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AhrvoDEEX is a decentralized cryptocurrency equity exchange that enables the profit trading of stock assets or more than 8000 stocks and ETFs. It employs deep learning algorithms to facilitate this kind of trading that performs predictive analytics and data mining techniques that uncovers and exploits patterns found in historical and projected stock markets in order to discover the best stocks to invest in. In other words, it provides potential investors with relevant and detailed information regarding what best stocks are great to invest in.

The analysis produces what they term as AhrvoScores, which is constituted from four quality, value, growth, and momentum with each of these factors being adjusted to stock market conditions creating consistently robust scores. According to their website, those with high scores will outperform the market while those of low scores underperform the market.

It is hoping to solve a number of problems with clearinghouses and other intermediaries such as limited order-matching transparency and settlement speed; inaccurate equity ratings and price targets; and the fact that investors mostly do not have any roadmaps to find stocks. In addition to ensuring a settlement of around 1 to 3 seconds, it will use learning algorithms to create smart equity scores and price targets that streamline the decision-making process. As said, these scores

ICO started on July 1 and will take place on August 31, 2019.


Vienna-based Bitpanda is not only a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy, sell and hold digital assets, but also investment opportunities where members can stake their BEST tokens in their respective wallets and earn a number of benefits such as discounted trading fees on the platform. This exchange allows users to trade cryptocurrency in minutes through fiat payment methods such as Skrill, bank transfer, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, iDeal, EPS, Sofort, Bitpanda to go, and GiroPay. These methods can also be used to cash out or as cash out options. The exchange has been operating since 2014.

The pre-sale was ending on July 17th, 2019 while the ICO is ongoing this week and next month until the August 6th, 2019.


Netherlands-based Bitteny is a blockchain-based asset management app that utilizes artificial intelligence to help its users with smart asset management. It also lets users pay for their purchases online as well as offline using cryptocurrencies. Users can also decide to split the bill between digital and fiat tokens.

The Ethereum-based token will be sold at the cost of 0.00066 ETH per each BTNY token. The token can be used as an in-between when converting tokenized FIAT currencies between Bitenny accounts, which enables rate discovery, advances liquidity and eases adaptation across local currencies.

The ICO started 30 Jul 2019 to conclude today 17 Aug 2019.

BCB Ecosystem

BCB is U.K.'s largest provider of Bitcoin ATMs and is installing over 3,000 machines across the U.K. and Europe, developing a secure multi-currency, multi-crypto mobile app, and using own proprietary blockchain technology. In addition to the ATMs, mobile wallets can be used to send cryptocurrency to friends using their phone number or unique IDs.

It will also be used to find out nearest bitcoin ATMs, and for people to send cryptocurrency to friends as well as to exchange cryptocurrency, and for NFC and QR code payment options. Users can manually add top 30 cryptos and any ERC20 tokens to their wallets. The app will also feature advanced security measures such as encrypted

The ATMs will provide an easy way to sell cryptocurrency and to cash out worldwide at reduced Bitcoin ATM fees and low transaction fees.

ICO is taking place until 30 July 2019.


Decimated is an online game which players can use their skills to harness gaming assets and resources, own and store those gaming virtual assets on their local digital wallets on their smartphones, trade with other players, and do many other things. The virtual items will include gaming clothing, weapons, construction equipment, and technology, and they can be traded among players on virtual shops.

Players can engage in exploring and scavenging the environment, participate in looting, missions and working for a reward, for instance by cooperating to complete jobs in-game. Decimated will have a platform token, an ERC-20 compliant token.

The ICO sale has been on-going and will conclude on July 31, 2019.

DeepCloud AI

DeepCloud AI is an AI-driven decentralized cloud infrastructure for the next generation of apps and IOT to provide a spot market for computing and storage resources for enterprise-level users and individuals. Through the platform, users will be able to share apps and services on the cloud through the AI engine. The applications are executed in a secure sandbox on the peer-to-peer resources and the transactions are managed on the blockchain via smart contracts.

Its use cases span from smart cities based on IoT and AI technologies, supply chain tracking and management for enterprises and shipping companies, TV services providers for purposes of local caching of media streams during events such as the Olympics, decentralized AI algorithm learning through which DeepCloud AI resource providers can monetize their own data, and other services.

The Ethereum-based platform will also offer a DApps marketplace for developers with pre-validated applications to speed up the development of their end-to-end solutions.

The public sale will start on July 18.


Demblock is an already fully functioning decentralized electronic marketplace offering notarized supplier data on blockchain. With it, suppliers will be able to list products on the DemBlock marketplace and carry out corporate and sourcing verification on blockchain and with the services being paid with Demblock tokens. By offering verification for corporate and sourcing verification, it allows sellers to offer more credible, efficient, flexible, cost-effective, scalable and trustworthy sourcing solutions for their customers.

With the power of blockchain, suppliers are able to publish immutable corporate and sourcing data which is then notarized as decentralized information on the blockchain. All alterations of the corporate and sourcing data is visible and verifiable on the blockchain. By making use of the blockchain marketplace platform, the DMSP will reduce the search costs that are incurred by DemBlock marketplace constituents when seeking transaction partners and the costs incurred during the actual transaction. Through the formation of trusted, cooperative alliances and deeper, more trusted inter-dependencies, the platform will lower barriers to market entry for sellers.

DemBlock (a name which means decentralized electronic marketplace) marketplace will be a marketplace entailing buyers, intermediaries and sellers that can facilitate trading of raw materials, components and finished goods. Currently, they have already delivered 60% of all the intended features which have also been successfully tested and implemented prior to the token generation event.

The ICO started on April 20 and will conclude on August 20.

DIC Resort

DIC is a private token offering for a restricted collective investment scheme limited to accredited retail investors and institutions. They plan to design, develop and construct luxury lifestyle beach resorts project on Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates).

The tokens to be sold will be backed on real assets (hotel + real estate) including pre-selected Steigenberger Hotel & Residences (G+12 Resort 575 keys + Service Apartments 384 keys) and Al Mahra Resort. Their bond-type product has a maturity of 5 years and its returns are financed from profits from real estate off-plan selling and from hotel operating profits and operating phase. The return is 7% per annum in a single annual payment calculated from DIC's Private Token Offering.

The investment will also pay an additional 5% premium on 5th year -- this means it will pay a total of 12% interest on the 5th year.

For an investor, with 40% cumulative interest repayment over the 5 years period, the initial investment is returned in five years and the net 44.5% IRR

Pre-ICO ends on July 18, 2019 while starts on the same day.


IdeaFex is a marketplace for financing auctions and investment that addresses the problem of inefficient processes, unnecessary restrictions and misaligned interests in the market. These issues will be solved in three ways; a marketplace based on a blockchain-based distributed ledger on which it would be easier to tokenize a wide range of assets (collectibles, business assets, commercial real estate, and infrastructure; inventory and valuable goods) and which will have intelligent and adaptive search and filtering such as is on leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon to improve discovery and matching between fundraisers and investors.

The second way they solve this problem is through their innovative auction method through which they allow all interested investors to determine together the price of an asset token and on which platform all the winning bidders are willing to pay at least the final auction price given all public information. The third way of dealing with the problems is through a manipulation-resistant exchange, on which all the listed assets must meet high listing standards including audit and custody requirements. Investors will need to pass standard KYC (Know Your Customer) checks and the exchange will be secured through state-of-the-art digital asset custody solutions.

It will provide discounts to users who pay fees using IFX and this will apply to both fundraisers and investors in both primary and secondary markets. It will also provide referral awards where new users can register investor with unique referral code, and will also have staking features through which fund raisers can stake IFX for their asset listing. Fundraisers can also accept IFX in their financing and receive fundraising bonus.

The ICO started on June 18 and will take place until August 31.


FilmGrid is a peer-to-peer marketplace platform for movie creators, publishers and viewers. Independent filmmakers can publish and promote their work to viewers on the movie marketplace known as Billboard and viewers can stream them. Plus anyone with a new movie project ongoing or upcoming can pitch the ideas on the Pitchboard and seek funding either from the Filmgrid’s production fund, pre-sales or collective production and complete their projects.

A filmmaker can register as a lone creative user or as part of a Creative Team and once the work is done, upload the work to the Billboard. Users can then find published movies and stream them via the app. A movie can be viewed, streamed and downloaded as many times as the viewer user decides. Users can also rent a movie by obtaining the right to play in exchange for a ticket. It can be rented for 48 hours. The platform also features a social network environment known as the Critique Bay, where users can further promote their work and it also encourages connectivity with their users.

Pre-ICO started on July 1 and is on-going until July 31 when the ICO will start to end on August 31.

Guang Game

Guang Game is a flower card game platform based on EOS blockchain platform on which users can play different games on blockchain. For purposes of fairness, the game is transparent and verifiable. For such games as Guang Sicbo, users can generate a random value from the server without sending any information about what to bet and have their hash and signature as evidence. Once players place their bets, the server will expose random values and calculate results and everyone can publicly see and ascertain that the results are fair and that the method is transparent. The system will disclose hash, signature, and other
information necessary for verification when betting.

For purposes of ensuring price stability of tokens, the system will use the Stable Coin TAZ Chip that will be pegged to follow the price of EOS token through its own algorithm. Taz Chip is backed by TAZ token, which is a mineable token that players can get when they play games. The tokens are earned in the game depending on the player's level and the more they play the more they are able to get.

The ICO kicked off on July 1 and will end on July 31.

LOL Coin

LOL uses blockchain to allow anyone to access world-class education by providing a decentralized marketplace for digital learning materials for testing and certifications from European International University. In other words, they will provide blockchain-based online courses and verifiable nationally recognized certification and credentials using smart contract and proof of study protocol.

Tokens can be employed in buying courses online etc. The platform employs finger print digital personality testing using AI and blockchain fundamentals for storing unique characetristics of candidates to match them with recruiters and university courses and degrees. According to their website, the platform is associated with

The public sale for the ETH (ERC20) LOL Coin will be a Security Token and the pre-STO is ongoing until August 15 when the ICO starts.

Ferrum Network

Ferrum is a blockchain-interoperability for any blockchain or which works like a Lightning Network for every blockchain. The idea has been tried and tested with solutions such as the West African fiat gateway known as Kudi Exchange and non-custodial cross-chain OTC wallet (UniFyre Wallet). The network has the FRM token, an ERC-20 token, which is spent and burned with every transaction and they aim to also introduce a high-speed cross chain DEX and mobile cold store application.

Therefore, as an interoperability project, it helps solve interoperability problems that in a way affects mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies; and being a fast-transaction-executing peer-to-peer chain, it helps solve problems with slow transaction speeds on blockchains today.

Kudi Exchange allows people to trade cryptocurrencies faster and cheaper using Ethereum's fiat gateways, beginning with West African exchange and mobile wallet. Users can deposit money on the Kudi wallet through a bank account; they can also hedge instability of local currency by using a dollar-pegged coin; and also employ Kudi Exchange's free POS to pay for items or receive money instantaneously without any fees.

The public sale started on 31 June and will end 31 July.

Pukkamex exchange

Pukkamex exchange terms itself as the world's first leveraged cryptocurrency derivative trading platform that will share its revenue with its token holders. The trading platform will be accessible from any device and will allow any user to speculate on prices or hedge existing positions. It will have copy trading features such that users can copy other traders from the leader board in return for a percentage share of the profit you made. This can be done simply by following your favorite trader.

The trading platform will allow traders to do some things such as liquidating positions immediately on behalf of them when odds are against them so they do not wake up to unrecoverable losses.

It will utilize the GoChain Smart Contract that will automatically distribute a 25% share of gross revenue to PUX holders every Sunday of each week.
Token sale starts August 1 to September 1.


Sessia is a social network app for Android and iOS users where businesses and customers can connect for various needs: companies will be able to market their goods and services by advertising on the social marketplace and customers can share purchases of their client with their friends and followers. Through SessiaMarket, companies can launch their e-commerce with ease and speed.

Not only that, it includes an instant crypto merchant through SessiaPay through which every business can accept crypto instantly from customers willing to pay for goods and services in crypto. The SessiaCRM serves as a smart CRM system with AI features to enable easy discovery of products and services. Through the innovative SessiaSMM, clients will be able to advertise their products and services to friends and followers of their current clients and through SessiaLoyalty, companies will be able to offer cryptocurrency cash-backs in the world with instant payouts.

SessiaLogistics provides the ability to integrate with all logistic companies without API. Through these services, it will solve a number of problems including high cost of marketing and starting online and offline businesses, inefficient programs to attract new clients and to keep existing ones; and the high cost of networking to advertise businesses. The e-shop will comprise of an e-shop constructor, advanced system of reports, virtual ATS, smart-scanner along other useful business functions.

Sessia charges 20% commission fee on the cash-backs and kickbacks that business provides to their customers through the app.

The public sale will conclude on July 19. The IEO will happen on JULY 17 on Coineal and BitForex.

Wise Network

The Wise Network is a Costa Rica-based analog-mixed-signal microchip-based system that can be employed in a wide variety of cases including IoT-based smart cities and transportation for instance for automatic payment of tolls and parking, locating of parking spots, etc; supply chain logistics where it removes intermediaries to save resources and increase effectiveness with logistics (for instance by effective tracking and automation); enabling data markets by removing data silos, etc.

Basically, the digital ecosystem based on their new radio based IoT Mesh Networking enables use of IoT and mobile services and applications on distributed ledger technologies and backed-up by integrated-circuit-product-development.


ViaCash is a decentralized payment gateway for merchants online shops and websites who need to monetize their services and to accept payments in the form of multiple-cryptocurrencies. Customers can install the Viacash plugin on their website for monetized content, stuff, anything to consumer/user or as a donations plugins (to accept donations) in multiple cryptocurrencies because it will have a multi wallet integrated.

The Viacash token is based on Ethereum blockchain. The ICO started on March 16 and will conclude July 31.


XCrypt is an hybrid semi-distributed exchange that also includes a blockchain-based settlement that is also compliant with authorities. The exchange will allow users to trade continuously without waiting for transactions to mine, fill multiple orders at once, and cancel orders immediately without gas costs.

It is based on the ERC-721 blockchain. Community members will get a zero fee exchange.

XCrypt will have a platform token XCT which can be used, among other things, to pay for transaction fees on the platform as well as the debit card’s fees and to purchase PRO membership for its social medias. Membership will be split into multiple tiers depending on the amount of XCT (XCT's ERC-20 access token) that they have purchased. The ranking with an airdrop ranking system will help to reward holders.

The ICO will take place until July 15.


ZeosX is cryptocurrency bank that will have various financial solutions that will seek to simplify payments, reduce costs of banking, improve transparency and other things.
For instance, it will have mobile wallets, payment cards, investment features, auction and lending where users can borrow with or without collateral. Through the Zeoniteans Ranking System, investors will have 5-tier membership levels ranging from Beginner to Elite Jedi being the highest rank. It will also have ZeoPoints and ZeoTickets.

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