Top 13 mobile apps to trade crypto on the go

Apart from using desktop wallets and exchange platforms -- most of which are accessible over the website -- to trade cryptocurrency, trading can also quite easily be done on mobile and below are some of the crypto trading apps you can keep closer whether you are a novice or experienced crypto trader.

Tab Trader

Tab Trader is a free trading terminal for trading across several cryptocurrency exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp, HitBtc, and Gemini and 20 other cryptocurrency exchanges. It is being used by more than 400,000 people across 178 countries. Not only can traders place multiple types of orders on Tab Trader including limit order, market order, stop-loss, and take-profit orders, they can also settle position functions over a variety of exchanges. Users are able to manage their accounts opened with different exchanges, from a single unified interface. The platform also offers push notifications about price events without relying on mobile data.
Tab Trader connects to wallets via API keys which are either kept by users themselves or stay on the different exchanges which they have connected to the platform.

In addition to trading, users also gain access into technical analysis, can make chats, add trend, horizontal lines and take advantage of technical indicators to make their trading better. Customers are able to set desired price brackets and to receive push notifications about those events and therefore do no longer need to monitor charts and at the same time do not miss trade opportunities.

It is available for Android and iOS.


Coinigy professional cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management tool offers extensive charts, trading and real-time market data tracking and analyses. With this app, traders can trade crypto across 30 different exchanges from a single account. Thus it works more like TabTrader. However, while TabTrader is free, Coigny is not: after a free trial period of 30 days, a customer can buy a pro trader status for $18.66 per month with an annual subscription.

Professional API access costs $99.99 per month and comes with unlimited trading for no fees, high-definition charting, advanced technical analysis tools, and additional security.

It is available for both iOS and Android.


Muunship is a new app that works like TabTrader on desktop, Android and also iOS. It allows users to connect their different and multiple exchange accounts or wallets and access all of them from a single platform and they can even execute orders across these exchanges. Muunship currently supports Bitfinex, BitMex, Binance, HitBTC, Poloniex. Bittrex, and KuCoin. It lets users connect to these exchanges through API keys that are held at the exchanges or stored locally on the user's device. The app allows drag and drop orders on charts, stop orders, trailing stop orders, and server-side alerts.

This app also gives users access to professional charting tools through the integration of TradingView. This allows users to access over 70 indicators and many drawing tools and customization. Users are able to change the prices of orders by dragging the orders onto charts. They can also track historically executed orders with their prices and time. Users/traders are able to set alerts as they wish without any limits.

Users can filter markets by exchange, pair, volume, net change, etc.

This app also supports 6 bots trading types and assists, that is integrated with 3commas and Zignaly crypto trading bots.


zTrader is a cloud-based automated trading software that analyzes market data and performs trades on a client's behalf 24/7. It can be used as an alternative to Coigny and/or TabTrader for those wanting to trade multiple pairs across multiple exchanges. Use of algorithm makes trades precise and accurate to execute, and the bot buys and sells based on technical indicators and professional trading strategies. It currently supports several indicators including the usual MACD, EMA, candle patterns, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Levels, and Ichimoku Clouds and Weighted Moving Average among many others.

Because it runs automatically, a trader will barely miss any trade opportunity and the execution is fast as you would expect. It also renders direct notifications by email from all the trades it makes; traded pair, price bought/sold, profit and date/time.

The demo account can be run for seven days without any payment. After the free trial, a trader can choose to pay a fee of 0.75% per trade or an annual payment of 0.25 BTC for the full license.


BitUniverse supports trading of crypto over 22 crypto exchanges just like does Tab Trader. The exchange app features a Grid Trading Bot that can be used to trade coins across these exchanges and according to their website, delivers an annualized return of over 100%.

BiUniverse also delivers real-time tickers for 6000 coins and supports 240 crypto exchanges. It also provides candlestick charts with 22 indicators including MACD, BOOL, RSI, ARBR, CR, EMV, etc. It can also be used to store Ethereum tokens as it features an Ethereum wallet and ERC20 token wallet, supporting close to 50 different wallets.

Apps by top centralized crypto exchanges

All of the top ten centralized crypto exchanges offer fiat on-ramps and with these, you are able to deposit fiat to buy crypto or withdraw fiat to bank accounts. Good thing is that most also have mobile apps that can be used to access their exchanges and to trade. The other good thing with these exchanges is that, in addition to fiat on-ramps, they support hundreds of pairs to exchange.


Coinbase is certainly one of the well-known crypto trading apps which has a user base over 25 million worldwide. Moreover, it allows users to buy cryptocurrencies through credit card and bank transfers. Coinbase has an Android and iOS mobile app for trading crypto and for trade analyses and access to trade histories. Their app provides colorful charts and graphs so traders/potential traders/users can track changes in prices, trading histories, and notifications of the latest crypto news from all over the globe.


Binance, the second-largest crypto exchange by adjusted trading volume according to CoinMarketCap data, also has an Android app in addition to their trading platform being accessible via desktop, web, and macOS. The Android app, which used to be on the App store but has since been removed, can now be downloaded on their website as an apk. Coinbase offers to traders some advantages such as discounts on trading fees when trading is done via its own ERC-20 token BNB as the base token/currency. This happens with pretty almost any other cryptocurrency exchange that has a native token.


Bitfinex mobile for iOS and Android allows for trading with margins, order and position management, transferring crypto between wallets and checking latest movements in prices and markets, bidding, and notifications on trade execution and price alerts. The app allows users to log in by generating API keys and importing it into the app for submission instead of using normal usernames and passwords.


Bitstamp also does have iOS and Android app that allows users to login with fingerprints or fake IDs, and to perform four types of orders; users can also access real-time charts and order books, and analytical tools. Customers can also choose to use the advanced Tradeview interface when trading on the exchange.


KuCoin, another cryptocurrency exchange known for low trading fees of 0.1%, has a mobile app for both Android and iOS in addition to the website-based trading platform. The mobile app also allows the buying, selling, depositing and withdrawal of over 350 coins listed on the platform.


CoinBene also has an Android and iOS trading application for its customers. Like many others in the list, it allows for professional charting, as well as swift deposit and withdrawal.


IDAX has Android or iOS apps. HitBTC, which has so far managed $708,856,979 equivalent in trading volume, has an Android app that is suitable for starter and professional traders alike.


Apart from the exchanges above, other top exchanges with crypto mobile trading apps include OKEx, the largest exchange by adjusted volume, which has a iOS and Android application that allows people to do even margin trading on-the-go, spot trading, streaming of quotes in real time, access to interactive and spot chart for digital assets and to view trading records in details among other things.


Other exchanges with Android and iOS apps that allow you to trade on the go include Dobi Exchange, which combines crypto exchange with ATM machines that allow to exchange digital currencies with fiat. Other centralized exchanges with mobile trading apps include Kraken (iOS), Bitstamp (iOS and Android), Bithumb (test version iOS and Android), Bitmax (iOS and Android) for both crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat trading, and

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  • Very informative article. But I want to mention 1 difference, the muunship app is the only app that can be used for trading on the iphone, while you cannot do that with coinigy or tabtrader.


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