NEM Coin

NEM Coin – The Japanese Cryptocurrency

NEM was founded by Makoto Takemiya in Japan, founder & CEO of Soramitsu. People use this cryptocurrency in a commercial blockchain, many private companies from Japan and other countries are already using it. The programming language for the Nem coin is based on Java and C++. The Nem platform has new features that improve its security in order to protect itself from hackers.

Unique Features

NEM has many interesting features that you won’t be able to find in other cryptocurrencies:

Algorithm: NEM has a unique reward algorithm called "Proof of importance," which is used time stamp transactions. The ‘importance’ is determined by the number of transactions related to the wallet and the number of coins deposited in it. This encourages users to both save and use NEM coins actively.

Secure communication: The platform features internal messaging, where users can communicate with each other sending encrypted and unencrypted messages. Messages, however, aren’t free of charge and their price depends on the type of message. This type of secure communication protects users’ privacy, preventing their personal information from being tracked or hacked by other people. Users can also chat while performing an NEM transfer, in order to ensure that they are sending to money to the appropriate person, this service is free of charge.

Multiple domains: The NEM platform uses namespaces that allow higher level domain and sub-domains. Any user with a domain can create multiple sub-domains and separate every domain by a dot. Users are not limited when creating sub-domains, they are free to create as many as they want based on the amount of NEM coins they pay.

NEM Advantages

  • You can make money transactions without paying fees or any sort of special charges.
  • All money transactions between users are safe and secure, reaching their destination within seconds with no errors.
  • Nem features multiple domain systems, providing more flexibility and safety to the
  • The platform allows encrypted messaging to communicate privately with other users, preventing anyone from tracking your messages.
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