Top Places To Learn Cryptocurrency Trading Online

Online resources are one of the best and easiest ways to learn cryptocurrency trading when or if you still can't find a local cryptocurrency school or community with which to learn trading. There are resources, both paid and free, that suit different levels and there is always something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or advanced trader looking to polish their skills. 

From the popular websites such as Udemy and Coursera that are full of professional and expert traders offering to teach their skills to other people, to startup websites offering similar tutorials for free or at the price of a cheap subscription, we have prepared a list of places you can visit to learn cryptocurrency trading skills. 


Udemy is definitely one of the most popular places to study anything online. On the site, the average complete guide to trading cryptocurrency will cost you around $199 to learn all you need to and start professional crypto trading. You also typically get tutorials that introduce you to general cryptocurrencies and blockchain ideas to advanced courses that teach you how to build cryptocurrency dApps on blockchain. You can also get certificate courses as well. 

With this course named Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Course - With Strategies offerred at Udemy, you learn how to do day and swing trading much better than without studying the course, for a cost of $199. You learn how to read orderbooks on exchanges, how to use technical analysis better, how to run a market making strategy, short selling, and short selling strategy, arbitrage, risk management and money management techniques, market neutral mean reversion strategy.

Now that the course is prepared and offered by Montreal Trading Group, with this course, you get to learn the trading strategies that have been implemented by Montreal Trading Group. You also get to learn how to interpret different messages and information in the cryptocurrency market in order to make your trading much better.

The Complete Cryptocurrency Investing Course, also offered at Udemy, tells you how you can trade crypto and earn profits for your retirement as a way of earning yourself some passive income. At the cost of only $19.99 (currently discounted from and original price of $199.99), you get to learn the tools needed to become a full or part time cryptocurrency trader, how to maximize and minimize losses, using and implementing stop losses to minimize loss in crypto trading, when to buy and when to sell crypto, and how to read charts and understand best circumstances to trade for profits in the market. Pretty much of everything you would need to practice crypto trading. It includes skills to trade not just Bitcoin but also Ethereum and altcoins.

Additionally, as you might have known, cryptocurrency trading can get rather complicated with feelings and emotions affecting your moves especially if you day-trade or swing trade, and so you might be interested in looking the bots trading way in order to garner more profits. So the Bitcoin trading Robot - Cryptocurrency never losing formula course at Udemy, will show you how. You also learn how robots work and the formulas behind the indicators, how to handle losing and profiting trade situations and how to trade from any of your devices -- mobile, tablet and laptop. You learn how to use bots and trade in both directions of the market -- when the price is going up and when it is decreasing. It also costs $200 but there is currently a discount (now costing only $19 for the entire course).

For the same cost and discount, The Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading Course 2020 course from Udemy gives you the skill to help you earn extra passive income weekly trading cryptocurrencies and altcoins using technical analysis. The course is created by Wealthy Education, which reports that 50,000 + students are taking their investing and trading courses on Udemy. With this course, you learn the secret in trading cryptocurrencies plus all the trading strategies for predicting next market movements with high accuracy. You also learn how to do research for a coin you are interested in, how to analyze candlesticks, how to use exponential moving averages (EMA) to determine market trends and reversals, how to use MACD to determine market trends and reversals, how to register trading accounts and protect accounts from being hacked, owning of multiple standard cryptocurrencies, and using of Parabolic SAR to determine market trends and reversals.

If you are specifically fascinated with using candlesticks to trade Bitcoin and altcoins, the Cryptocurrency Trading: Candlestick Trading Masterclass 2020 by Wealthy Education will show you how. You get to master technical analysis and candlestick pattern trading. The course helps you to learn how to identify most profitable candlestick patterns to day-trade cryptocurrencies of your choice in order to garner daily and weekly returns. With this course, you learn to trade using Spinning Top, Pin Bar & Doji Patterns, Gravestone Doji & Dragonfly Doji Patterns, Northern Doji & Southern Doji Patterns, Hammer & Hanging Man Patterns, Inverted Hammer & Shooting Star Patterns, Green & Red Marubozu Patterns, Bullish & Bearish Engulfing Patterns, Bullish & Bearish Harami Patterns, Dark Cloud Cover & Piercing Patterns, Tweezer Top & Bottom Patterns, Morning Star & Evening Star Patterns, Bullish & Bearish Tri-Star Patterns, Three White Soldiers & Three Black Crows Patterns and Three Inside Up & Down Patterns and many other types of technical patterns.

The same course teaches you how to use candle patterns to identify reversals. Wealthy Education also runs another course, Cryptocurrency Trading: Technical Analysis Masterclass 2020, which is designed for those who are interested in Technical pattern and Fibonacci Trading patterns for Bitcoin and altcoins as well. For the same cost and same discount at Udemy for this course, you learn how to use levels, trend lines and channels, read candlesticks, using volume, and use support and resistances to predict market movements.

Algorithmic Cryptocurrency trading - the revolution in 2020 is good course to go to if you are interested in using robots in BTC, ETH and Ripple cryptocurrency trading...or when you want to learn how they are used. It lets you learn how to move from manual to automatic trading methods and still earn cryptocurrency professionally. You remove emotions off of trading cryptocurrency and know how to build professional trading strategies in cryptocurrency trading.

The above course is created by Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov who is Head mentor at EA Forex Academy and it lets you gain skills on how to diversify when trading crypto, in 2 different time frames, and 12 different strategies or robots every month created and provided by Aleksandrov. You learn trading with a portfolio of 12 expert advisors in one account. It is also suitable for beginner as well as for advanced cryptocurrency traders.


Coursera is a popular destination for anyone who wants to learn just about anything over the internet. As such, there are many individual courses you can take to learn general ideas about cryptocurrencies and blockchain as well. is run by Wyckoff Stock Market Institutes (, which is an official Cryptocurrency Trading School.  Generally, it aims to teach traders how to identify winning trades by implementing the Wyckoff Trading Method created by the world's famous stock speculator Richard D. Wyckoff in 1931. The method can be employed in the trading of any Cryptocurrency or Stock.

The school has been teaching the Wyckoff Trading Method for 87 years and according to their website, over 10,000 students have taken our Wyckoff Unleashed course for stock traders since 1931. The course teaches traders how to formulate winning trades using technical analysis. The course teaches how to trade using the school's proprietary charting software as well as educational charts/videos directly from some of the most popular exchanges.

You learn how to identify primary trading opportunities when charting. In addition to the course materials, there are live news, charts, and a interactive live chat with over 955 students currently enrolled in the Cryptocurrencies and Wyckoff Trading Course.

Crypto Trade Academy

Crypto Trade Academy offers courses on cryptocurrency trading. You first get free content that can help you to understand their concept, who they are and why they are building those courses. Their basic course costs €59.99 and lets you learn the basics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and exchanges and how you can open an account and where to seek information for your investments. Their Advanced crypto trading courrse is all about becoming an advanced crypto trader to earn profits and it costs €59.99 every month you learn with them.


BossCrypto's cryptocurrency trading course sees traders learning about how to earn profits from cryptocurrency trading. The course takes only 6 weeks and delivered online with online support. It teaches people how to start trading and investing in cryptocurrencies from scratch and they also get to learn reasons why they should.

As a trader, you get to watch videos, use the tools provided, test the strategies and complete the action items in the learning process. You can move from a beginner trader to an active crypto trader with adequate skills, principles and strategies.

Although the course contains basics on how to deposit and buy with fiat, safely storage of cryptocurrency and accessing of top exchanges, it teaches traders how to read a chart using some chart-reading principles, and they learn a formula for valuing cryptocurrency and doing fundamental analysis.

With this course, you learn how to manage trading risks and take best trades as well as to master your mindset (managing emotions bit) and succeed in trading cryptocurrency. You also get access to their confidential trading journal which is downloadable as a template, learn why it is important to journal your trades and how to journal them and use them to succeed in the markets. The course is built around 25 online training lessons, tools, a support network, and a community.

Module 3 teaches you the technical analysis bits -- the basics of technical analysis, the use of trend lines, using of technical indicators, using Fibonacci levels, use of classical charting patterns, and trading candlestick setups. Module four is about helping learners towards coming up with a cryptocurrency trading strategy -- setting up, trend and market cycles, time-frames, position sizing and risk management, and The Fractal Model.

The London Academy of Trading

The London Academy of Trading has a 1-week course called Cryptocurrency Course which equips people with skills about investing in cryptocurrencies as well as equip them with basic concepts of blockchain technologies and issues around it. For £599, you get to learn the different ways of getting involved in cryptocurrencies, how to invest or short-term trade cryptocurrencies with a focus on risk and capital preservation.

You get to learn, step by step, a variety of issues from opening cryptocurrency wallets to making trading decisions and monitoring portfolio. You learn fundamental influences on prices and technical analysis behind the price moves. The course also looks into Bitcoin-related stocks and correlations of the crypto market. You also receive a complete cryptocurrency e-book for future reference.

Platinum Academy

Crypto Trading Course course from Platinum Academy is designed to help people create a secondary income from trading crypto, help them build a well-balanced crypto portfolio, help them achieve financial stability, help them plan an investment portfolio for their retirement, and support those willing to accept crypto in the selling of their services and goods. Itself developed by seasoned crypto traders, the crypto trading course teaches individuals who are interested in crypto space and who want to either improve, develop or begin their journey into the crypto world.

According to their course description, this course provides "immersive and engaging environment" which can be combined with watching of online videos on YouTube, following trading views or listening to podcasts. In addition to providing cryptocurrency trading strategies and investment strategies, you get an ongoing support from experts to ensure you succeed in crypto trading.

Beginners get to learn trading skills (fundamental and technical), principles and strategies to start off their business in trading crypto, while the "Crypto Passive Income Mastery" is designed for those willing to invest in cryptocurrency but wish to do it for earning passive income. The methods taught help learners to create a passive income rather than individuals spending in the charting trade setups, researching and investing in a chosen project or surfing YouTube channels for the next big crypto opportunity.

Besides, the school provides consultative service where veteran crypto traders evaluate the work with learners so that learners can maximize their returns for crypto space.

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