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Thinking ICOs? Here’s a list to consider for this week

We checked around to see some of the exciting ICO/STO projects that are either concluding or starting this week, which is a list you might be willing to consider if you are still thinking ICOs this week.

This can actually be your start to ICO advisory if you are thinking of ICO investment this week if you want, but it is not an advisory per se. The list provides a great way to start your search for an ICO this week.  



Calero, whose ICO ends today and has already raised more than $15 m, is a decentralized platform that aims to automate account receivables for supply chains, SMEs, governments, and freelancers. With it, users can automate and manage their cash flows, invoices, expenses, and time sheets and spending to achieve accountability in government, receive real-time cash flow and expenditure analytics for SMEs, get credit with invoices, etc.

These can be managed in a decentralized place, and users can communicate with suppliers, make payments, track deliveries, spend less time on processes due to automated documentation and avoid things like misplaced files, etc.

It uses smart contracts to be able to do all of these activities. 


Celer Network

Celer Network is a layer 2 blockchain scaling solution that enables fast, easy and secure off-chain transactions for not only payment transactions, but also generalized off-chain smart contract. Users of the platform can build, operate and use highly scalable dApps for off-chain scaling applications and which align to incentives in crypto-economics. It can scale to achieve over 20,000X reduction on transaction latency and has zero transaction fee for off-chain smart contracts.

The ICO for the project will start today and has raised 88% of its goal so far. It will be launched tomorrow on the Binance Launchpad.



Poseidon is a platform being developed by an NGO to be used to enable off-setting of carbon footprint and emissions through a carbon market and at the point of sale of a product. The reduce platform, which is the world's first 360-degree climate action platform to address the environmental and social cost of any transaction, is based on blockchain.

It creates a financial link between activities in everyday life and projects that re-balance limited resources like carbon emissions by supporting threatened communities and ecosystems. It can process micro-contributions of any size and uses AI to analyze carbon foot-print data and off-set data processing at scale and to speed that were not possible before.

The platform is, therefore, able to address climate change at the point of sale.

The project's ICO will conclude on Wednesday, the 20th of March.




Germany-based Azultec has created a mining computer known as the Azultec Cube, which users can utilize to earn crypto by mining, by being part of their decentralized cloud mining storage solution, and by joining their cloud computing network. What it means is that users are able to connect Cube with CGI rendering at home and connect to the azultec CGI rendering cloud in order to mine and earn crypto. The computer uses renewable energy and recuperates the generated heat to make itself environmentally friendly.

The company already has a tested working prototype product and hope to release the first generation of Cube this quarter. The project is also headed by a highly experienced team.

Their decentralized tech platform is based on Ethereum. The pre-sale was carried out earlier this month and the ICO will start on Wednesday, the 20th of March.



Jarvis Exchange

The Jarvis Exchange is a security token platform that hopes to be a financial hub that connects to and interlinks multiple centralized and decentralized financial services products and markets, both existing and upcoming so that its users are able to access all of them from a single account.

The exchange will allow users to access fiat, crypto, stocks, forex, and CFDs trading assets as well as DApps from multiple blockchains, and all from a single account. Users will be able to manage and spend all of these or any of these assets as a medium of exchange, for payment e.g. at online stalls, or as collateral to borrow fiat or crypto, and can even lend them to others or borrow them too.

The product is based on a Web3 wallet, a hybrid exchange, and connects to partners via APIs and protocols, fiat and payment gateways. Partners such as brokers, market makers and users of multi-assets are to provide liquidity on the platform. The platform will have instant cross-chain and cross-asset classes exchange, and will also host financial service dApps and apps.

The ICO/STO started on March 1st and will conclude on Thursday, the 21st of March.




Krypti.io aims to bring KryptiWallet, a wallet that will use patented Eclypses MicroTokenExchange (MTE) technology to improve on user wallets and data security since it will store data inside PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA certified Eclypses Digital Vault. This will minimize hacks and thefts.

It will also be useful for cryptocurrency exchanges because, with it supported on exchanges, users on those exchanges will be able to store assets on those exchanges without needing to move the assets to cold storage. Besides, it will be capable of securing thousands of transactions in transit without adding latency. Exchanges will also be able to use the technology to secure their trading engine in order to safeguard data in motion.

KryptiCoin will be a security token and its ICO/STO, which started on the 27th of August, ended yesterday.



Do you want to invest in some of the best Silicon Valley startups through a fund? Then the 22XFund security token is the token to watch for this week. Their ICO concludes coming Saturday. The project is all about a tokenized fund that invests the investor-contributed money into pre-vetted early stage startups where it will own 2% of the chosen companies for the 500 Startups accelerator program.

The 500 Startups accelerator program is a program that admits startups to accelerate their innovations and boost their growth.

Users will have the options either to watch as the tokens grow in value, exit, IPO or trade the 22X Fund token in the markets.

So far, 22XFund has collected over $22 million of capital through a variety of investors, accelerators and leading institutions and angel investors including BMW, Deutsche Bank, Walmart, and TechCrunch. 



Lition is collaborating with SAP to build a blockchain infrastructure for businesses and to help grow dApps into commercial products with mass market adoption. SAP, which has more than 400,000 customers is developing the decentralized ledger and smart contract layer while Lition is providing an open consensus layer for the platform.

They already have developed a working product -- a P2P Energy dApp --- that has been in commercial application since 2018. Some of the use cases for the blockchain include the dApps developed in-house for energy such as the said Live P2P Energy Exchange dAPP being utilized in over 100 cities. Others include an MVP for syndicated loan processing and security tokenization with a $20m pilot loan.

Lition will also be a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum blockchain, which will enable further commercial usage of dApps.

The project's token sale started yesterday and is slated to run until the 26th of this month.



Uncloak has developed a next generation cyber security threat management system that uses the blockchain to solve cybersecurity problems. In doing so, it has combined both the blockchain and AI to provide next-generation vulnerability cybersecurity scanning solution such that the system checks and scans public and hidden internet data for Zero Hour cyber threats.

Powered by blockchain 3.0, it will allow verified IT security experts worldwide to collaborate in resolving cyber threat vulnerabilities and be rewarded through a fully automated system.

The project's pre-sale is taking place from March 13th to 26th, while its ICO will run from the 27th of March to the 3rd of April.



GSTAR will be a mobile-based mining game where everyone can mine crypto on their mobile phone by playing games. It will work for iOS and Android. There also will be an audition program for singer and mobile broadcasting. The platform will also feature a wallet and the tokens can be exchanged in a cryptocurrency exchange.

But the ecosystem is more advanced than that; it will include shopping, p2p systems, e-commerce system, payment system, escrow, donation, medical platform, global audition program, mobile broadcasting, HEMP medical bio, education aspects, and internet content features. The token can be spent in all of these areas.

The pre-sale took place until 14 December last year while the public sale is on-going until the 20 March, Wednesday this week. The project's coin, GOX, will be listed on the Latoken Exchange by the 30th of March 2019.




VTUUR is a Live Mobile VR streaming platform with unique AR and AI features which can be applied in Virtual Reality travel, experiences, advertising, and job creation. It applies a decentralized network and token economy.

The platform stores VR Streams on IPFS. What it does is it enables tourists to virtually access places they would wish to visit or before they visit them by viewing them in VR in order to help make decisions and make the most of their travel. Guides and advertisers such as event hosts can also advertise their offerings to users on the platform. VR content will be created by content creators who can monetize but there also will be in-house creation of content.

Their ICO ends tomorrow.



Pantheonx is listed on the Smith + Crown ICO listing website and its ICO concludes on the 25th of this month.

It is a platform where retail investors can invest in crypto funds within a secure and transparent environment. Through the security token, investors can invest in a fund that is managed by experts, hence meaning they get to invest in crypto without necessarily having to suffer the high volume of info one may need to analyze to find projects, the changes in the market and other things like volatility. They will also get to invest in crypto or opportunities that give maximum possible benefits.

Fund managers are able to integrate with the platform via APIs; they can create funds, products, and financial reports directly from the dashboard; and focus on trade performance and gain more investors in open markets. On the other hand, investors will be able to choose funds that best suits their risk requirements, utilize the platform tools to gauge executions and trade history and to directly communicate with fund managers and experts to stay up to date with issues about funds and investments.

The platform's Knowledge Network allows investors and experts to share crypto financial data and information. It will utilize AI Intelligence to organically interact with the Cryptofund Marketplace to form a unique unified ecosystem. 



EPR EtainPower

EtainPower is an Ethereum-based, renewable energy financing and trading ecosystem powered by both blockchain and AI technologies. It supports tokenization of global renewable energy assets, thus enabling them to be traded through the decentralized blockchain platform.

It uses the EPR Token that is circulated through the EtainPower and can be spent on diverse energy consumption, project voting, and project revenue sharing. Holders can also spend it to invest in various renewable energy projects on the platform.

The platform facilitates tokenized renewable energy financing, and intelligence power management too, for projects hosted on it.



BlockSafe Technologies

BlockSafe Technologies, which is a U.S.-based company that secures the blockchain ecosystem from all angles: wallets, exchanges, and private blockchains, is also holding an ICO but first, the pre-sale ends on Sunday this week while the ICO starts on Monday next week.

The platform ensures protection of funds on hot wallets using Exchange Defender; ensures encryption against malware such that malware is prevented from tracking and spying a user; secures keyboard to prevent OS and Malware from logging keystrokes by encrypting keyboard entries; protecting clipboard for copy functionality; securing browsers; preventing illegal malware-based screen capture and protecting password/data vault.

Their native token will be a security token.




Honeypod connects to home routers to remove ads and tracking systems from all internet connected devices while also authenticating payment and service transfers. It not only gives the user the freedom to control who and what has access to their internet connection but also rewards them for their browsing of the internet.

It removes internet lags, blocks ads, has VPN integration, monitors data fully, stops trackers, and works on any internet connected device from mobile phone to smart tv. All of this is made possible by the Honeypod device. 



Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol on which users can share and monetize data in an environment of transparency and compliance with all actors.

The project's ICO will end on Thursday, and they have already raised more than 80% of their target.





Windhan is an ERC-20 standard based, green energy platform that allows its users to advertise or post their renewable energy assets or projects and launch them while investors, on the other hand, can fund them for expected benefits. This way, those planning renewable energy projects are able to fund them while holders of those tokens can trade them on the platform. Producers, consumers, and investors will be able to use the marketplace and trade tokenized energy via smart contracts. It will feature a token that facilitates cross-border payments, utility bill payments and carbon credit exchange.

Some of the projects to be included are a government-approved 108MW flagship project in Kazakhstan.

Their pre-ICO started on February 24, and will end on March 20, while their ICO starts on March 21.



Saisho (ST)

Saisho focuses on the art industry and aims to use blockchain to launch and develop a quoted art market. It aims at solving some of the problems in the art market including lack of liquidity, lack of access to markets by artists, lack of transparency, price manipulation, and lack of funds among many artists who want to produce high-quality work.

It will facilitate connecting of artists, collectors and patrons; artistic patronage; and investment in artworks. Users will be able to not only trade artwork on the basis of supply and demand, but also other buyers will be able to re-sell the artwork. Artists will be able to raise money to fund their projects.

Their native token will be a security token and their ICO ends on Saturday, March 23.

Other ICOs/STOs

Other projects launching this week include TradePlace crypto exchange, which will include a free analysis service where members can get free analysis and updates offered by experts about coins to help them uncover trends and make important decisions.

Clinicall which starts this Wednesday will offer a software platform that integrates all health and health-related services to modernize healthcare; workflow for healthcare givers, as well as improve treatment quality by providing easier and faster-access to health-related services to anyone.

Auricoin, whose ICO is ending tomorrow, will allow users to sell and buy financial documents such as letters of credit, credit contracts, and payment orders. Users can also request direct credits from members of the network, to issue letters of credit granting the pledge of the merchandise or raw material.

We also have Pledgecamp, which is the next-generation crowdfunding platform, where backers use the decentralized platform to find and fund projects they wish to, all at lower fees, using escrow, and while earning rewards. The project will also conclude on Wednesday.

iTrue, which provides Self-Sovereign Biometric Identity for Decentralized Web and this self-sovereign identity can be used online or offline for identification of users visiting trade centers, hotels, conferences, taxis, etc. It will aims to decentralize the web as we know it and its ICO ends in 2 days.


David Kariuki

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