WeTrust will match all Eth donations as part of Giving Tuesday

(Image: Various courses are using WeTrust Spring platform to raise donations)

WeTrust Spring, a fundraising platform that provides entrepreneurs and non-profits an opportunity to raise funds through ETH, says it will match all individual ETH donations on the platform as part of Giving Tuesday through to November 27. It will match all donations up to $100k. The platform basically serves to connect charitable organizations with donors willing to donate in cryptocurrencies to various courses.

Co-founder of WeT rust, George Li, said that the crypto community, through the crypto donation program, wants to help catalyze positive change. There has been an increase in crypto donations even as the crypto market continues to grow, with figures suggesting that around $200 billion worth of crypto has been donated from 40 million cryptocurrency holders so far. Fidelity Charitable received $69M which it then donated to charitable organizations. Pineapple Fund raised a total of $55 million of bitcoin which was then donated to charities. The fund served as an experiment in philanthropy with cryptocurrency wealth.

Launched this month, Spring platform provides decentralized financial services and creates an inclusive financial system that allows capital to reach those in need. Using the Spring platform, organizations are able to tokenize their donations on the blockchain and track and manage donations with much ease. Organizations looking for funds publish or advertise their courses on the website and those willing to donate can select which they want to give to. 

The WeTrust Spring platform is already helping a variety of organizations to raise funds for their various undertaking. An example is Rainforest Trust, which aims to save 500,000 acres of the rain forest. Another beneficiary of the platform is Code for America, which wants to reduce poverty and incarceration. African Advocacy Network is also using the platform to raise funds for a second attorney to help asylum seekers.

Open Library, which is also using the platform to raise funds, will use the proceeds to build "world’s largest online, open-source, nonprofit digital public library."

WeTrust has also announced partnerships with 14 charitable organizations which are African Advocacy Network, Bridge Global Foundation, Cavalier Rescue, Code for America, Cultural Heritage Imaging, Equity in Access, Fight for the Future, Lava Mae, Learning Equality, Open Library, Rainforest Trust, Surgeons of Hope, Ubuntu Foundation, and VietSeeds Foundation.

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