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Upcoming ICOs in Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics industry is one of the areas where there are a high number of blockchain projects. Most want to solve the inefficiencies, slow delivery speeds, and the high costs among other challenges and difficulties in the supply chains.

They are focused on a variety of areas including freight and cargo shipping, fleet management, cargo tracking, car hire and rental services, ERP systems, and data management for transportation sectors. 

In addition to the various projects we covered previously, there are more projects that have upcoming ICOs and seeking to use blockchain in combination with other technologies to better the transportation and logistics industry. 


Airchain is a logistics and transportation platform that will use ANK tokens for peer-to-peer and other transactions in the air freight industry. It facilitates real-time tracking of parcels on the blockchain. 

With it, users will be able to save on the cost of sending parcels through peer-to-peer methods since it is cheaper on the platform compared to DHL, GRS and others. It will also reduce the waiting time between which cargo is sent and received. Those who complete transactions on the platform will score higher credibility.

Using the app, a customer chooses destination location as well as arrival and departures for the parcel, then picks a traveler (from among registered on the platform) who gets the package to then start the trip. The traveler and customer can converse to make a deal for delivery. The ANK tokens paid by the customer are locked in the customer's wallet and transferred when the carrier completes the session.

The application is available for iOS and Android. Airchain's pre-ICO ends on June 14 while the ICO started on June 30.

AMO Coin

Amo Coin is a car data platform and marketplace for the next generation of automobiles. It seeks to decentralize data for the benefit of car users, manufacturers, and other relevant service providers.

The marketplace will be a place where data can be shared and exchanged for Amo coins. Besides that, variety of data from variety of sources will be easily available to any manufacturer wanting to create better products and services or wanting to better their existing products, services and experiences.

With this service, the car user can get detailed information about a car, from registration to final scrapping. Drivers will be able to get data customized to their preferences. Manufacturers, on the other hand, will get comprehensive data about driver habits or their buying histories and this can help manufacturers when doing warranty claims management, remote troubleshooting, product planning or even training algorithms for autonomous cars.

The value of the data is labelled in AMO coins and is determined by supply and demand. Participants will include auto manufacturers, car service providers and public services. The platform will connect cars to IoT devices and other infrastructure.

The pre-sale is complete, while the ICO is on-going until July 7.

A2B Taxi

A2B Taxi is a platform for private drivers just like Uber or Lyft, and will facilitate connection between customers with professional and accredited drivers directly using a mobile application.

Licensed drivers will be able to manage their businesses and find customers, who can get services at a lesser cost.

The token sale closed on June 30.


CarBlock is a blockchain that wants to make businesses more efficient through data where individuals, teams, universities and research institutions will join the ecosystem to share data about cars and facilitate better p2p car rentals, auto insurance, maintenance and repair, and car sale reporting by dealerships, as well as helping to improve car products.

For instance, insurance companies can tailor, personalize and improve products using the data from the blockchain. These, together with car maintenance shops and dealerships and manufacturers can use the platform to gain more exposure and customers or potential customers.

Maintenance and repair shops, for example, will be able to push information about their service to drivers experiencing car malfunctioning within a given geographic area. Drivers will also be able to access these providers and earn tokens when they share or contribute their data.

The data about cars is generated using smart devices. 


CyClean is a blockchain platform that wants you to save our mother earth from more global emissions by embracing electric vehicles through their rental and car sharing system. The idea of the platform, which is already integrated into JPAY platform that is already implemented and being used and facilitating crypto payment in South Korea, is simple: users can spend the tokens to pay for services.

With JPAY platform, the coins are being used for payment of mobile service fee, rental fee for electric bicycle, electric motorbike, ESS sunlight panel unit, JPAY machine, JPAY Kiosk, and indoor health bike based on its smart contract feature.

Apart form the JPAY platform, the Cyclean rental allows users to rent electric cars and pay with cryptocurrencies.

Diveco Logistics

Diverco is a logistics platform that combines ERP systems on the cloud, blockchain and IoT tech to collect data from tachographs and GPS transmitters and register it on the blockchain, creating immutable registry and generating information for users to better their supply chains.

With cloud, for instance, users can access their company data and manage it from anywhere without any location limitations. It will also work as a fleet management system that lets users to manage their fleet better on cloud and blockchain. In addition to being a vehicle database, it will also help users to access other information such as information and reminders about insurance, technical inspection dates or basic vehicle information and tachograph tracking function (to add to GPS transmitters).

Thus, it will allow fleet operators to get data about vehicles and the drivers, as well as gain insights on how to improve business.

The ICO is currently on-going and will end on July 10.


Dylyver is a ride sharing and a cargo, logistics, and parcel delivery solution that uses mobile applications to connect drivers, passengers, senders, couriers and receivers of parcels to complete their endeavors.

Users can pay with a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash as well as PayPal, Visa, Bank Transfers and MasterCard.

On their website, they say they will seek to eliminate high costs experienced on third party payment systems and users can transact and receive will receive funds instantly.


HireGo is a peer-to-peer marketplace based on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows users to lease their vehicles using smart contract features. With it, users needing car hire can select vehicles from the marketplace, secure it, then settle payments using the Go token.

At the end of the day, it encourages peer-to-peer car sharing with the convenience, trace-ability and transparency, freedom and the low pricing benefits of the blockchain tech. The company projects that car sharing trends will increase, attracting 26 million and 36 million members in 2020 and 2025 respectively, from 7 million users in 2015.

With it, users can lease cars while avoiding the burden of expensive purchasing and maintenance. Users can earn rewards in crypto in addition to avoiding the high commissions on legacy systems and gaining control of data and sharing of it.

Other features include decentralized peer-to-peer insurance services on the platform, which will be 80 percent cheaper compared to current insurance schemes. It will also have decentralized key-less user unlocking, user reviews in addition to providing data on vehicles and usage.

In future, the platform will support IoT features on the blockchain, which will allow users to track location of vehicles.

I'm Aero

I'm Aero is a company that deals with design, development and production of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters since 2001. It has 200 patents in the field, a network of centers that deal in sale, servicing and training. and a team of 40 engineers. They also have offices in Switzerland, Indonesia and China and service contracts with companies dealing with energetics, medicine and emergency control.

Their products such as the Aerobot A-34, which can lift 200 kg, can be used for logistics and monitoring; the helicopter R-34, a ultra-light coaxial helicopter is the most affordable for private pilots and can be used in low noise conditions. Nestling 21 is an all-weather aircraft that can be used for initial training and personal use.

The company concluded its pre-sale on March 31 and the ICO is ongoing until October 01.


Kasko2go is a smartphone-based collision insurance solution that offers a variety of features including analysis of driver’s behavior, selected routes, accident rate, weather conditions and other characteristics.

With it, drivers can save up to 50% on motor insurance just by driving safely. This is because their pay-as-you-go model that uses artificial intelligence and telematic big data assessments will be able to reduce expenses to that level. Drivers will therefore not need to pay large insurance premiums or to pay for risk of other drivers.

On the other hand, insurance companies will not need to pay large sums for high-risk clients. Using analytics, agencies can identify low-risk clients while drivers can access affordable insurance. The platform will also be useful to third party services such as those in car sharing services, repair shops, anti-fraud and scoring industries.

The company has some experience in the insurance industry and has been developing solutions until since 2011.

The ICO will take place until July 30 but they have already raised EURO 3,510,097.


Moveco is a mobility system that converts user's miles into rewards. It facilitates collection and recording of mobility data from users who will earn tokens by sharing the data for urban planning endeavors and other interests such as the building of the next autonomous vehicle.

Users will earn tokens based on the miles they move and they can use the tokens to purchase goods and services and enjoy other experiences on the Moveco Redemption Platform or with our loyalty partners.

The earned tokens can also be redeemed for gifts or points with the startup's redemption outlets or to reduce gas bills. It is working closely with retailers and mobility partners to facilitate that.

It combines blockchain smart contracts with big data and machine learning, which will be used to help understand the mobility data collected and recorded and to generate real-time analytics and facilitate prediction models.

Car OEMs can use the platform to understand driving behavior data or vehicle diagnostic codes, get data on vehicle usage and use data on user preferences to meet user expectations on car and vehicle designs. Insurance companies will be able to benefit from behavior data and tailor insurance products as needful. They can also access data on diagnostics and claim records in addition to using data to recommend customers to preferred mechanics.

Vehicle retailers will be able to benefit by getting near real-time location data for vehicles and boost their location and proximity awarded marketing campaigns. They can also access analytics for crowd traffic and peak hours optimization.

The platform can also generate data that helps build smart cities.

OEL foundation

OEL foundation is a shipment and freight logistics platform that will use distributed ledger technologies to store immutable records of data on blockchain. 

Automotive Exchange Token

Automotive Exchange is a blockchain project by DASHUB inc., an auto marketplace that sells used vehicles and related services. The company wants to use Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) and its token is called the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT) to improve operations

In addition to an integrated wallet, the platform will have an Application Programming Interface (API).

Currently, it has more than 250,000 members. 


RedCab is a peer to peer transportation solution on which individuals can spend REDC tokens as utility tokens for day-to-day transactions. Basically, it will use proof of work concept. It will connect drivers to passengers willing to make trips and encourages a sharing economy. Riders can earn tokens by referring their friends and family to RedCab.

It uses Cabbi, a neural network technology or personal road trip assistant that helps users to plan their daily trips, visits, meetings and events.

The startup has been in operation already but has been using a centralized model and therefore wants to integrate blockchain for its benefits. The app has been available for Android and iOS since last year and tested on car hailing service but is currently in 7 locations in Latin America, the MENA areas and Asia Pacific.

Pre-ICO ended on June 21 while the ICO is on-going until August 15.


Surrus is an insurance platform that allows for searching for and returning of a stolen car and ensuring payment of compensation in case of failure to get the car.

When a registered car is stolen, they get a notification and the system will activate search algorithm to try and identify car location. Network participants can also see the alleged location of the missing car and join the search of a car together with their technicians. Users get rewards getting the stolen car while the car owner gets either the car or a 100% refund of the car's market value.

The ICO is on-going and will conclude on August 01.

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