Taurion Treasure Hunt Competition is Over – Claim Your Prizes

The Taurion Treasure Hunt competition is over and here is the final list of winners!
The competition was a fantastic success. Many players aggressively prospected for prizes and won them quite quickly. But that didn't stop people from continuing playing for fame and top kills in some epic battles!
The top kills are:
  1. dannyvjp with 364 kills
  2. Skywalkerx with 185 kills
  3. HunterX with 129 kills
The top fame are:
  1. Skywalkerx with 2800 points
  2. Opeyum with 2400 points
  3. HunterX & liquidx with 900 points each
In all, players won 3,065 prizes. The average number of prizes players won was 24 with 71% of players winning at least 1 prize. The top 5 prize winners are:
  1. Opeyum with 293 prizes
  2. vova with 269 prizes
  3. HunterX with 248 prizes
  4. Baconrion with 187 prizes
  5. Skywalkerx with 183 prizes
Two gold prizes of $1,000 each were won by liquidx and Opeyum.
Congratulations to all the winners. You can find a complete list of all winners by player and the number of prizes they won of each type as well as referrers and their payouts here:
Final statistics for the competition are in the Xaya forums here:
You must enter your crypto addresses into the Taurion client in order to claim your prizes. This MUST be done before October 22nd or you will forfeit your prizes.
You only need to submit addresses for those prizes that you won. There are 4 types of addresses.
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • TRX
  • DIVI
Prizes will be sent after October 22nd. Please also note that not all prizes can be awarded immediately, e.g. bronze prize Taurion vehicles can only be sent when the game is released in full and not during any pre-alpha, alpha, or beta stages.
Further, many prizes are from our competition partners. They will send those prizes to you, e.g. The DIVI Project will send DIVI coins and the Battle Racers team will send the prizes they donated to the competition, etc. 

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