Crypto Is Perfect For Tipping Too

Crypto tipping or tip bots needs no introduction and crypto tipping on social media has so far been popular. It can be one way to appreciate a person for some outstanding work or innovation, a colleague, or a friend, etc; but it is also a great way to spread the word about crypto, crypto project, etc.

There are just many more applications of crypto in facilitating microtransactions at less or no fees.   

For instance, you can monetize content on Twitter or other similar platforms by hosting ads with said content. When you're paid for doing so, you often receive the money in the form of micropayments. The problem with these payments, however, is they go through third parties and therefore, a significant amount of money is usually lost on both sides, due to fees paid to these third parties. 

Enter tipping bots. 

Setting them up is a quick and easy process! Most of the existing tipping bots or applications on social media allow for sending tips via chats, comments, reply to posts or as text messages simply by typing some commands, or simply by clicking a button placed beside a tweet or post, and these tend to be much easier than having to download a wallet, set up a wallet, open a wallet and send/withdraw/spend. For a start, a sender without crypto in his or her wallet might first need to load their bot accounts from their wallets, though some more advanced bots also allow users to receive coins from other sources, including exchanges.

Many of the crypto tipping applications on social media use integration bots that can receive instructions through chats and messages, execute those transactions and return a value. But it may not be as simple as it sounds.

Nevertheless, tipbots allow for the instant sending of tips as a form of microtransactions, without the user having to open a wallet or set up a wallet. For instance, most of them allow usernames to be used to send crypto to users instead of crypto wallet addresses although in most cases that is also an acceptable option. A user who receives tip can check balances via commands on social media as chats.

Across all Social Media

The blockchain-based browser, Brave, which has a cryptocurrency known as Basic Attention Token, has been experimenting with Brave Rewards which, if released, in an upcoming update, will mean users can tip each other via social media. 

For instance, if a person watches a video on YouTube and they think is interesting to them, they might want to tip the author/creator of the video in BAT tokens. A user can also send tips to any author of any tweet they like. From the dashboard of the desktop app, a "tip" button appears on every tweet and by clicking on this button, a user is able to send some BAT tokens (for any amount they wish) to the creator/author of the tweet.

If the person receiving the tip is a creator/author-verified through creators.brave.com, the tokens are received instantly and appear on their Brave Rewards account. One would also need to connect to their Uphold wallets in order to receive the proceeds.

On Youtube, also a tip button appears beside a video and through this, a user is able to tip any other any amount of BAT crypto they wish to spend.

Tippin is also a popular tipping app on Twitter. Built by Sergio, the app became popular with its ability to allow users to send Lightning Transactions. As a matter of fact, the tipping app was meant to spread a word about Lightning Network to the masses. It works through a Twitter extension where a lightning icon (lightning bolt) appears aside of the username and in every tweet and a user can send a tip by clicking on that icon but a Tippin. my account is needed first in order for the recipient to claim the given tip.

Therefore, an obvious use case for developers, project owners and managers is to use this form to make popular their projects, innovations, etc and to make them more popular to masses. Square, which provides payments in cryptocurrencies, runs Tippin. Tippin works as an extension for both Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Tippr bot, another very popular tipping bot, works for both the Twitter and the Reddit networks but is dedicated to Bitcoin Cash, which means it works with Bitcoin Cash micro tips the way Tippin.me works with Bitcoin microtips. It was created by Rocketr, an online payment processor and e-commerce solution targeted to business people to improve their businesses via technology.

Rocketr lets businesses to integrate cryptocurrency payment methods such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with traditional payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal, and business persons can use it to receive payment for their goods and services in multiple cryptocurrencies through their API or in-store with their Point-of-Sale app or by sending invoices to their clients. Sending of tips is not charged-not even the miner fees.

Like any other on this list, the tipping service can also be employed for donations, content incentives, and contests or giveaways.

To use it on Reddit and Telegram, users can type in commands to send the tip, check their balances, deposit crypto into their tip bot account, and redeem the BCash through a withdrawal code. The sending user can insert the recipient's username or just their Bitcoin Cash address if they know it already. The user has the option to send the tip to the bot which would message the recipient in order to send the address to which BCash is sent. This would take time than the username option.

Given the popularity of Discord for crypto communities, if you are a fan of Discord social app, then there are quite a number of tipbots you can enjoy. With Discord tipping bots, users can do more by tipping their teams for their contributions. TipBotfor instance, allows Discord users to tip each other cryptocurrencies with a single command. This off-chain solution also supports microtips to minuscule decimal points. In addition to this, it currently supports Litecoin with plans to add more cryptocurrencies will be added in the future. The service fee is 0.5% on all tips.

Besides the commands allowing for the depositing of cryptocurrencies to Tip-bot's wallet, and one command for tipping, other commands exist such as accessing users' phonebook: in the latter case, the TipBot maintains a "Phonebook" on which anyone can register addresses to their user with command.

On-chain and off-chain

Most of the tipbots mentioned here work off-chain, which means the transfer of value is done outside of the blockchain in question. SoDogeTip is one that differentiates itself as an on-chain tipping bot but works for tipping on Reddit but, although on-chain, the transactions are near-instant for tippers.

SoDogeTip is used to tip Dogecoin, Garlicoin, and Litecoin at a small fee, each cryptocurrency having different commands to activate. It was created in order to replace Dogetipbot, which was an off-chain tipping bot that went bankrupt in 2017. If tips are sent before the user can register, they will be stored for three days until registration of the user, otherwise, they return after the three days.

TipJar Bot an Ethereum-powered service allows Redditors to send micropayments in the form of ETH or other supported ERC20 tokens to other users of Reddit just by leaving them a comment.

To send a tip, a user deposits funds into their TipJar wallet then invokes the! tip <amount> command in a comment/reply on Reddit. On receiving a tip, a user must also have an Ethereum wallet to access it. They log in at the website with their Reddit account to withdraw. There is no tipping fee except normal mining fees paid to network.

Multi-crypto verses single crypto

If you are an author who loves live videos and streams and are using Twitch for the same reason, you can now send and receive BCH tips through the Tipbitcoin.cash App created by the pseudonymous developer who also developed Crescent Cash wallet and Pokkst. Streamlabs, which has also integrated with Twitch so that Twitch users can livestream via its platform, has also been offering a service to allow clients to send and receive ETH, LTC, and BTC tips.

Cointippy bot allows users to tip others with BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DGB, DASH, LTC, and BNB, via Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Twitch. There is no fees charged on tips and a user can send unlimited number of tips and there is no set minimum or maximum on each tip. Further, CoinTippy allows anyone to send tips to anyone else regardless of the country both are at.

To tip, a user sends a direct message to CoinTippy in order to deposit and a reply is given with a deposit address where the amount has been deposited. After depositing, the tip is done in comment or replies like @cointippy [amount] [currency].

CoinTippy is build on CoinMall, a p-2-p online marketplace that allows anyone to sell their virtual items such as eBooks, courses, programs etc using a variety of payment methods. Anyone who receives the tip will require to visit CoinMall.com and sign with a social account through which the tip was given, in order to check the balance, withdraw or spend the amount: that means they have the option of spending the amount on items sold there.

ParJar , another crypto tip bot on Telegram, which allows people to share favorite cryptocurrences with others in group chats, currently supports over 20 cryptocurrencies for tipping including popular ones such as BTC, LTC, DOGE, and ETH.

ParJar, whose mission is to bring crypto to mainstream over the next 10 years, wants to achieve this dream by changing the way people interact with crypto. Users can deposit crypto from their personal wallet in a click or from their Parachute account to send it to others instantly without tedious setups and without having to sign into multiple wallets.

Discordtip is also a multicrypto tipping bot that allows people to send and receive crypto on Discord. It currently supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Interest (BCI), Binance Coin (BNB), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), BitTorrent (BTT), Dash (DASH), DigiByte (DGB), district0x (DNT), Dogecoin (DOGE), EOS (EOS), Ethereum (ETH), GINcoin (GIN), Goat Cash (GOAT), LBRY Credits (LBC), Litecoin (LTC), Crypto.com (MCO), IOTA (MIOTA), OmiseGO (OMG), Ravencoin (RVN), Steem Dollars (SBD), Steem (STEEM), TRON (TRX), USD Coin (USDC), Vertcoin (VTC), WAX (WAX), Lumen (XLM), Monero (XMR), Ripple (XRP), Verge (XVG), Zcash (ZEC), ZelCash (ZEL) and 0x (ZRX).

With it, one is able to send coins either to a member or a group of users. Once you install it on your server, you can then use commands to tip a single user, all online users on the channel or everyone on the channel. You can even decide to tip only people who spoke on chat recently. When tipping a group of users say all those who are online, you send a given amount that is then split amongst those online unless you include each keyword after the amount. Group tipping is limited to only 50 members in a single tip.

With this tip bot, fiat value tips (dollars, coffees etc) are converted to the default server's cryptocurrency. Users are able to use commands to check their balances, the statuses of their deposits, and withdraw their tips. Discordtip is also used as a tool for sending tips in XEM on Discord.

Discordtip is probably the most advanced crypto tip among all reviewed here. In addition to all the above features, it also allows users to accept payments to their addresses from other sources and to use Discordtip as their cryptocurrency wallet in addition to their depositing of crypto there. It contains couple of commands that allow users to track their crypto investment, for instance market price and market cap for any given crypto. You also get general information about crypto such as mining hashrate or difficulty and a list of cryptocurrency's top mining pools.

Besides those tip bots working for multiple cryptocurrencies, there are those developed for tipping specific coins/altcoins. SmartCash Tip Bot, for instance, is used to tip SMART on Twitter and Steemit. XRP Tipbot enables users to tip each other Ripple on Reddit, Twitter and Discord while TipmeBCH lets users tip each other with Bitcoin Cash on Telegram by sending commands to the bot to deposit, check balance and to withdraw. Users can also invite others into their groups. Started only a few months ago, this bot has recorded huge positive response.

The Divi Tip bot also allows users to tip others on Telegram through a few specific chat commands, which include using Telegram usernames. The user can check for balance, withdraw, or deposit coins through these commands on Telegram.

Another tipping bot NEM Tipbot allows Telegram users to tip each other with NEM crypto. There is also a version of the tipping bot on Reddit.

Reddcoin Tipbot is for Reddcoin cryptocurrency. It works via an Android app and also through an extension. To send or receive tips, a user requires registering their own unique name known as "ReddID" (which is basically a wallet) and linking it to their social media including Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and more social networks.

Once this is done, users with IDs can send tips to anyone else with a username at a single click of a button. Users can also invite their friends to join and create a ReddID. Users are also able to search for other ReddID users by name and follow tipping activity across the web. Redcoin tips can not only be used for tipping but also for microtransactions between users.

StellarTipBot is used for spreading the word about Stellar network through tipping on Reddit and Twitter, and it features anonymous near-instant deposits, near-instant withdrawals.

NanoTipBot (Nano) processes micro-payments on NANO crypto payment centric platform. With it, users can tip each other by making use of Twitter or Telegram handles. NanoTipBot website tracks the amount of Nano tipped and so far 7,107 NANO on Twitter and 669 NANO on Telegram.

Like many other tipping bots, users tip using a few commands including registering first, returning balance, withdrawing.

Electratipbot also works as a Discord tip bot that lets users tip others with the ECA cryptocurrency through certain commands. One can also transfer funds from exchanges or wallets to this account. Users can install Electra Tipbot from the user list in Discord. Selecting "Message" will start one-on-one message (Direct Message) with the Electra Tipbot and the user can then start using different commands to send, withdraw, etc.


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