AltcoinsNews launches new service: you can now easily tip with BCH, the website run by Bitcoin Cash, wants you to consider giving cryptocurrency this Christmas holiday, which is a season of traveling, holidaying, sharing, giving and tipping perhaps.

Tipping is a common trend where if for instance, you are pleased with service from someone, you can offer a gift in return. And that gift can be in form of cash...and cryptocurrency. So if you want to do it in a special way this season or holiday, there is a new service to let you do that, from folks at

If you also want to express love this Christmas, you can too show it by giving Bitcoin Cash using their new service.

In addition to expressing gratitude for a service rendered, it can also be a pretty easy and quick way to introduce people to cryptocurrencies. So if you are a company, for instance, considering giving out tips to employees or people as gifts to appreciate their service and are in crypto business, you could consider initiating them to cryptocurrencies perhaps. Maybe it could invite some new users etc.

The service lets users tip in Bitcoin Cash without having to lose the funds if the recipient does not claim the tip. The service has so far served 124,445 after launching just today according to their website.

The service is easy to tip or gives through where the person sending the tip will just visit website and then fills in their Bitcoin address and the amount of BCH they want to give a tip. A person can tip in fractions of BCH and the value will be indicated in USD, EUR, and GBP currencies on the website and printed card or email sent to the recipient for those sent via emails. The person giving the tip can then add a custom message to the card, say "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holiday" etc as well as include the expiration period within which the cryptocurrency should be redeemed.

They then enter their email address where they can receive a notification when the recipient claims the tip or when it is reversed to their account. Once the person fills in the information, they can proceed to send the Bitcoin to the faucet and then print a card that they can give or send to the recipient. The person can also send the tip via email without printing out the card.

The recipient can then use the card to redeem the cryptocurrency from the faucet. If the redeeming period set by the sender expires without the recipient having redeemed the crypto, the amount is returned to the giving address. That period can vary; from one day, thirty days, three months, six months or one year.

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