Key dates to watch for in crypto next week: Mainnets, beta launches etc

ARK Deployer V2 Release on Monday, March 18

ARK is a Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain network that aims to be a protocol for inter-connecting other blockchains to allow the transfer of value between different blockchains such as in cross-blockchain transactions and trading.

ARK is launching the Ark Deployer V2 release to let anyone (developers, hackers, and tech enthusiast) launch their own blockchain using push-button blockchain deployment tools. It is a lightweight deployment script that allows users to create ARK-based blockchains and this deployment can be done in a matter of minutes.

According to the ARK website, the tool/platform will do to blockchain what WordPress does for websites and blogging. It also allows those developing their own blockchains to configure ARK APIs. These users will also be able to deploy an ARK explorer that is already configured and talking with installed ARK node ( clones, configures, installs and integrates ARK explorer with the ARK node).

The platform will also facilitate their upcoming hackathons where ARK will be able to quickly show and setup custom blockchain for teams participating in the hackathon.

Celer Network coming on Binance LaunchPad Tuesday, 19 March

Binance Launchpad will introduce the CELR token sale starting next Tuesday 2:00 PM (UTC) to 24 March 2:00 PM UTC and it will be a single session event where CELR tokens will be sold. They will be selling a total of 10,000,000,000 CELR for BNB tokens.

Celer Network is a blockchain layer 2 scaling solution that aims to help blockchains to scale and achieve 10,000X or higher transaction latency reduction. It allows anyone to build decentralized applications that can scale highly whether those dApps are built for fast, easy and secure off-chain payment transactions or for other kinds of smart-contracts. The dApps will be scalable as more nodes join their networks.

Founded by PhDs from MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley, and UIUC, the project has developed an iOS and Android-based CelerX testnet app that showcases the quick transaction process on the Celer Network.

WandX DEX Mainnet Launch on Tuesday, 19th March

In addition to the decentralized exchange (DEX) mainnet, two coins namely WANDW (on Wanchain) and WANDA (on AION) will also be released on the same day.

The DEX and Basket protocol-enabled desktop trading app as well as the wallet were all under testing over the course of the last three months according to WANDX website. The DEX will be launched on NEO, Wanchain, and AION blockchains same as the WandX Basket protocol which will also launch on NEO, Wanchain, and AION. The wallets will also launch on the three blockchains same day.

With WandX's new protocol WandX Basket Protocol, users of the DEX can create, buy and sell groupings or baskets of crypto or securities to others. Each of the groupings or baskets will contain a minimum of 15 underlying securities. The basket model is popular as a crucial mechanism for institutional investors and investment funds delving in crypto but also common with persons/individual investors. With this protocol, investment managers and individuals will be able to create their own baskets that reflect a variety of investment objectives for instance with focus on a particular sector, then offer them for sale.

The protocol allows users to launch and trade baskets of ERC20 tokens through smart contracts. In other words, they are basically customized bundles of ERC20 tokens specified by the user.

The two new platform tokens will also allow users to stake and those staking can receive some percentage of the transaction fee generated on their respective platforms. The entire lot will be airdropped after the mainnet launch.

Fox Trading Pool - launch postponed from Tuesday, 19 March to 1st May 2019

Fox Trading Pool is blockchain-based automated forex trading platform powered by FOXT tokens and managed by Forex and Crypto Arbitrage trading bots. In another words, the trading is done by these bots. With the Pool launch, users will be able to hold FOXT tokens on the platform where trading will be done automatically by the bots and then profits will be paid to accounts in ETH. The pool also charges lesser fees.

DAPS Testnet Launch on Wednesday, 20 March

DAPS Testnet will go live at 1 pm PDF and will provide individuals and corporates the opportunity to test the technology by themselves and highlight areas that require improvement before mainnet release in Q2 of 2019. The mainnet release is specifically scheduled to take place on June 30, 2019. The Closed beta testing will take place until the end of this month and testing will be invite-only.

DAPS is a fully private blockchain to facilitate decentralized, anonymous payments. It will combine stress-tested privacy methods with masternodes, full obfuscation, and a Trustless governance. According to their website, they plan to implement the world's first Trustless Masternode-powered fully-private blockchain. Their DAPS Protocol differs from most privacy coins by incorporating Proof-of-audit and full obfuscation.

Bithereum (BETHER) to introduce Gaming Platform 2.0 on Wednesday, 20 March

Bithereum, which is a Tron-based gaming platform, is updating its current platform and will release new features alongside the update, including eSports betting, odds over time, and payback indicator with improved UI/UX supported on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Bithereum combines different features from both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains (it is a hardfork of Bitcoin but combines Ethereum features such as Proof of Stake) and therefore improving on mining, scalability and network consensus features. The gaming platform already utilizes a new concept of revenue sharing or revenue sharing model.

The Proof of Uptime protocol will ensure that those running Ethereum nodes get rewarded based on the amount of time their node is online; a feature which is lacking on Ethereum or Bitcoin. Payouts will also be done once a week.

Steem to launch Mainnet of their Smart Media Token Protocol on Sunday, 24 March

Steem is the blockchain social media application that allows anyone to monetize their online content. You post and get paid in crypto (STEEMIT and $Steem) when people share and upvote your posts. The platform has over over 70,000 users at present although the number of active users is lower, had seen 4,600% increase in the number of dApps hosted on the platform by end of January, and has paid out a total of over $59 m in rewards to publishers. The one problem is that it only works for some countries.

The Smart Media Token is a new way publishers can use to monetize their online content and community based Steem blockchain. With it, publishers are able to launch their custom tokens to monetize their content and create incentives, and these tokens have near-instant settlement and zero transaction fees and thus opening up new non-advertising business models. Publishers can also use the tokens to fundraise through ICOs.

They will function like ERC-20 tokens but with built-in ‘Proof-of-Brain’ properties and a token distribution reward system designed specifically for digital content businesses.

The Proof-of-Brain tokens rewards algorithm encourages people to create and curate content and ensures tokens are distributed by "upvote" numbers.

Crown ($CRW) will be releasing update to switch to PoW on Thursday, March 28

The Version to be released will include a unique Proof of Stake solution called Master- and Systemnode Proof of Stake solution that will allow termination of current Proof of Work protocol which will continue until block height 2.330.000 (to be mined between 11th and 12th of April) when the first PoW block will be mined.

Its bad news for miners on the chain who can however look to PoS benefits on the network.

Read more on this launch event here.

AzartPay iOS and Android wallet release on Friday, March 29

AzartPay is a cryptocurrency for the gambling industry and other services.

Lethean ($LTHN) will release Windows VPN on March 29

Lethean has finalized a partnership deal and has been working on a VPN client for Windows platform, which will be released on the said date. After that, they will start working on Linux and MacOS clients.

Lethean is a VPN Sharing network that is based on blockchain and crypto. The VPN anonymizes internet traffic via a web browser extension. Users download the Lethean Wallet and confirgure with the extension and the VPN services are paid for with the LTHN token, with pricing ranging from 0.1 LTHN/min to 0.001 LTHN/min. $LTHN token which is a privacy based PoW token based on the CrytpoNote protocol. Users are also able to run an Exit Node and earn LTHN tokens by providing node services to other users.

It features a Linux, Windows, Mac (mobile wallet in Roadmap).

Everus (EVR) to launch crypto ATM on Saturday, March 30

Everus will be launching the Alt-currency Automated Repositories or ALTARS, which is their version of ATMs for cryptocurrencies, which will use a multi-blockchain and multi-cryptocurrency verification network that interconnects multiple cryptocurrencies with wallets and debit cards and the ATMs.

The platform has now attracted 100k + active wallets (their multi-crypto wallet) since it launched in October 2017 and is being used in more than 90 countries.

Users of Everus will be able to manage the financial transactions in a mobile app which will be based on Everus World, their platform that utilizes EVR or Evers cryptocurrency. Besides, sending, receiving, trading, spending, shopping, lending, borrowing, paying your bills through Everus World will earns a user Everus Experience Points (EXP) that can be later redeemed.

They will also have GPS-based cash delivery networks using Location Based Services. Together with other aspects, the service will seek to solve problems of converting crypto to fiat. The company will also offer BaaS - Blockchain as a Service.

Sonder to launch Mainnet on Sunday, 31 March

Alongside the Sonder mainnet launch, there also will be launch of wallet beta and implementation of masternode feature. The Mainnet will have features such as zero fees, fast transactions to enable adoption by e-commerce platforms and security and privacy features. The platform has been on testnet since Q3 last year while the wallet has been on alpha testing since them.

Sonder Project was formed with the motive of overcoming barriers to blockchain adoption such as high transaction fees, low speed and lack of transparency. It ensures anonymity of using blockchain, as well as facilitating fast and secure transactions between different blockchains.

They have SDK and APIs to connect cryptocurrency wallets to marketplaces in just a few clicks. Through this, the project aims to facilitate simple payments for goods and services via blockchain. Sonder wallet features obfuscation of transactions and encryption for anonymity.

The platform will also allow for fast transactions for zero fees after launch of Sonder Mainnet. The Sonder Network uses SNR-token that will be converted to Sonder Coin after the mainnet release and the tokens will be used to guarantee system functioning. There also will be high-yielding masternodes that will deliver profits for token holders.

According to their plan, they hope to integrate electronic marketplaces in the second quarter of this year.

Titanium Bar (TBAR) to launch public platform on Sunday, March 31

Titanium is based in Los Angeles, CA, and provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) on the blockchain. Their platform is set to recreate the internet infrastructure where virtually any network device, from data centers, firewalls, routers, switches and other network components such as cryptocurrency mining hardware will be interconnected in cloud. They have virtualization software that allows for creation of distributed environment based network components such as servers, routers, and switches.

The Abyss platform will launch beta version on Sunday, 31 March 2019

The Abyss is a gaming platform that incorporates social features and earning opportunities. It is a MMO and multiplayer games gateway where developers can develop and trade or monetize their games to users, who can use ABYSS tokens to buy new games and do other in-game purchases such as game items. It also accepts fiat. Users can also earn free tokens by completing tasks for developers, selling games, reviewing games, or creating games.

So what has been happening is the development of the platform and hosting of games, and now the beta launch is coming out. The beta version of the v1.0 platform will have startup game package, unified bi-currency billing, and unified system of authorization. The platform will also host at release, the BossGard game, which will also be released on the same date.

They hope to introduce basic motivational programs, expand engaged projects and introduce personalization and socialization systems this year.

Other launches

GNation gaming store is also being launched on the MobileGo (MGO) platform this month. Utrust (UTK), which is an international payment gateway that helps merchants and others to doing successful cryptocurrency transactions, is also set to add 1000+ merchants this month.

Peculium -- a crypto savings and savings management platform that uses blockchain technology, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and NLP Technologies; is also launching in beta this month. It lets people save money in crypto and manage their savings for long-term use such as retirement investment, education funding or emergency fund.

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