Crypto vacation deals start officially this Sunday with a Crypto Sunday

Christmas holidays are here with us. And whether you want to book a flight, holiday or buy a gift for family or special one this Christmas, there are already many items on offer -- and for discount, and much more is coming. Whether you are an ardent cryptocurrency user or a crypto newbie looking for discount purchases for any type of item, you can take advantage of these holiday offers starting this Sunday by paying with cryptocurrency.

Coinmama, the website for buying Bitcoin and Ethereum, has a new initiative to encourage spending of cryptocurrencies through the day to day purchases from your ordinary stores. The initiative is called Crypto Sunday and happens on 25 November. It will be the first event of its kind with more expected to follow.

Basically, Coinmama has partnered with other companies and created a website called Crypto Sunday for the crypto promotion event this coming Sunday. From this website, anyone willing to promote cryptocurrency as a payment method can list/promote their products and services for sale at a discount, with cryptocurrency as payment starting Sunday. Then they can spread a word about the intention of the event: to popularize crypto as a payment method for day to day and regular purchases. Any customer can visit the website, search for products they want and then buy any kind of item they want for a discount, using any cryptocurrencies the listing supports. 

Buyers will simply search for items they want to buy with cryptocurrencies and continue to pay on the retailer/merchant website.

The event is targeted at promoting adoption of cryptocurrencies just like Cyber Monday is used to showcase increasing relevance of e-commerce, or like Black Friday. Providing discounts and special deals to purchase with cryptocurrencies would, according to Coinmama CEO Asaph Schulman, make people understand the benefits of using crypto as a payment method and give anyone a compelling and practical reason to get into cryptocurrency. So you can purpose to save more money this season by paying with cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Sunday also hopes to create more awareness of cryptocurrency as a legit way to pay for products on a day to day basis, to shift the focus from cryptocurrencies being viewed as speculative tools and a way to get rich. The initiators see it as a way to encourage mass adoption if cryptocurrency is to fulfill its potential. CEO of OnChain Capital Ran Neuner said about the launch that people need " less talk about price and more of this," calling it an incredible initiative that should be supported by all. eToro CEO Yoni Assia said of the launch that " blockchain and cryptocurrency is and will become a way of life." Assia said that the technology of money is changing and "a lot of people don’t understand how big this transformation is because it’s happening over centuries.”

Of course, Crypto Sunday joins other websites and campaigns usually announced and advertised on platforms such as OpenBazaar, crypto forums such as Bitcoin Talk, and Reddit to popularize spending of cryptocurrencies.

With two days to Crypto Sunday, already there are about 100 listings for products and services of all kind from merchants, shops, and retailers willing to sell for crypto at a discount. As an example, you can book for holiday flight via aBitSky and pay with Bitcoins. These deals are not just for Sunday only because you can book flights for next year. The website allows customers to book flights and pay with Bitcoins. An example is a trip from and to various places with Ryanair. For instance, you can book long-haul flights to Marrakech, Teheran, New York, Dubai, Cape Town, etc and pay with Bitcoins.

If you are looking for vacation deals, you can book with Bitcoins, flights to popular destinations. AirTreks, which is a travel company also listed on Crypto Sunday website, is also offering discounts for international flights this season for those buying with BTC. Other travel and flight companies listed include Destinia and Expedia. Payments for various products and services are done with different cryptocurrencies and a customer can find out what cryptocurrency a given seller supports before making payment. is also offering special deals to those who spend Bitcoins to book corporate, group and individual travel from Sunday. Other items to look for include electronics from companies such as Microsoft, Overstock, Dell, Invizbox, ShopJoy, and Choetech. Other products that you can get discounts on include flowers from, tuners from Aloha Tuners, jewelry from AmagiMetals, VPN, cosmetics and body care products, movie tickets, films, games, computer software, and even cryptocurrencies. The list is long.

You can also get and advertise deals on decentralized marketplaces such as OpenBazaar where customers can buy a variety of products and services using crypto.

Coinmama is also inviting participation from services, merchants, brokers, and institutions who want to list their crypto offers on the Crypto Sunday website and sell cryptocurrencies. Already, a number of services have listed as partners including Paxful, eToro, Coinbase, Ledger, LocalBitcoins, Bits of Gold, Bitstamp, and Listing on the Crypto Sunday website is free and is done through filling a simple online form.

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