Top 10 Dapps on Ethereum Blockchain in the Last 24 Hours

According to DappRadar, there are a total of 2,275 dapps across the Ethereum, EOS, Tron and IOST blockchains (which are the top dApp hosting blockchains), and all of these dApps currently have an average of over 172,000 users in 24 hours. In addition to this, they are currently managing a total of 10,143 smart contracts.

According to the tool, the most popular dApps across all four blockchains are in the gambling and gaming categories followed by exchanges; with the EOS-based ADM art dApp being one of the top mentioned overall. Helping them in this respect is the fact that they’ve had 16,700 users in the last 24 hours. Other top players include the ENBank pledging platform at 6,000 average daily users, EOS Knights, and PRA Candybox, which are all EOS-based. Moving beyond the EOS network, Tronbet from the Tron Network has one of the top spots as well as Endless Game IOS on the IOST blockchain. Although the top Ethereum-based dApp, My Crypto Heroes is at position 7 overall, the Ethereum blockchain still leads in terms of the number of dApps deployed.

Given that, here are the top dApps on the Ethereum blockchain in terms of user numbers (last 24 hours).


#1 My Crypto Heroes 

My Crypto Heroes is a multiplayer RPG battle game built on the Ethereum Blockchain where players can play with historically inspired heroes, find rare items through quests and play against each other to win rewards and fame. One of the key prizes is EXP, which can be used to level up assets. Aspiring heroes can also discover rare items in level dungeons, which are represented by the Original Extensions token, that’s based on the ERC-721 standard. Those who prefer head-to-head battles can win the same items by besting other players in combat. 

Users can then sell these rare items on the in-game marketplace for GUM, which is the platform’s native cryptocurrency. What is also perhaps one of the most interesting ways to earn GUM tokens is by choosing to create new items or player skins for the game itself. Some users eschew all of this in favor of buying the items directly on the market and reselling them for profits. Since this is already occurring, it could be said that My Crypto Heroes has its’ own microcosm of a crypto-driven economy. Above all, players who feel particularly confident can choose to compete in tournaments for GUM tokens and items.

#of users in 24hours: 2.7k; #of transactions in last 7 days: 19.2k


#2 HyperSnakes

HyperSnakes is a blockchain-based, real-time global multiplayer snake game with battle royale gameplay. It  currently works on the Ethereum, TRON and Ontology blockchains. Players can earn SnakeCoin after paying an entry fee and playing in the Snake King mode. The obtained SC is equal to the entrance fee under the coin’s current mining difficulty.

SnakeCoin is earned through mining as well as staking. The network averages stake rewards of 37.5% and staking dividends are paid out every 24 hours. The minimum number of one-time stake is 10 SC.

Additionally, users can buy battlefields and obtain 5% of the entrance fee for every new player that joins the battle in that particular field. The game is hosted on MIXMARVEL, which is a global game publishing platform powered by the blockchain, so it’s actually centralized to an extent.

#of users in 24hours: 2.5k; #of transactions in last 7 days: 21.3k.


 #3 is a blockchain and smart contract-based gambling dapp by Play2Win on which players can win or lose rewards based on luck because there are no specific algorithms applied/implemented to calculate winning combinations. On it, players can participate in four types of games including: folk games, slots, other casino games, and what are called “classic games.” It can be played in-browser, on the desktop, and on mobile phones via the Trust Wallet.

Each of the previously mentioned four sections have multiple games in them. For instance, the folk games section has coin-based games, Rock-Paper-Scissors and dice-based games.

To play, a user does not need to register but the game does require a connection with a MetaMask or Trust wallet (in its’ mobile version) to play. This is primarily because, after each game, the applicable rewards are sent to the winning user’s wallet and can be withdrawn at any time. In order to bet when betting is needed, a user deposits Ethereum, which is then exchanged for the platform’s native coin and deposited to their wallet.

#of users in 24hours: 1k; #of transactions in last 7 days: 5.1k



IDEX is a decentralized exchange which is currently managing close to $2m in 24-hr volumes. The DEX is compatible with Ethereum (ERC-20) tokens, allowing smart contract based peer-to-peer transactions. It supports real-time trading and a high transaction throughput, as well as limit and market orders, gas-free cancels, and the ability for traders to fill many trades at once. It uses a matching engine, through which traders get matched with the best priced orders on the books.

Users are able to trade for a 0.2% market taker fee and a 0.1% for the market maker fee although trades also attract additional gas fees (deposit gas fees and withdrawal gas fees paid by the customer) to have their transactions confirmed on the blockchain. The minimum order for makers is 0.15 ETH, while takers have to manage a minimum of 0.05 ETH.

#of users in 24 hr: 842 # of transactions in 7 days: 58.6k.


#5 CokeBet

CokeBet is a dice game built using State Channel technology on the Ethereum blockchain, on which players can roll the dice or bet and win rewards in Coke tokens based on their bets. There is no gas fee during play and no delay in game sessions.

Players can bet any amount they have in ETH after depositing, and the results of the bets are achieved right away after the player rolls the dice. He or she can play as many times as they want and cash out any winnings at any time as well. A fee is charged at the start and end of the game session. tracks and shows all transaction stats in real time on their website including the names of the people betting, the amount they place to bet, the amount they have won and the payout amounts. This facilitates the verification of transactions and activity. Users can also stake their bonus CB tokens (bonus free tokens are issued based on a user's bet amount) and get CokeBet tokens back as a staking reward. Alternatively, a user can use the CB tokens to buy tickets to the platform’s lottery and receive prizes.

#of users in 24 hr: 813 # of transactions in 7 days: 6.6k


#6 0xUniverse

0xUniverse is a gaming and collectibles platform that lets users to build spaceships, explore galaxies and colonize planets. They can then buy and sell those cryptocollectibles as they wish on the platform’s marketplace.

In the game, players can buy planets or collaborate with others to own planets and after this, build spaceships they can travel with to places where they can discover new planets (as digital collectibles, each with a unique design and resources - there are common, rare, epic and the most expensive legendary planets) as well as discover artifacts that belonged to ancient civilizations on the discovered planets. Players then get to keep the items in order to later profit from the increase in their value inside the gaming ecosystem. To maximize their earnings in this respect, players can choose to collaborate to discover these artifacts together.

There also will be planet leasing, wars and the expansion of corporations. In the future, the team will release a mobile version of the game.

#of users in 24 hr: 759 # of transactions in 7 days: 30.6k


#7 ForkDelta

ForkDelta is a decentralized exchange that was forked from EtherDelta in 2017. It uses EtherDelta's smart contracts to allow users to trade ERC-20 tokens on a peer-to-peer basis. A user is able to place or take an order after he/she sends funds to a specific smart contract. Taking or placing an order means the user creates a buy or sell order, after which they are prompted to sign the transaction and have the order sent to the order books. For placed orders, the taker will find the order and place a take order for a certain amount, which ForkDelta will then execute using the now signed smart contract related to that order on the blockchain.

The taker can track their transactions using the issued transaction ID and a link to an Ethereum block explorer once they have been confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain. Users pay mining fees and a 0.3% fee on executed orders.

#of users in 24 hr: 543 # of transactions in 7 days: 13k


#8 HyperDragons

HyperDragons is a blockchain-based strategy game. More specifically, it’s a competitive fighting game on which users can compete and collect, breed and trade digital dragons by generating unique smart contracts on the blockchain. With this, the team hopes to show interested users that digital assets can be accumulated in both a fun and a profitable way. Once they are accumulated, the digital dragons can be used for battling, mining or acquiring producing baby dragons, provided that they are what is called “siring dragons.”

These digital assets have different characteristics and are hence used for different purposes. Therefore, with different dragons, a player is able to win different battles. Users also defend their dragon castles where their resources are kept to prevent plunder or plunder during wars to get more resources.

Users can buy these dragons exclusively for battles or breed them. Alternatively, they can choose to participate in the prediction of fights and battles to get/win rewards if these predictions are correct.

#of users in 24 hr: 454 # of transactions in 7 days: 4.4k.


#9 FCK

FCK is a decentralized game platform on which players can compete to win the highest single prize of 220ETH, which triggers an average of three times a day. The team aims to have the game on the EOS, BCH, Algorand, Skycoin and various other public blockchains in the future. They also want to be able to support the playing of games such as predictions and sweepstakes by anyone, anytime and anywhere without any restrictions.

The blockchain game platform hosts three main types of games, namely classic blockchain games, independently developed games based on a public chain or token; and R & D games that are specifically tailored for token partners.

They have the FCK Dapp Cloud, which is their FCK platform franchise business unit, focusing on blockchain game security technology, multi-chain game development and application, offline gaming investment and other projects. The unit can also assist other brands in building their own games, app or blockchain platforms.

#of users in 24 hr: 451 # of transactions in 7 days: 23.4k. 


#10 BetHash

BetHash allows users to earn crypto through betting in the First Decentralized Crypto Casino. It makes use of a hash to draw winnings in order to ensure fairness in the process. The results are also instant and the dividend yield is a consistent 0.63%.

BetHash does not provide a wide variety of unique gambling games. Only lottery and dice-based games are currently hosted on the platform. However, it provides 100% provable, random and accurate gambling results. Besides, the game is hosted not only on the Ethereum network, but also on the Bitcoin, Tron and EOS blockchains. They added ETH support last March as well as recently integrating the IOST wallet with their platform, which users can use to set up BetHash accounts.

#of users in 24 hr: 421 # of transactions in 7 days: 2.9k.


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