until August 30.

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