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ICO Week: List of ICOs To Watch


Brokerages lose billions of dollars of money every year as a result of limited order matching transparency and settlement speeds that are implemented by clearinghouses and other intermediaries. There is also inaccurate equity ratings and price targets on Wall Street. These are some of the problems that AhrvoDEEX, which is a peer-to-peer, AI-powered decentralized equity exchange, wants to solve.

AhrvoDEEX enables the trading of cryptocurrencies using multifactor ranking systems and deep learning algorithms that create smart equity scores and price targets to streamline the decision-making process. It is being developed by Ahrvo, a financial technology company that was created in March 2017. The DEX plans to settle transactions in under 3 minutes and will reward customers for trading in stocks and ETFs.

With the help of AhrvoScoresTM, investors and traders of all backgrounds will be able to discover stock market winners and make timely and profitable investment decisions regarding more than 8000 stocks and ETFs. Ahrvo’s proprietary equity-scoring model will apply predictive analytics and data mining techniques on historical data in order to find best stocks. Its’ scoring will be based on four drivers of stock performance, namely quality, value, growth, and momentum. Stocks with high scores will be expected to outperform the market while those with low scores will be expected to underperform it.

The platform will integrate both quantitative and social investing. Traders will be able to discuss trading strategies and top finishers in the Ahrvo Fantasy Investing League (AFIL) will receive awards in cash prizes every month. Participants will be able to create public or private investing leagues to compete against family and friends. Other planned features include real-time prices and stock alerts, Wall Street consensus data, quantitative company profiles, proprietary buy and sell signals, 300 ranked investment themes, and iOS and Android applications.

AhrvoDEEX’an private sale is on-going until June 15 after which ICO will start and end on June 30.



AssetStream is a blockchain-based sustainable, microfinance platform which was inspired by the “International Year of Microcredit”, dedicated by the U.N. back in 2005, and Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with the Grameen Bank in 2006 “for their efforts through microcredit to create economic and social development from below.”

The main goal of the project is to create a sustainable microfinance platform to reduce poverty among unbanked populations and to provide an alternative, high-yield, peer-to-peer microfinance platform for everyone.

The ICO will start on June 1.


Bitshares Media

Bitshares Media coin is a digital media coin that plans to be used on digital ecosystems such as social media platforms, online games, decentralized exchanges, virtual reality or augmented reality games or plstforms, and artificial intelligence systems.

The platform will feature a decentralized exchange, a BTSMD Market on which users will be buying and selling products and services that will be paid for in BTSMD coin, and BTSMD Social, which is a platform that plans to mirror popular social media platforms to bring the industry to the blockchain. The greater platform will also be hosting an Ads manager that will allow its’ users to advertise products and services based on different target audiences with the help of BTSMD Coin. 

The ICO will take place from June 1 to July 1.


Bitrue Coin (BTR)

Bitrue coin is the fuel for a cryptocurrency trading platform with a variety of features such as wealth management programs, loan programs, coin listing, and voting for listings of coins. The main benefits for Bitrue holders include reduced trading fees and cash deposits, as well as the ability to vote for listing coins on the exchange.

For instance, holders can get 40% off during their first year, 30% off during their second year, 20% off during their third year,and 10% off during their fourth year. Other benefits include higher earnable interest rates on the upcoming PowerPiggy, interest deductions on mortgage and loan products, eco-funds (the ability to support blockchain projects, charities, and public-good expenditure projects), a VIP upgrade system, and project parties.

The pre-sale will start on May 30 and official sale begins on June 6.



Blockium is a social p2p financial gamification platform that allows users to trade with each other by competing on real-time prices for Stocks/Crypto/FX and indices from top global exchanges. Users are able to execute their trading skills against others (friends and strangers) and make daily profits. It was launched by Fokoya.

Once a user creates a profile, they can either long (Buy) or short (Sell) every asset to the portfolio. The users can also gain from live charts, tips and news market analytics. The platform charges a 10% commission from each contests total entry fee. Blockium token holders are entitled to 25% of Blockium profits distributed quarterly.

In other words, users play and compete based on their trading skills, to win marginal profits in real time by trading against others in real time on the platform, just as they would play games against each other. In addition to facilitating p2p financial gamification based on blockchain, Blockium enables users to participate on the platform on any budget. Users get to pay a one-time entry fee in order to participate in a competition.

Based on the startup's Medium post mid this month, the platform has attracted 30,000 installs for their app on App Store and Google Play, with over 500,000 financial portfolios created from 1,500,000 assets.

Blockium will launch on the Coinreal Exchange on 14 May 2019.


Citify Marketplace

Citify Marketplace allows retailers to sell their products and services on one app marketplace using Citicoin cryptocurrency to reduce the hefty fees that are paid for every transaction traditionally with PayPal and other fiat systems. Shoppers, on the other side, will spend the coin to save on hefty fees compared to PayPal and other fiat payment methods.

The cryptocurrency coin can also be utilized as a reward token to reward frequent shoppers; shoppers can accumulate tokens and use them to buy products, cash out in fiat, or make exchanges for other currencies.

The platform allows anyone to open a shop, brand it and add a profile, and start selling in a matter of minutes for free. They are currently using PayPal payment gateway and accepting every major credit card and bank account. When an item is sold, there is a flat 5% commission for every item sold.

The ICO is ongoing and will conclude on June 1.



Comprehensive Decentralized Payment Solution COTI is a consumer payment use case for blockchain, which aims to solve some of the problems imminent with current payment concerns among consumers and merchants while serving other functions such as trading of crypto and goods and services and hedging. It integrates with a native wallet and currency exchange as well as comprising of security, low fees, decentralization and scalability features.

For instance, they intend to have the platform helping to lower payment fees given that it is expensive to pay for goods and services through legacy online merchant payment platforms such as PayPal, AliPay, banks and other similar platforms. The platform will implement instant p2p payments and remittances between users, group, sand organizations.

On the platform is Trustchain, a proprietary consensus algorithm based on machine learning based on multi-DAG (directed acyclic graph) data structure that helps achieve scalability. DAG, according to their website, is most suitable infrastructure for payments due to its scalability and low transaction costs.

Regarding scaling, COTI can scale to process over 100, 000 transactions per second or its throughput compared to traditional payment systems that can process around 25,000 transactions per second and common blockchain protocols that can process around up to around 20 TPS. Further, the platform will provide safeguard to users against errors, fraud and counterparty abuse. It will eliminate intermediaries, need for costly mining or reduce cost and energy consumption in crypto mining, and will employ a price stability technology that makes it possible for mass adoption of blockchain.

The team intends to launch the alpha test phase after the token sale, while the mainnet will be launched during Q2 this year. The IEO for the COTI token will launch on June 4.

The IEO will start on Monday, July 3.



CrowdCash, as the name suggests, is a marketplace for revenue-based loans tailored for both lenders and borrowers. It will employ smart contracts.

On the platform, financiers will be able to lend money to borrowers against their future revenue stream. A borrower will, in turn, be able to repay the loan as a percentage cashflow generated from future receivables, so payments naturally adjust to revenue generated by streaming donations, advertising, merchandising and etc.

ICO starts on June 1.


Crypto APIs

Crypto APIs is a platform that allows projects and users to create crypto wallets, get notifications for payments and blockchain events about crypto, perform KYC/AML for compliance purposes, and to do automatic gas fees management, automating of their trading using APIs that hook to more than 50 cryptocurrency exchanges and to do auto forwarding crypto funds from wallet to wallet. It also lets users to manage accounts in more than 50 crypto exchanges live and historical data for blockchains and crypto exchange. It provides REST API, WebHooks and Web Sockets.

Through APIs, the platform would allow users on connected exchanges to manage their accounts as well as to trade crypto. It also allows users to subscribe for any signals for blockchain protocols and crypto exchanges.

They also have arbitrage software that allows monitoring of more than 250 crypto exchanges and wallets and this can be utilized by exchanges and brokers. The software allows for market making and liquidity management where one could get quotes, trades and many other statistics.

The ERC20 token platform also allows users to get live and historical data for both crypto market and blockchain protocols.

Currently, they have integrated more than 10 blockchain nodes in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, EOS, NEO, Ethereum, Stellar, Litecoin, and Ripple and more are coming.

The IEO will start on June 1.


Dora Network

Dora Network is a platform dedicated to the execution of dApps with high-concurrency. It improves performance from three aspects; Vertical Expansion, Horizontal Expansion and DVBC consensus. Vertical expansion explores parallelism between contracts and within contract in order to execute smart contracts concurrently to the maximum, while improving system TPS; Delegate Verifiable BFT Consensus (DVBC) is based on DPoS, VRF and BFT and balances security and performance perfectly.

Horizontal expansion supports multi-chain technology and cross-chain transactions to further improve TPS; while BFT - Parallelized Consensus Algorithm Combines the pipeline concept, re-designs parallelized algorithm of BFT, and improves consensus speed of block.

There is no transaction fees. The platform is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine to enable fast migration of existing dApps from Ethereum-based blockchains to the platform. Performance can achieve unlimited expansion through multi-chain approach and cross chain transactions.

ICO will take place starting June 1 to June 30.



Faireum is a public blockchain that hopes to solve problems of online iGaming industries by lowering costs, decentralizing of gaming, and providing transparency and security of iGaming experiences.

Users of Faireum can also utilize the token to access a variety of game types such as lottery, horse-gaming, sports-gaming, casino games, digital games and countless more.

The platform will have a variety of features including ledger nodes, P2P networking among users, a virtual machine for executing Smart Contracts and a set of rules for token distribution. The latter will include token distribution, reward, payment gateway, digital asset exchange and cross-chain atomic swap.

Third parties will be able to connect to get the benefits of using consensus mechanism and the Faireum Virtual Machine (FVM) on their services, through Application Programming Interface (API).

The Faireum IEO started on the P2PB2B Exchange on 25 April and is now sold out.


Global Property Register

Global Property Register combines blockchain and AI to act as a global real estate register in both developed and developing countries. The platform will implement proof of ownership for real estate property, reconnect users to real estate and financial markets, and empower property owners and developers to make smarter decisions through AI based features.

The registration of property on the blockchain via the XRX - Title feature, will provide for storing permanent records that are hard to alter. The platform will also include analytical solutions and tools to empower people in decision making.

Users will also be able to search for property globally to buy, and to manage their property through dashboards. There also will be a social network, XRX-Socio - to help educate users about real estate matters.

The platform will remove barriers such as high costs that affect participation in real estate markets by the low income individuals. The global property exchange, XRX - Sale, will act as an international digital real estate marketplace where people can trade real estate property freely.

Through the proof of property to real estate owners, the platform will help to eliminate real estate property fraud around the world, especially in developing countries. Services will also be accessible via a mobile app from where users can manage their assets, transactions and records.

The ICO will launch on June 1 to December this year.


Golden Goose

Golden Goose is one of the world's largest crypto mining center and global crypto exchange project that utilizes Paraguay's cheap and clean electricity. The company has procured a 250,000m² mining site and there is a 500MW substation near the Itaipu Hydro Power Plant in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, and which is the largest clean energy producer in the world as well as low and reliable rates for electricity.

The company is planning to install a total of around 5,000 PH/s by 2021 and establish the crypto mining center as one that retains world top 5 class bitcoins hashrate.

For users who stake GOLD tokens, 30% of the revenue of the total cryptocurrency mined by the Golden Goose Mining Center machines are paid daily in MicroBitcoin (MBC) at the daily holding rate. The platform will also have an exchange to allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies and is targeting Spanish-speaking and South American regions with this product. They will also use BitFury's most advanced cryptocurrency mining equipment to mine Bitcoin, as well as install a real-time monitoring system at the site to monitor all the equipment.

ICO starts on June 1.



Guider is a tourist guide platform that avails direct contact between traveler and guide on the local travel destination. It is meant to help travelers search for a suitable guide of travelers and maximize compatibility between the guide and traveler around topics such as reviews and ratings, recommendations through neural analytics based on big data, and communication.

Travelers will be able to spend tokens on platform to pay for portal commission and earn discounts for spending the token, and the tokens spent so will be burned thereby creating more demand for those in circulation. It will feature other things such as booking forms based on smart contracts which are written on the platform, p2p transactions, a fiat interface, mobile apps, and credit cards.

The main sale kicks off June 1 to end on June 10 through an IEO on the Probit Launchpad.



HI-TEKCoin, also known as HIC, is a coin that is backed 100% by travel service. the platform will facilitate a sharing economy between travelers, hotels, airlines, cruises, car rentals, entertainments, Vietnamese Visas for 46 countries in the world, membership, and multi-lingual 24/7 customer support.

The platform will also have other benefits for users such as instant payments between people, groups or companies all over the world and at discounted rates. Customers will be able to utilize the platform to pay for all types of travel services provided by the HI-TEK family of companies. In addition, customers will be able to access discounts on exclusive Cruises, save up to 50% sports and concerts, access to discounted exclusive Car Rental and Entertainment.

Instant payments will be facilitated by the crypto tokens by which customers will also be able to pay for goods and services. It will offer hotel discount rates up to 70%, making it possible for tourists to access over 800,000 hotels around the world, and travelers can access to 150,000 flights world-wide daily.

The ICO has ended.



HyGH deems itself as the future of advertising and is set to introduce peer-to-peer advertising network and a content management system. The platform will connect any digital display providers or owners of any digital display (Digital Display, Smart TV or Tablet) with brands/services/companies. With this platform, companies of any size will be able to measure ad campaigns in real time, creating a true engagement between brands and consumers.

Through it, advertisers can engage using the full transformative potential of digitization and mobility, and consumers are able to communicate and grow brands using ubiquitous channels. It will make real-time outdoor advertising accessible to all. The services will be accessible and manageable via an easy-to-use app.

The ICO will start Friday, June 7th, and end in December.



The Imusify platform connects artists, supporters, fans, music entrepreneurs, and industry service providers to create a decentralized music economy and ecosystem on which digital music can be exchanged or traded in exchange for tokens; where users can be rewarded for contributions; where musicians can find loyal fans and build brand; and where users can find worthy music, etc.

It will utilize smart contracts to facilitate a peer-to-peer economy among artists, fans and other stakeholders. It will also combine best practices of traditional crowdfunding, streaming, media sharing, economic and social networks. Use cases  include artist crowdfunding, transparent artist royalty payments, incentivized content curation, open-source development and network collaboration.

On this platform, musicians will be paid to create music on the platform while listeners can be rewarded to listen to  music from hosted miusicians. The platform utilizes IMU blockchain- a NEP5 standard utility token, and a smart reward and compensation system. It will, among other things, eliminate inefficiencies, distrust and lack of transparency related to middlemen in the currently centralized ecosystem. These have led to huge loses of revenues, loss of copyrights, misattribution of ownership, and ineffective licensing processes on the side of musicians/artists. This makes artists struggle to earn a fair and sustainable income in the long term, and yet large organizations continue to grow and withhold large unfair portions or revenue through exploitation of artists and their creative content.

Their first ICO began on April 1 and will end on May 31.

Their next ICO will start in June 1.


Insure Network 

  is a decentralized insurance platform that seeks to connect billions of citizens of earth. It employs smart contracts and AI and transparency is immutably anchored into the system and on the platform with integrity of data provided by the fundamental feature of blockchain. It will achieve reduced costs of verification and networking processes, transparency, good intents and allow for collaboration of hidden key talents around the globe.

The platform will feature an insurance marketplace that rewards participants. PInsurance providers can sell policies to holders. On the platform, adopting incumbents or contributing actuaries will be awarded with higher profit.

ICO will start on June 1.



iOWN is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that will introduce a decentralized marketplace accessible by all kinds of users and business owners. Business owners can do business campaigns, fundraising and governance on a global funding platform and investors can buy the tokens to contribute to these projects. These activities will be supported by iOWN and uOWN tokens. The iOWN Ecosystem will address execution of platform services such as transactions, and this will be done in form of uOWN Tokens and Smart Agreement.

The latter token will not have trading API keys and will represent the right to receive the revenue from a Business campaign.

The platform will have investor wallets and KYC requirement, and use iOWN oracle and services catalogue; while the ecosystem side will deal in on-boarding businesses on the platform and will offer services such as auditing and other operations and use uOWN tokens. The blockchain-based crowdfunding platform will reduce problems associated with finding an investment opportunity with a startup such as the time, risk, accessibility, and cost needed.
ICO starts on June 1.



LinkChain was conceived as a hybrid blockchain platform that allows freelancers, contractors, and suppliers etc to buy and sell products and services in an environment of low engagement risk, secured transactions, lesser risk of being defrauded, and better chances for higher profit. For instance, LinkChain will tap into the 1 trillion dollar freelancer market and allow them to transact business at a cost of 75% less than sites such as Upwork.

It reduces those risks for those who like sourcing and selling goods via social media. It does so by connecting verified buyers and suppliers through proprietary sourcing methods called AutoMatch and CercaMatch. Buyers and suppliers can use smart contracts to ensure payment is sent when the project has been completed. Rating of sellers and buyers are tracked and highest performers rewarded with more visibility and projects.
The token will be an STO.

Public sale starts June 1.



Next Generation Exchange Crypto (Negexc) platform offers solution to problems in the crypto exchange markets today. Aside of low fees trading, user-friendly interface, security, affiliate, chatrooms where traders can share information and make exchanging feel alive, there will also be customer support on a 24-hour basis.

Public sale opens on June 1.



PBET is a physical casinos and online gaming platform that combines three pillars; Players, Pbet, and Physical casinos. On the platform, players will be able to benefit from zero transactional fees, instant payments and connecting to other players for mutual benefits. The The Omni-channel Pbet Reward Club enables partnerships in the hospitality sector, which provides casinos and their partners cross-selling opportunities while players can get more free offerings.

The team has a physical casino management system known as Genuina, which is currently deployed in 20 land-based casinos in 4 countries. The token will power the crypto-based unified Gaming Platform, allowing in-premises and online gaming. It will facilitate instant payments of player rewards and for services on the platform.



Review.Network is an online review and primary market research platform that employs blockchain technology and advanced data science tools to help users find products based on a review rating criteria. Not only does it give users back ownership of their data, but also rewards them, in form of cryptocurrency tokens, when they write comprehensive online review about target products and services and when they answer market research surveys on the platform.

Users looking for products and services can use demographic filters for faster decision making by trying to find relevant and verified information about target companies, products and services. Through their activity, it can be possible to eliminate online fake reviews and risks of data manipulation.

Users are not only able to recover control and ownership of their personal data, but can also monetize this personal data by sharing online reviews with the Review.Network community.

The platform has already opened beta registration and is offering free tokens for those who register.

The ICO will open on June 1.


Starworks Global

Starworks Global is a Singaporean company in the hospitality and technology sector and is listed on the Indonesian stock exchange. The entity facilitates tourist services for thousands of tourists staying in hotels and villas and spa services.

STARX token will act as an investment instrument and can be spent to pay for goods and services on the platform and customers can convert digital shares from Starworks using STARX tokens. Holders are entitled to divinded of profits or divindeds from all products in the Starworks ecosystem.

The platform will also feature an ICO/IEO lister, in addition to procurement, buy, sell, exchange, logistics, labour hire and financial management component as it is applicable to the hospitality sector.

Pre-sale will conclude on May 30 while public sale with start June 1 to conclude on June 30.



TAGz is an Australian registered dual gateway cryptocurrency exchange (regulated by Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)) and wants to develop technology to help clients avoid flash crashes, pump & dumps, spoofing, fake volume aswell as securing against possible data security breaches. This would be done by actively monitoring trading activity on exchanges.

TAGz currently offers a traditional crypto and derivative futures where both can be traded on a single platform at the same time. Customers can chose to trade either or both. Thus the name dual gateway exchange (DGE).

Even as crypto trading volume is expected to grow to 150 billion by 2023, there are different problems for traders including flash crashes where sudden fall of prices case panic-selling and excessive volatility; order spoofing as a form of market manipulation where orders are placed with intention of influencing traders and not to execute; fake volumes where inflated volumes constitute manipulation and illegal acts of trading; pump-dump schemes that cause loses to unsuspecting; lack of due diligence on customers from unregulated exchanges; and security hacks that not only lead to loses but also they inconvenience traders.

For crypto traders, customers of TAGZ will be able to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Altcoins against USD & AUD. Derivatives will be based on pairs such as BTC/TAGZ, ETH/TAGZ, LTC/TAGZ & XRP/TAGZ and will be traded with a leverage of up to 200x.

Regarding development, the company want to release the alpha version of the platform this July to be trialled until August before a Sep beta launch and a mobile launch in November this year and a full-scale platform by end of the year.

The pre-ICO started on April 17 and ends on May 31; while the ICO will start on June 1 and end on June 30.



Toyken is a ERC-20 cryptocurrency by B.A. Toys who is a toy retailer since 2010 with a primary focus on video game toys, anime, sci-fi and horror themes hard-to-find collectibles. The crypto ecosystem will involve a token based on Waves Platform that will be spent in buying and selling of toys and collectibles on a marketplace.

Sellers on the marketplace will be required to offer some items for purchase in the token. Hottest brand of new toys and collectibles that are added from time to time will be purchasable only with Tokyen alongside other day-to-day sales.

In addition to the marketplace B.A. Toys, The ToyTRAX aspect will track historical market price gains/losses on items on site. It will also track item watch lists, and voluntary custodial chain (ownership) documentation for active Collectibles Traders. In other words, it will act as a portfolio for the trader's/user's toys and more. There will also be Toy Power Membership

The pre-ICO will end on May 31 this week, while the ICO starts June 1 until June 18.



TradeCloud is an online platform on which producers, consumers and traders of physical commodities can meet to negotiate contracts, exchange information and conclude business trades. TradeCloud already has been live for one year now and hosts over 200 enterprises and 400 users, including some of the largest global producers and consumers, and it has customers in over 36 countries. It has seen over USD 500 million of physical commodity trades initiated on the platform and the volume is increasing.

It currently serves the metals industry and is planning to expand into the energy and agricultural sectors in future.

The blockchain platform and crypto, which are based on Corda blockchain, is targeted at reducing inefficient communication, inadequate price discovery and a poor allocation of services to the industry, as well as fraud through digitization. The blockchain will make transacting and executing physical commodity trades, fast, efficient, secure, both reducing costs and improving margins at the same time.

Public sale will start on June 1.



Volum is an investment company that invests in portfolio companies that have potential to create long-term asset value to investors. Investors who invest in this portfolio are therefore able to diversify their investment across multiple companies and industries.

The portfolio will be formed by vetted companies and will allow companies to scale and grow internationally by using blockchain technology. This is because they will be using the platform to source for additional capital from investors and do more such as track, route, identify and source all data activity that happens on their supply chains.

Users including companies and individuals also will be able to make payments, pay taxes, do and manage shipments, purchase orders, execute legal contracts, perform legal compliance for processes, offer and give rewards, as well as manage customs documents and letters of origin. They can also track parcels they want to deliver/receive, do IoT monitoring and reporting, carry out big data analytics, and track products.

Volum has currently executed agreement to take minority shares in 5 companies, according to their website.

The platform makes use of VLM utility tokens and is built on Ethereum blockchain. The undertakings will employ smart contracts.

The IEO started on May 17 and will end June 17.


Wulet (WU)

Wullet is based on Ethereum blockchain and lets customers swap their loyalty points since most of the loyalty point reward programs are incompartible to each other, and the number of unredeemable loyalty points is rising (currently expected to be over $500bn in North America only, this year).

In addition to solving incompatibility issues and facilitating users to be able to dispose unredeemed points valuably, the platform will help reduce operational inefficiencies such as account inactivity, low redemption rates for points/rewards, low client retention rates and high acquisition costs. It will also help programs to deliver personalized and timely offers from companies, which is nearly impossible currently due to modern approach to loyalty points by companies. This causes reduced activity by customers.

Using the platform, users will be able to exchange any loyalty/bonus point via WU tokens and can earn bonuses when redeeming or exchanging them. They can spend the points on rewards and products that matter to them personally or withdraw. That means there will be a marketplace to facilitate the sale of goods for loyalty tokens while an exchange will allow converting of these loyalty tokens for WU tokens.

Companies, on the other end, can issue loyalty tokens to customers via this platform. Loyalty tokens consumers can be partners, same issuers or organizations that accept payment for loyalty tokens.

ICO kicks off on June 1 to June 30.

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