Top Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Events and Meet-ups in 2018

Blockchain and crypto meet-ups happen every year every other month and around the world. They are a good place to connect with other professionals in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry, influential voices, research firms, companies, and business – as well as start-ups—looking to expand. Below are some of the top events happening this year.  

Crypto Invest Summit West |April 20th to 2nd May

The Crypto Invest Summit West happens between April 20th to 2nd May 2018 in Los Angeles in the United States. It features panels and one-to-one talks as well as a Q&A session. There will be presentations, pitches, educational panels and insightful fireside chats.  The agenda is to

Some of the speakers at the event this year include Brock Pierce from Blockchain Capital, Kathleen Breitman from Tezos, Thomas Lee from Fundstrat. The event is sponsored by, among others, American Airlines, Coin Fabric, EOS, Fundstrat, North Capital and BlockTeam.

Crypto Valley |April 26   

Crypto Valley conference happens in Zug, Switzerland on April 26 and will unite neighborhood blockchain groups, new businesses, and industry pioneers. The event will feature panel discussions, lectures, and tutorials in academy and economy/business streams. It will discuss applications and case studies of using blockchain innovation, the business progression of blockchain and future direction of the technology.  There will also be exhibitions and presentations.

 It is sponsored by, among others, ternity, Luxoft, Melonport, Microsoft, Ambrosus, Blockfreight, Blockmedx, Hedge, MME and Ripple. The event will also introduce top 10 groups from the Blockchain Competition 2017 where the winner will take away $100, 000.    

Speakers in the event include scholars, researchers, developers, CEO's, CTO's, lawyers and government officials. These are, among others, CTO at Ripple Stefan Thomas, Cornell University prof. Dr. Emin Gun Sirer and Swiss government representatives including Zug city mayor Dolfi Muller, Swiss Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann, a representative at Swiss National Bank Dr. Thomas Moser.

Other speakers from the business world include co-founder at ZCash who is also professor at UC Berkeley university Dr. Alessandro Chiesa; Dr. Christian Cachin of IBM Research in Zurich, and Abdul Haseeb who is Technical Solutions Professional Blockchain at Microsoft.

A regular ticket for the event goes for $1300 per person and $215 for blockchain competition and $1100 for members.

Blockshow Europe 2018|May 28 and 29

Blockshow Europe 2018 takes place on May 28 and 29 in Berlin, Germany and tickets cost around €1088 – €2488 which can be bought here.

This conference is one of the biggest in blockchain scenes and attracts showcases and solutions relating to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This is one of the best events to attend in order to catch up with latest technologies as well as issues about ICO’s, and to connect with startups, and get updates on the new products being released in this industry.

Selected startups also compete in the ICOscars with their groundbreaking solutions and the winner gets awarded. Previous winners in this competition include Bancor, Status, Etherisc and Solarchange. There will also be other related events, namely Blockshow USA, which will happen in August in Las Vegas while Blockshow Asia will be held in November in Singapore.  

UnChain |May 31 to June 1st

UnChain takes place between May 31 to June 1st in Hamburg. The two-day event brings together Blockchain experts and entrepreneurs. It discusses a variety of topics including technology and development, potential business opportunities, cryptocurrencies, and the impact of the industry on legislation, politics and society.

It also helps to connect Bitcoin and Blockchain community with leading German companies in various industries. The event features 20 speakers from over 10 countries and this year, some of the notable speakers include Erik Voorhees, Founder and CEO of Shapeshift; Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, Founder and CEO of Bitnation; and Rosine Kadimani, the Founder of Blockchain Academy, Sao Paulo.

Some topic highlights include Crypto Economics, Blockchain and Beyond, Crypto Culture, Crypto Future and Crypto Latin America. This year's event is being sponsored by ShapeShift, and FluzFluz. A regular ticket goes for ticket € 980.  

Ethereal Summit 2018|May 11 and 12

Ethereal Summit this year takes place in New York in May 11 and 12 at the Knockdown Center. A ticket goes for $1,250. It brings together builders, philosophers, policymakers, artists, and humanitarians in the crypto spaces, and from around the world. Ethereal will also sponsor a $50k grant paid in ETH to support up to 10 creative projects that interweave technology and art.

You will have the opportunity to listen to a variety of speakers including Joseph Lubin, the Co-founder Ethereum and Founder at Consensys; Aya Miyaguchi the Executive Director at Ethereum Foundation, and Sheila Warren the head of Blockchain wallet and World Economic Forum.   

Others include Vansa the Managing Director at OmiseGo, Sid Coelho-Prabhu who is product lead at Coinbase's Toshi, and Leonardo Gammar who is CEO at Agora.

Consensus 2018|May 14th- 16th

Consensus 2018 happens in New York, Hilton Midtown, from May 14th- 16th 2018. It goes as the best annual event related to blockchain for professionals and start-ups around the world. It will feature more than 250 speakers and 4,000 attendees from leading startups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders and academic and policy groups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Hosted by Coindesk, the annual event in New York will be its 4th-edition at a trot.  The 2018 edition is sponsored by Ledger wallet, Deloitte, Sonm, Accenture, Circle, Etoro, IBM, Microsoft, NEM, Fusion, Ripplem, VCHAIN, among others. The 2017 event attracted 125 speakers, 80 sponsors and 2700 attendees from over 70 countries although 75 were from North America and 15 percent from Europe. 

Some of the speakers for this year’s event include Nicolas Bacca the CTO at Ledger, James Bullard the President and CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Liana Douillet Guzmán COO at Blockchain, and Twitter's Jack Dorse who is also CEO and Chairman at Square. Other speakers are Ed Felten who is professor at Princeton University, Kavita Gupta who is Founding Partner ConsenSys, and Joseph Lubin who is Founder at ConsenSys.

Token Summit III |  May 16 and 17th       

Token Summit III happens on 16 and 17th of May in New York. It is the third in a series of events for the Summit and this year, it will discuss economics, regulation and best practices around blockchain-based tokens, protocols, and crypto-assets.

Thus it is a good event for anyone interested in token-based economies including entrepreneur, investor, finance professional, lawyer, fund manager, regulator, or business executive.

The event this year is working in coordination with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCED) as part of Blockchain Week NYC.

It is hosted by William Mougayar who is producer and host and Nick Tomaino who is the co-host.

Some of the speakers in this event include Founder and CEO of BaseCOin Nader Al-Naji, Fred Ehrsam who is Co-founder at Coinbase, Richard Craib who is founder and CEO at Numerai, and Oliver Bussmann who is President at Crypto Valley Association. Other speakers at the event include Kathryn Haun who is board member at Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan who is CEO at, Taylor Monahan who is founder at MyEtherWallet, Joseph Poon who is co-author Plasma and Lightning Network, and Ned Scott who is Co-founder and CEO at Steemit.

World Blockchain Forum|June 11th to 13th

World Blockchain Forum will take place in New York from June 11th to 13th. The event will feature keynotes about ICOs and investments. It brings together visionary pioneers, economic pioneers and enterprising speculators.   

There will be presentations from the most influential speakers and companies in the world of crypto and blockchain. So far, World Economic Forum has brought together over 40 world's most famous speakers; over 1000 CEOs, senior executives, VIPs, investors, government officials and many others.

Speakers at the event include Polymath CMO Tracy Leparulo, CEO TokenCommunities Plc Alex Lightman, and Bitt Executive Director Oliver Gale. Others include CTO at Smartwallet Steven Dakh, and co-founder Academy Jason King.  

Sponsors of the event include lead sponsor Polymath, Platinum sponsors Academy and gold sponsors RSK and tykn. Silver sponsors are INS and energimine.   

BAIConf |June 18 and 19

BAIConf is a meetup happening in London on 18 and 19 June and in Singapore/Hong Kong on 17 and 18 of December this year. The London event happens at the 8 Northumberland. It is a meetup for those interested in investments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces. It will also include presentations and keynotes in various topics related to cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

The conference is limited to sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, hedge funds, private banks, family offices, and UHNW accredited individuals. To attend are 5 of the top fund managers in cryptocurrencies as well as CEOs of 10 most successful ICOs this and last year who will be sharing their insights.

It also packs a list of several speakers including Da Hongfei who is NEO founder, Ripple's CTO Stefan Thomas, Coinlist CEO and founder Andy Bromberg, Founding Director at Bitcoin Foundation Jon Matonis, and Pfeffer Capital founder and partner John Pfeffer. Others include OmiseGo managing director Vansa Chatikavanij, Banking Editor at The Times Katherine Griffiths, U.K. Parliament MP Damien Moore and MEP European Parliament Kay Swinburne.     

BFC2018 APAC |June 20 and 21

BFC2018 APAC happens on June 20 and 21 in Singapore at the Hilton Hotel, 581 Orchard Rd. The event will examine the latest finance use cases to help companies and brands advance their DLT/Blockchain projects from proof of concept to full-scale production.

That said, it is for anyone in blockchain including those willing to adopt blockchain in their businesses. There will be presentations and talks in blockchain regulation, legislation, and management of the token-based economy.

Some of the 2018 speakers include Naveen Mallela from J.P Morgan, Ripple's governemnt and regulatory lead for APAC and Middle East Sagar Sarbhai, Analyst fintech at Japan Exchange Group Masafumi Kondo, Technology architect at OCBC Bank Rasmi Mohapatra, and Business development director of APAC at Digital Asset Jon Rout.

The event will attract over 200 senior delegates from from innovation, IT, data, trade finance, payments and risk functions. It will include showcases, keynotes from C-level speakers and interactive workshops.

London Fintech Week | July 6 and 13 

London Fintech Week happens between July 6 and 13 in London, UKL at QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster. It will bring together various multi-nationals, innovation firms, disruptive start-ups, governments, media, and investors.

It also will have a variety of speakers from different countries. They include General Manager of IBM blockchain services Jason Kelley, Founder at Applied Blockchain Adi Ben Ari, Chief Data Scientist Organization at Bank of America Prajit Data, Founder at Doshup Julien Bouteloup, Co-Founder Decentrl Agency Cécile Baird.

The event also features conferences, exhibitions, workshops, hackathons, meetups, and parties, and will facilitate networking and meeting other innovators.

The event will feature hackathon with winners.

3rd Blockchain Conference DC |July 26 -27

3rd Blockchain Conference DC happens from July 26 -27 in Washington DC. It brings together senior figures in finance, tech, government, venture capital and start-ups to discuss blockchain issues such as use cases in media, logistics and charity and government, as well as other issues such as regulation.

Attendees will learn about blockchain trends, ICOs and other issues.   

The Washington's meeting will be the 26th Blockchain conference since starting in London. Early bird ticket costs US$199. 

Crypto Expo Asia |Oct. 26

Crypto Expo Asia takes place in Suntec Singapore on October 26 and is set to welcome about 3,000 visitors. It basically brings together participants in the  сrypto markets, blockchains and ICOs. In addition to connecting these participants, attendees get an update of what is happening in the crypto markets through exhibitions of leading product, tools and services and tech in blockchain and crypto including fintech and startups.

Besides, it features crypto experts, traders and other speakers ready to discuss a vareity of topics. These include cryptocurrency and investment tokens market, ICO legal aspects and due dilligence, blockchain digital identification and business, and mining business among others. In addition, there will be entertainments, magic shows, workshops, lucky draws, fantastic prizes, and live performances.     

It is organized by FINEXPO, which is a company that organizes financial and trading events, fairs, expos and shows worldwide since 2002.

Some of the speakers include Vice-President, Marketing of Timechain Eamon Leonard, Founder and CEO of OpenLedger ApS Ronny Boesing, CMO and Co-founder of Money By Design Pascal Ruscica, CEO at Fullerton Markets Mario Singh, and CEO/Founder of Synapse Dan Gailey.

Also participating are cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers and investment companies, private investors, insurance, financial and HR organizations, traders, media, software developers, payment systems, and law firms.

Malta Blockchain Summit|Nov. 1-2

Malta Blockchain Summit happens from 1-2 November at the InterContinental in St Julian’s, Malta. It will bring together global influencers in technology, civil society, democracy promotion, and innovation. Participants include about 4000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150 sponsors and exhibitors. 

There will be keynotes, presentations and discussions on blockchain verticals including Health, Entertainment, Government, Banking, Payments and Fintech, and more. Participants can also network, forge new connections and debate the potential applications of blockchain in health, entertainment, government and banking.

Some of the speakers at the event include Prime Minister, Malta Hon; Bitcoin Foundation founder Jon Matonis; Treasury Manager Primož Kordež;      

Want to catch up with more events including those in your locality? Check here and here.

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