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There are four, primary ways through which you can perform airdrops, including a DIY option, in which you personally do manual batch transfers, which can turn out to be very costly and time-consuming because of the requirement of sending a large amount of tokens to many different addresses. In addition to this, this way is also prone to market fluctuations, delays, and error due to fatigue, forgetfulness and human constraints. Still, there are other alternatives: you could, for example, as an owner of a token that is willing to do an airdrop, program an airdrop yourself, which is a technique employed by project developers because it lets them program the airdrop with specific functionalities that truly benefit their project. Even so, this process may also be slow, require more programming skills and be more prone to human errors.

The third option involves using a third-party to do an airdrop, of which there are a host including: 99airdrops, Airdrop Addict, Airdrop Bob, Airdrop Land, Airdrop Notify, Airdrop Scouter, Airdrop Tracker,,,, and many others, which you also may need to pay a little bit more for, to truly facilitate your campaign.

There is also a fourth alternative option, which we are going to talk about today in this article, that is the usage of dApps and smart contracts to run airdrops. Like the Merkle Airdrop smart contracts, the user has to approve their participation in the campaign, and the person carrying out the campaign needs to confirm that real addresses were involved in the process.

This method has some advantages over the other three methods. It can prove to be low-cost since there are no development costs involved, you don't pay for information or other operating expenses, and you save time. The overall cost may be a bit higher than DIY, but even the most popular options in this case have an average cost of only a few cents depending on the amount of tokens or the overall value that you want to transfer. Like you might expect, different dApps will have different features and costs, and therefore, differing advantages and disadvantages as well.

dApps charge gas fees that may vary depending on the lines of code involved in the work and whether you plan to do manual transfers, batch transfers where you send tokens directly to certain addresses, or leaving it to receivers of tokens to claim their airdrop tokens and pay for their own gas, or do manual transfers for batch transfers using smart contracts. For instance, a dApp that sends directly to addresses will be less costly than one that leaves for users to claim the tokens. Coding the distribution within the token itself at TGE will also be more costly. Furthermore, manual batch transfers are less costly with smart contracts since there are no additional costs for processing the batch transfers' smart contract functionalities.

The list below is for dApps that work with major blockchain platforms like: Ethereum, Qtum, EOS, NEO, Steem, Nebulas, ETC, Tron, TomoChain, IOST and Blockstack. Again, different dApps work for different environments.


Blockchain platform and protocol

With platform token?

Main features

Batch per transaction

GAS/fee per address 

Addresses per airdrop execution

Wallet support



-    ERC-20


-  Windows, Linux, MacOS


-  Desktop app

Ethtree token

- Auto sending batches


- importing CVS lists

- Unlimited tokens per address

0.00035ETH per address for standard pricing. Enterprise varies


No limit

Ethereum wallets


Token Multisender

-Ethereum, POA-Network, Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan, Gorli, xDai

-Web at


- importing CVS lists

-ERC20 token faucet with feature to mint tokens to an address

-1–500 token batch transfers per ETH TX

-Free for VIP (costs 10 eth)

-200–500 addresses per TX 



- self-generated address 






CAN CanYaCoin

-importing CVS

-other services such as freelance platform

-200 tokens per batch; 10 addresses per batch

- 25 CAN token per 10 addresses

-200 addresses







-JSON/CSV file import


0.001 ETH


- MetaMask


Dapple Airdrops






-Ability to vary gas price for fast or slower transaction


-Ability to send different amount to different addresses at same time

-20% bonus/every 100 addresses

-No limit

-Variable Gas plus fees

-Ave. Gas of 0.00538 ETH per 100 addresses

-Fee 1 ETH for 20,000 addresses

-170 addresses per campaign (can go higher but care not toexceed gas limit)

-Trust Wallet, Coinbase, MetaMask


HIPR (Hercules Supply Chain Blockchain Protocol)

- Unity3D

- Ethereum


-HERC token

-Build gaming tokens and airdrop












- Merchant features

-Crypto tip on social media

-Send Litecoin, Bitcoin, Doge, and Eth




- ERC20 wallet such as MyEtherWalletetc


Token Splitter


- ERC20 or -ERC223

-Lalena tokens $LLA

-Split tokens to share among addresses

- copy and paste address list from spreadsheets

-Opensource tool






- ERC20

- ERC-223 tokens


-Token minting and crowdsale feature

-free of testnetRinkeby

-Deploy tokens to live network for a fee


- $20 for token minting and airdrop services









-No technical knowledge or coding needed

200 transfers in 1 transaction











-submit source contract, a list of addresses, and list of amounts to send to each and boom!

- Batches of 100 per transaction







-ERC-20 and ERC-721 token


-Multifunctional smart contracts – token creation, airdrops, swaps

-Creation of ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens


- 0,5% or 1 Ether depending on token amount







-Eth airdrop instant from contract






The Contract Factory







-0.01 Ether





Airdrops Click



- ADC (Air Drop Click )token


-Users earn tokens  by participating airdrops (5% of tokens invested in the airdrops)

-Smart contract delivers ADC and TRX tokens to dapp users daily










-Tipping crypto on social media (, SMS, email, Telegram, Twitter) EOS, BEAN, ATMOS, MANGO, ANX, EETH, PUB, BOID, BETFTY, KARMA, pixEOS, ZOS, IQ< DNS, BAM, GIL, JOY, GMBL

-Donation, trade











-Creet token


-Chat features

-Smart contracts

-Management of news with multiple notices.

-Ad exchange

- Ad drop where advertisement fee is returned

-Invitation or referral airdrop




- Metamask




- ERC-20

-Castle – upcoming decentralized platform for airdrop automation


-Axioms token

- Decentralized: smart-contract

- Real time tracking and task completions





-MyEtherWallet, Mist, Metamasketc


Multisend  - Ethereum -Import addresses from Google sheets or add manually 

-0.04 ETH 

-VIP, 10 ETH



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