Top 40 Crypto YouTube Channels for Crypto Traders/Investors

YouTube is a great place to find information that you can use to revitalize your trading or investing in the Crypto and Blockchain spaces, and you won't miss experts who regularly, even on a daily basis, update traders and investors on matters that matter.

For instance, you can get detailed technical analyses or other kinds of information analyses to make your trading work. You can also get videos that make investing and trading in crypto not only engaging and interactive with things like interviews, but also fun and great to do. In addition to this, plenty of content exists that provides expert information about how to succeed and there is endless number of videos made by crypto traders and investors themselves, so they share tips and advise from experience.  

Before we look at different channels and people who run these channels, first of all there is a tool called Cryptoinfluence that lets you access a database of as many YouTube crypto influencer channels and YouTube crypto project channels as well as their ratings to help you decide who you can follow or not.


DataDash channel, which has 314,122 subscribers has 17,942,049 views in total so far and hence one of the most watched channel for all things crypto. The channel is run by Nicholas Merten who has over 7 years experience as a data analysts in the traditional market before getting into the cryptocurrency space and becoming a crypto trader and investor himself.

This is a suitable channel for both beginner and advanced crypto traders or those pursuing crypto investment projects and at various levels of projects. If you are in this category, firstly, you can get to watch video tutorials from Nick on how to build a crypto portfolio. Secondly, he updates his viewers as regularly as daily regarding the different issues, news and rumors that may be expected to influence the crypto industry and prices, and how they may affect those prices. That's important for a crypto day trader.

Always not able to use charting which is an important aspect of crypto trading? This channel will not only let you understand the differences between the different types of charts and but also provides detailed information how you can spice up your trading using the various types of charts. This allows you to have a lot of insights in the crypto market. He also offers crypto flowcharts to help his viewers understand crypto trends.

Altcoin Buzz

Altcoin Buzz has 209,874 subscribers on YouTube and offers crypto updates including latest news, rumors and announcements from various cryptocurrencies and their impacts on prices and general markets. It is also suitable for traders and crypto enthusiasts looking for news and analysis of new coin offerings as well as those who would like to expand investments in ETN, Bitcoin Pension Funds and ETFs.

He also provides analyses for different cryptocoins on variety of aspects including transaction volumes and market-wide effects. The channel publishes videos almost everyday.

Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn YouTube channel disseminates education and tips that help investors learn what is most relevant in today's economy. His is one of the top followed channels for crypto and blockchain matters, gannering 204,753 subscribers and a total viewership of 6,723,100 since it started in 2009.     

His videos deal with a variety of topics including market analyses, day trading and other alternatives, security tokens, bubbles, bear and bull status of the markets, Bitcoin and crypto futures and ICOs. He also discusses various tips in investing and trading such as trading of major coins, investing and trading lessons from the past, how to benefit from holding and buying and trading, lessons for new crypto traders and investors, and many many other topics.

He also shares information about his crypto trading tools and skills, lessons from crypto traders and investors, and general information such as how to run a business on the side, and how to raise money for business, product flipping online, real estate investing strategies and how to grow capital in business.

Ivan On Tech

Ivan On Tech has 196,310 subscribers and a total of 12,651,515 views so far. The channel was started in July 31, 2013 by a guy called Ivan, who is based in Stockholm, Sweden and who is a software developer and programmer specializing in blockchain . He also has been international blockchain speaker and educator and is a data scientist.

Ivan also regularly attends various blockchain conferences such as Nordic 360 Blockchain, Redeye Blockchain day in Sweden, Blockshow Asia in Singapore, Blockchain Economic Forum in New York, the Cyrptoconomy Summit in Florida, Crypto Finance in Norway etc. He has founded Stockholm Blockchain in 2018.

Many of his videos are full of tech stuff, but he also posts some videos useful for starter investors and advanced traders/investors looking for in-depth insight and analysis into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins, blockchain projects and smart contract projects will find his channel helpful. That said, the channel is more appropriate for people who are after the "tech" in crypto and may be those ones who want a long term take on the space. His videos also address ordinary crypto issues such as price manipulation, crashes, mining crisis, dark pools and new coins being launched or ICOs. His viewers can also opt to take crypto courses.

You also get to hear his interviews done with various influential and crypto personalities including CEOs, Creators of projects and coins etc.      


Boxmining YouTube channel has 192,802 subscribers so far and has managed 12,980,940 views currently. First of all, it is run by a MichaelGu who is himself a crypto trader who also buys and holds crypto that he likes, and says he discusses on the channel, the subjects he is interested and believes in.

Michael created this crypto channel on 2017 Feb and the videos posted discuss latest trends on BTC and altcoins and how they can affect prices. Looking at his videos, you will find him discussing a mixture of issues including ICOs, ETFs, regulation, event happenings and outcomes, types of tokens, crypto and blockchain investments by companies, breaking news for various cryptocurrencies, weekly news updates, crypto hardware, trends, price manipulations in crypto and many many other topics.

Basically, the channel is very fit for someone who would like to play trading games both in the short and long run leveraging useful information and anyone who wants to have an overall overview of the market. Further, the channel has a wide audience on Twitter, Telegram and other social media platforms.

Ameer Rosic

Ameer Rosic is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, investor and blockchain evangelist located in Canada, and he, through his channel, addresses various events and university gatherings about matters relating to crypto and blockchain. He is also a well respected blogger.

His YouTube channel, which he started in 2011, has 169,174 subscribers and has managed a total of 14,608,858 views in total making it to top three of best viewed crypto channels on YouTube. His videos cover a wide range of issues including cryptoconomics, industry news and updates as well as announcements from various projects, rumors, crypro country-related matters, investment advise for specific cryptos and for market-wide investment, and updates for various coins and industry as a whole; but most importantly, he dedicates his channel to discussing general issues of business starting, business development and personal development issues. For instance, differences between crypto exchanges and types, why a business plan matters, reality checks to starting any startups, how to overcome depression and addiction, etc etc.

His videos also cover live interviews from different leaders in crypto industry. He is also into business relating to market automation, company scaling, and creation of sales funnels.    

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Antonopoulos is a very well known long-time bitcoin advocate, project advisor, and crypto community leader who is also a coder, author and commentator and public speaker of matters relating to Bitcoin and cryptocurrenies as a whole. His channel, which was created in 2006 making it probably the oldest among the popular crypto YouTube channels, has 165,187 subscribers and has a total viewership of 7,828,478 views making it probably the most viewed YouTube channel on crypto and blockchain-related issues. The channel also hosts more than 300 videos currently.

Antonopoulos is one of the best selling authors and has created books and guides about Bitcoin and crypto including a book on Bitcoin called Mastering Bitcoin, a book on Ethereum called Mastering Ethereum and one on The Internet of Money. His videos include viewer submitted Q&A about all matters/issues blockchain and crypto, whether you are talking about sidechains, legacy systems and how they compare to crypto, blockchain scaling, consensus, crypto wallets, nodes, hacks, privacy, and controversies. 

He is well known for delivering electric talks that combine economics, psychology, technology, and game theory with current events, personal anecdote, and historical precedent to effortlessly transliterating the complex issues of blockchain technology out of the abstract and into the real world.

Crypto Investor

Crypto Investor is a go-to channel for those willing to explore fundamental analysis and value analysis when investing with stocks and cryptocurrency. He also teaches people on how to avoid scam projects and reckless market trends. His videos also discuss other matters such as Bitcoin spikes, manipulation in crypto, how to trade crypto cycle trends for profits, market liquidity, and relationship between stock market and crypto markets.

His channel now has 140,850 subscribers since starting in August 2017.


CryptoBobby channel was started in 2017 March but has so far managed 7,043,670 views and 139,414 subscribers so far. 

This channel is run by a person who describes themselves as an "average dude" with background in enterprise tech and who loves talking about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The channel is also recommended for anyone with interest in trading crypto and is suitable for beginner as well as advanced crypto traders.

The channel discusses a variety of issues of interest to crypto traders including crypto volumes, institutional investments in crypto, crypto trends and upcoming or new coins, fake volumes etc.

Ian Balina

Ian Balina is an influential Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investor, Advisor, and Evangelis who has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post, The Street, INC and Entrepreneur Magazine for his work in analytics, cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurship.

He is a former analytics officer from IBM who now does data-driven analytics in crypto token sales ICOs called Token Metrics. He is also founder and General Partner at 100X Advisors and is currently advising MetaHash, Phantasma Protocol, Nucleus Vision, and Pareto Networks. In addition to being the first Global Titan Ambassador for KuCoin Cryptocurrency exchange.

His videos teaches people a variety of things including automating their trading and taxes, does interviews with leaders in crypto and blockchain, in addition to doing technical analyses for different cryptos. He also discusses news and regular updates appearing in the crypto markets.

Check out his disclosure on investment and crypto projects that he leads


Omar Bham (Crypt0) also has a huge follower-ship on Twitter and his YouTube channel, which was started back in November 2011, has 118,891 subscribers and a total of 10,325,798 views so far. His videos focus on the latest cryptocurrency opinions, ICOs, rumors, news, crypto fees, coin or altcoin comparisons, sentiments, & more! 

He discusses general as well as specific and detailed analysis about different coins and matters affecting entire crypto space such as major blockchain and crypto investments, market-wide news, price manipulations etc. He also does interviews with community leaders and videos focused on current events. 

Ready Set Crypto

Ready Set Crypto channel has 99,094 subscribers and started the channel in 2017, posts videos on a variety of issues including crypto futures, types of tokens such as security tokens, crypto trends, crypto predictions and reviews, ETFs and other crypto funds,

He also posts videos on general tips and strategies such as how to beat market manipulation, how to trade profitably, how to fight biases in crypto markets, how to make passive income in crypto, and how to improve crypto portfolios.

The Crypto Lark

The Crypto Lark is run by Lark Davis and is one of the oldest YouTube crypto channels having started in 2019. Davis is an American currently living in New Zealand and he provides crypto education, reviews and analyses on cryptocurrencies. He also discuses latest news updates about variety of coins and high level information from variety of sources and also hosts interviews.

Crypto Lark discusses cryptocurrencies with fun, humor and in an entertaining style. The crypto channel has 86, 642 subscribers and a total of 6,329,971 views. He has background in political science and described himself as a seasoned world traveler and is also working on many side projects.

He also has Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and other social media accounts that are well followed.

Sunny decree

Sun Decree channel has 83,556 subscribers and is one of the oldest Youtube channels discussing crypto issues as it was started in 2006. He describes himself as a crypto maximalist and discusses all maters crypto including price analyses, informational analyses such as reviews of news and market updates and how they could affect prices, charting and analyses, and trading signals.

Crypto Crow

Crypto Crow channel has 77, 673 subscribers since starting in 2017. He not only offers courses at Udemy about all matters crypto but also provides videos about trading such as whether bot trading is worthwhile, STOs and ICOs, exchanges etc.

He also reviews individual crypto projects, provides news updates and announcements for individual crypto projects and for market-wide crypto issues, and hosts live interviews with guests who are leaders in crypto such as CEO of crypto projects.


Philakone is based in Canada and has more than 76 K subscribers since starting his channel in 2011. His YouTube channel discusses Bitcoin and crypto tech analyses and live trades.

His live trades sessions feature strategies and trading thoughts at work and details of how a crypto trader can use them including how he selects coins for trading using chart information such as MA and other technical data etc.

He also offers paid courses in trading crypto, which can equip a trader with actual strategies on how to earn money trading.

Crypto Oracle

Crypto Oracle started in January 2012 and has 69,575 subscribers. The channel offers market analysis for emerging crypto sector and subscribers can get "hot trading tips and tricks" to turn cash to profits.

Based in United States, the channel offers crypto charting analyses and many many other information such as tips on how to find cryptos to day trade. Other tips include trading strategies, how to trade crypto on different exchanges, crypto mining adventures, etc.

Young and Investing

Young and Investing channel on YouTube has 55,872 subscribers and a total of 3,129,761 views since it started in April 2017. It is run by someone known as Quinten who posts videos that relate to a variety of issues in cryptocurrencies including his opinion on market state, breakouts of various cryptocurrencies, ETF matters, reviews of crypto hardware and coins or altcoins and crypto price projections. The channel also hosts educative videos on different matters including how someone can invest into crypto, how a crypto trader can come up with a good portfolio, ICO reviews, and other issues that are of interest to traders, both beginners and seasoned ones.

He also does a monthly update regarding a variety of his crypto portfolio.

Crypto Tips

Crypto Tips explores emerging trends in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, upcoming ICOs and STO offerings. The channel, which was started in 2016 and is run by a lady based in Portugal, has managed 48,684 subscribers and 2,153,555 views in total so far. 

Her videos discuss a variety of crypto issues including ICOS and upcoming coins, security issues in crypto and hack alerts, crypto manipulation, review of crypto platforms such as exchanges, crypto memes, tips and predictions for the market, crypto regulation, index funds and ETF-related matters, and crypto wars.

She also posts videos on tips for investing and buying crypto including fee-related issues, tips to making money in crypto, encryption-related issues, forks, stablecoins, mass adoption matters in relation to centralization, and crypto trends, etc.

Canal Dinheiro

Canal Dinheiro channel on YouTube about has 33,927 subscribers and a total of 2,168,419 views so far since starting about four years ago. The owner is based in Brasil and posts regular videos in Portuguese language discussing a variety of issues in crypto industry including crypto exchanges and mining firms, crypto news for different coins and altcoins, local crypto issues and happenings in the country (Brasil), fake news, and other matters. 

Crypto Nomad

Crypto Nomad channel on YouTube so far has 12,491 subscribers and over 1 million views in total since starting in 2017. This channel is dedicated to lovers of and those following Ripple. It hosts a variety of videos about Ripple and XRP as well as other Ripple platforms such as xRapid and xCurrent, including breaking news and announcements, reviews of companies and banks joining the Ripple network and platforms, and Ripple-related events and their outcomes.

The channel also discusses marketwide matters including regulation matters, market crashes, marketwide announcements, information on and review of other cryptocurrencies such as Eth and Tron, crypto and blockchain fintech, news relating to other cryptocurrencies, money laundering-related issues, regulation in crypto, crypto price movements etc.


Suppoman from United Kingdom is also known as Savage Cash or Superhero Cryptocurrency Expert and he also teaches cryptocurrency courses on Udemy for just $10 including on long term crypto opportunities, crypto wallets, and investment courses.

On his YouTube channel he has a total of 142,186 subscribers and over 14 million views so far since the channel was started in 2011 April. Supp posts videos discussing a variety of crypto issues including market cycles, market-wide announcements such as ETFs and institutional exchanges, ICO reviews, price breakouts, as well as tips that can benefit investors and traders alike such as impacts of ETFs on crypto prices, comparison of altcoins, Crypto bears and bulls, and interviews with CEOs and other crypto and blockchain leaders, roadmaps for various crypto/blockchain projects, regulation-related issues, market manipulations, predictions of prices and market movements, and a monthly update regarding price movements.

Crypto Coin News

The Crypto Coin News channel has been providing daily news on cryptocurrencies and altcoins since 2017 and from the channel, viewers can get updates on things that are affecting prices or those that could affect them in future. Apart from news, the channel discusses issues such as market overviews, it also hosts interviews with CEOs and leaders in crypto and blockchain industry, discusses rumors, and does reviews of cryptocurrency projects and ICOs.

The channel has 126,039 subscribers.

Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn YouTube channel disseminates education and tips that help investors and traders to learn what is most relevant in today's economy. His is one of the top followed channels in crypto and blockchain matters, garnering 204,753 subscribers and a total viewership of 6,723,100 so far since it starting in 2009.

His videos deal with a variety of topics including market analyses, day trading and other alternatives, security tokens, bubbles, bear and bull status of the markets, bitcoin and crypto futures and ICOs. He also discusses various tips in investing and trading such as trading of major coins, investing and trading lessons from the past, and how to benefit from hodling and trading. He also has lessons to help new crypto traders/investors as well as seasoned traders/investors alike. 

Dunn also shares information about his cryptocurrency trading tools and skills, lessons from other crypto traders and investors, and general information such as how to run a business on the side, and how to raise money for business, product flipping online, real estate investing strategies and how to grow capital in business.

Alessio Rastani

Alessio Rastani has a great YouTube channel for anyone willing to invest in Bitcoin or just a follower of Bitcoin and crypto. He started the channel in 2009 and has attained 177,755 subscribers and over 15 million views. His channel provides crypto price analyses, trading signals, analysis of news and announcements etc.

His video also discusses a wide range of issues in cryptocurrency market including prices, market crashes and bull runs, market trends; and offers future price predictions for coins and marketwide updates and information that could affect entire market.

He also provides advise on trading and portfolio management such as the effects of personality in trading and what a person can do to win, what to avoid in bear markets or in the case of dropping prices, how to know when you should buy coins, and how to come up with a workable trading strategy.

Crypto Investor

Crypto Investor videos is a go-to channel for those interested in exploring fundamental analysis and find value analysis useful in their strategies when investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies. The channel also teaches people on how to avoid scam projects and gives insights on reckless market trends they should watch out. The videos also discuss other matters such as Bitcoin spikes, manipulation in crypto prices and its role in influencing market trends, how traders can use crypto cycle trends for profits, market liquidity, and relationships between stock market and crypto markets.

His channel now has 140,850 subscribers since starting in August 2017.

Coin Mastery

Coin Mastery has a total of 6,616,712 views and 126,623 subscribers. The channel was started in July 2017. The videos posted on the channel discuss a variety of issues including investing and trading tips, advise on how to formulate a crypto portfolio, general trends in entire crypto market as a whole, bullish and bearish crypto trends and signals, stockmarkets, problems with and in different crypto networks and protocols, and also posts interviews with crypto leaders.

In addition to these topics, the channel also discusses other issues that would be of great benefit to crypto traders and investors including most detailed crypto analyses, leveraging and deleveraging, and volatility. Other videos discuss general topics such as how to trade cryptocurrencies, how to invest and win in the short and long terms, future of scaling, buy zones, diversification, bitcoin and crypto pumps and dumps, crypto funds such as index funds and EFTs.

The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor channel on YouTube has 123,965 subscribers and over 14 million views since starting in 2016. The videos posted on this channel provide an overview of the entire crypto market and blockchain industry including top crypto rankings, review of entire market from time to time, crypto and banking news and announcement as relates to crypto, regulation, centralization issues and volatility issues around crypto.

Many of their videos are applicable to crypto traders and trading both for starters and advanced investors. For instance the channel educates on popular coins that traders can look to when starting, EFTs and likely impacts on the crypto market, trading pairs, crypto exchanges, crypto custody solutions, and many more. He also reviews bear and bull signals in the markets, updates about scams, discusses inflation in cryptocurrencies, and discusses price indicators. 

There also are many videos on trading and also investing tips.

Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily is a United Kingdom-based crypto news channel that also has a website. The channel was started in 2014 and currently has 122,716 subscribers. In addition to daily news, the channel provides reviews of the entire crypto markets, reviews and analyses of individual crypto projects and ICOs, crypto predictions, review of cryptocurrency regulations and taxation matters, as well as crypto mining related updates.

David Hay

David Hay channel was started way back in 2011 but did not start as a crypto YouTube channel: he decided to start exploring crypto matters in 2017 after having achieved a viewership of 1,000,000 on his channel. The channel now has 120,603 subscribers. 

That said, his crypto videos focus on happenings and news in, as well as reviews of specific cryptocoins and altcoins. He also discusses market-wide matters such as mass adoption of crypto, pumps and dumps, regulation, investing and best research practices that individuals can try out, etc.

Chart Guys

Chart Guys YouTube channel has 115,689 subscribers and a total of 9,374,570 views since starting in 2014. The channel is a go-to place for those fascinated with crypto technical analysis for crypto and other assets. That's from where they derive the name chart guys.

For crypto lovers, Chart guys offer regular analyses for Bitcoin, ETH, XRP and other major coins in the market as well as broad market technical analysis.

Louis Thomas

Louis Thomas videos discusses crypto market trends and current events in crypto and blockchain.

Thomas also basis his videos on personal investment experience and crypto news. He provides updates on a variety of issues such as bull runs and bears, hodling, market-wide banking matters and developments that would affect crypto such as IMF rates and crypto adoption by institutions, taxation and regulation, and tech matters in crypto and blockchain such as wallets.

Though he insists that his channel does not serve to offer investment advise, his videos offer fundamental analysis of crypto prices; and information and tips on investing such as cheat sheets in investing, capitulation of prices, does , crypto price trends and the phases or cycles they undergo. Thomas also updates on crypto banking, gives ICO reviews and analyses, offers information on portfolio management, does price predictions, as well as market crashes and many other issues.

The channel, which was started in 2015, has managed 95,698 subscribers and 6,481,430 views in total so far.

Crypto Love

Crypto Love is a United States-based channel that was started in 2017 and has so far garnered 93,815 subscribers. The owner shares crypto news, market updates and announcements including their effects on prices, as well as crypto price analyses and other issues such as ETFs, investment tips, crypto regulation, marketwide trends, crypto funding, price crashes, scams and fake cryptos, etc.

Tone Vays

Tone Vays has a total of 82,830 subscribers and his channel was started in 2016. The channel hosts videos on a variety of cryptocurrency issues including regular market updates, charting and technical analyses, short and long term view of crypto investing, crypto mining news and updates, hodling, crypto scams, and major market trends.

Most of his videos discuss Bitcoin.

Decentralized TV

Decentralized TV is a channel created by Peter Saddington of Decentralized TV website and his YouTube channel so far has 79,125 subscribers. He discusses a variety of matters relating to crypto and blockchain tech as well as news about adoption of crypto by masses and corporations, mining, decentralized exchanges, upcoming coins and ICOs, scaling matters and newsflashes, as well as explores culture and entertainment in crypto industry.

The host of Decentralized TV also provides relevant general and specific tips on investing in crypto.


Cryptobud is a channel dedicated to educating people about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Videos uploaded discuss a variety of matters in crypto including stable coins, crypto rallies, crypto taxes, FED in crypto, inflation in crypto, and liquidity issues, among many other matters.

The channel also conducts crypto reviews and analyses, wallet reviews, ICO reviews etc. There are also tips and advise on how one can succeed in trading or investing in crypto. Started in 2015, the channel has 75,579 subscribers and over 3 million views so ,far.

Crypto Beadles

Crypto Beadles is a Bahamas-based crypto YouTube channel started in Dec 2017 and now with 71,349 subscribers and several videos discussing matters relating to crypto news and how the affect prices and interviews with crypto leaders.

In addition to reviews of crypto and blockchain platforms, the channel also discusses crypto giveaways and related news, captures job issues in crypto etc. The channel also provides updates about dApps, nodes, crypto funding and much 

David Kariuki

David Kariuki likes to regard himself as a freelance tech journalist who has written and writes widely about a variety of tech issues that affect our society daily, including cryptocurrencies (see and; climate change (, OpenSim and virtual reality (see He is currently pursuing a MSc in Environmental Management at Open University. He does write here not to offer any investment advise but with the intention of informing audience, and articles in here are of his own opinion. Anyone willing to use any opinion here as advise to invest in crypto should obviously take own responsibility and accountability of their losses (or benefits) thereof. You can reach me at [email protected] or [email protected]

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