Cryptocurrency Exchange Liquidity Aggregators and Comparison Platforms

The number of cryptocurrency exchanges is now over 200 and each of them offers different deals, functionality, exchange fees and niches that give them a competitive edge. Besides, they are of different types, size and based in different locations. At one particular point in time, crypto traders – especially those starting to trade – may have to think about which crypto exchanges would work best for them.

If you wanted you could make the process of discovering arbitrage opportunities across multiple exchanges pretty fast. Just head over to a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. Also, these aggregators allow you to compare prices and other factors in order to help you decide which crypto exchange works for you, pretty easy and quick.

For instance, these aggregators allow you to compare fees charged by the different exchanges side by side or via lists, check which ones require and which ones do not require KYC and other regulatory requirement s, check how long different exchanges takes to verify new users, check the methods of deposit if they allow fiat deposits, check withdrawal charges or perhaps how long it takes to withdraw crypto from the exchange.

Plus crypto exchange aggregation also known as liquidity aggregation and may be one of the best options for institutional traders and OTC traders who need to work with exchanges and/or OTC facilities which can accept their FIAT currency and execute the transaction for them. Depending on the size of their order, they may need to spread it over time or buy simultaneously from multiple exchanges to avoid changing the price too much on any one exchange. Through one liquidity aggregation service, they are able to deal with one company and have their order automatically spread over multiple exchanges without having to deal with all or many exchanges directly. Thus they do not have to spread large orders over time or buy simultaneously from multiple exchanges to avoid changing the price too much on any one exchange.

By aggregating liquidity, they also make it hard for any seller to miss a crypto pair with which they can trade assets and/or make order matching very easy and quick.

Here are some of the crypto exchange aggregators and liquid aggregators that allow you to access orders from and trade orders for low rates across multiple exchanges from a single platform; and websites that allow comparing cryptocurrency exchanges over a set of factors such as transaction fee to allow make you some decisions relating to which exchange you can use.

Crypto exchange liquid/order aggregators

These exchanges pull orders from across crypto exchanges and allow users to take advantage of best rates by comparing rates across all exchanges or those that they integrate with. This is done without needing the user to register or manually search and compare crypto rates and prices and transaction fee rates on all exchanges. 

As liquidity providers, it means they can be used or integrated (say through APIs) by exchanges or traders or platforms such as those needing to manage large user exchange volumes to provide ability to quickly convert their cryptoassets into other types of crypto assets or fiat as desired. An exchange liquidity provider aggregates many exchanges with an intention of pooling resources together to boost liquidity. is a cryptocurrency and altcoin exchange aggregator that has already integrated many leading exchanges across the globe. It allow s users to not only compare trade and exchange rates among many exchanges when trading but to also take advantage of those offers and exchange their crypto.

Users are able to compare rates across all exchanges in a very intuitive UI and a user can avoid signing up for accounts with many crypto exchanges. What it does is it lists all altcoins and altcoin pairs available on all listed exchanges – currently more than 250 cryptocurrencies and more than 6000 pairs. That means you can skip all exchanges and head over to CoinSwitch and therefore do not have to worry about which altcoins are listed on what exchanges.

Further, also provides around-the-clock support for those with queries regarding crypto exchanges. exchange allows users to find the best rate across several exchanges (32 for now) for their selected trade pairs. Basically, it works as a liquidity provider and the smart order router and calculates best rate across its partner exchanges based on various factors speed, available liquidity, cost, reliability. Currently, they partner with more than 130 exchanges.

On this page, a user starts by inputting a given amount of cryptocurrency they want to trade against another chosen crypto and the platform will scan offers on exchange to find the best rate, best provider fee and blockchain network fees.

For instance, if you want to trade Bitcoin for Litecoin, it will scan the best rate and fees and list them for you and you can proceed to trade at this rate. By proceeding, you enter the wallet address of the crypto you plan to get, then send funds to the wallet provided by the platform or service and within the allotted time indicated on the screen.

The coins go directly from your wallet to the exchange platform, and then the user gets the amount expected to their wallet from the exchange’s wallet. The platform does not handle those funds but are handled by the exchange to which you are sending.

Further, the trade will take around 5 to 30 minutes to have the funds transferred from one wallet to another. However, the platform still recommends Changelly and Shapeshift for small sum where the user wants to exchange it as fast as possible and exchange platforms such as Bittrex for large sum OTC trading.


Totle has integrated with as many decentralized crypto exchanges as possible in order to avail liquidity for dApps and other platforms that are interested in using its API. Additionally, they facilitate trading of crypto by users by aggregating order books across multiple platforms and decentralized exchanges to combat limited availability of orders.

As it may be understood, many DEXs suffer liquidity as standalone operations. This means it is not certain that a user’s order will be filled whenever they place an order on that DEX. Totle works by pooling fragmented order books among decentralized exchanges, thus the odds of filling the user’s request increases greatly.

What’s more? Totle platform is free to use although still in beta. However, a small percentage fee may be added by some DEXs depending on what DEX picks up your trade. Users also bring their own wallets to the transactions without need to create an additional one, and there are no logins or 2FA, and no deposits or withdrawals.



CoinDCX is a Mumbai-based crypto exchange aggregator that just raised an undisclosed amount of funding in a seed round led by venture capital company Bain Capital Ventures. It was started in 2017 by Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal as an aggregator of cryptocurrency trading services.

The service aggregates exchanges and allows users to for instance margin trade in over 200 markets with leverage. Users are able to buy crypto for crypto and even with fiat through the CoinDCXInsta service.



Liqnet is a crypto trading platform that works by aggregating orders from other exchanges and providing or broadcasting them on their platform for trading. It is built above existing infrastructure of exchanges and improves on their negative aspects of exchange usage.

Their liquidity collection method is known as LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network) and is a proprietary tech built by the company. LEN collects and combines orders placed by clients on this exchange and the orders placed by clients on those other exchanges ,then brings them into a single order book. Thus a user will not need to even monitor several exchanges or crypto trading platforms in order to find deals.

The platform works with reputable exchanges who it still requires to first undergo a thorough, strict independent security audit.

Besides, while most exchanges do not have additional function, Liqnet adds in complex trading instruments such as take profit, trailing stops, Iceberg, IFD, OCO, IFDOCO orders and more. They use geo-distributed private cloud server but the client part is a web terminal.


Dimensions Network

Dimensions Network allows users to buy or sell crypto from any exchange without having to create an account with each of those exchanges. Dimensions Network allows users to access pricing of crypto at any major exchange by only having a single account there (on Dimensions Network).

Dimensions Network allows institutional crypto traders and OTC traders to purchase large amount crypto without having to spread it over time or spread it over different exchanges to avoid affecting the crypto price too much on one exchange. They do not also have to work with many exchanges or OTCs to execute those large orders.



Bitsgap works like Totle in that it is a liquidity aggregator that aggregates orders from different decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and presents the orders on its unified interface, from where users are able to do trading, charting, and portfolio management.

A trader is also able to use charting tools such as trend lines, Fibonacci retracement lines, Bollinger bands, and the like. You can also use a comparison tool to compare prices on one exchange with another. For instance, you can compare DASH/BTC trading pair on Binance and on Kraken. Right now it connects to more than 25 exchanges and provides over 10 k crypto pairs.

However, unlike Totle, Bitsgap incorporates centralized exchanges as well. Again, the platform allows instant exploitation of arbitrage opportunities unlike Totle, which does not offer these opportunities. From the interface, you are able to select an exchange from which you are then able to bring up their orderbook and price charts. You are also able to view pricing information on each exchange in a more summarized format using their ‘Market Cap’ tab.

The platform incorporates some of the most famous and largest exchanges in the crypto space including Huobi, Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken, Poloniex, OKEX, HitBTC, Gemini, and Bitrex. However, API key are needed to connect to centralized exchanges. Requiring APIs to connect to exchanges adds difficulties because it would mean having to set up API keys for as many exchanges from which you want to aggregate orders, which can be very tendious. In addition to the funds remaining on the exchange, Bitsgap also accepts only keys with the withdrawal option turned off.

As mentioned earlier, Bitsgap features a portfolio management feature that allows you to view your holdings by token and exchange. The ‘Arbitrage’ tab compiles a list of potential arbitrage opportunities from all integrated exchanges in one easy format.



Bitsian allows users to aggregate order books across all exchange order books to create a global order book at once. From there, they can see their balances from all these exchanges and preview pricing and know what to expect to pay including slippage and exchange fees when trading.

Bitsian integrates some of the most popular centralized and decentralized exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, Gemini and Poloniex.



STeX.Exchange is an automated liquid aggregator that uses an in-house developed decentralized А2А (Any2Any) technology. This technology allows instantaneous and direct currency exchange via a single transaction. That means it avails liquidity to anyone who needs it when trading cryptocurrencies all without need to hop from one exchange to another and loosing precious time and money on things like withdrawals and creation of native accounts on multiple exchanges. It makes discovery of good deals quick and easy.

Currently, the exchange supports over 200,000 cross-rates compared to many individual exchanges that offer not more than 200 crypto pairs for trading. It provides thousands of trading tools through which professionals can carry out crypto trading. It also offers the speed of a centralized exchange. allows both businesses and individuals to trade on arbitrage opportunities across different and multiple crypto exchanges. Currently, it lets users choose from over 400 coins and 100k pairs, and they provide a 24/7 live chat with a response time of 5 minutes according to their websites.

Currently, they are partnering with over 10 crypto exchanges. Arbitrage means that a user could buy a coin or cryptocurrency at a lowest price on exchange A and then search for an exchange on which they can sell the same coin at a higher price in order to profit from the difference. Whales and hedge funds are the two main players in the arbitrage business. For instance, most of the over 225 specialized funds in crypto industry specialize in arbitrage as part of their investment strategy.



Quantave is a liquid aggregation infrastructure that simplifies access to liquidity for digital assets and helps professional market participants to manage the complete trade-lifecycle. The platform aggregates liquidity from exchange and off-exchange sources.




Zeon aggregates crypto data from five top exchanges namely Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and GDAX. At the end of the day, the Windows platform allows professional traders to take advantage of near-real time market data in the trading of cryptocurrencies, all while benefiting from guaranteed security and over 40 plus market analytics tools. The latter has the functions useful for hedge and investment fund traders and packs in a user-friendly interface for even amateur investors.

Users are able to trade on all five exchanges on one platform. Chart analysis tools help them to uncover trends and trade based o such knowledge or background. Users are also able to craft their own advanced trading instruments, spreads, and indices on the platform.

The exchange features easy-to-use chart grids, with up to 30 charts, order books, times, and sales in one window. Users are able to place orders and check charts with just one click. They are able to scroll through charts and order books with your mouse and use, use clickable Buy and Sell buttons in charts and order books; access saved orders; set advanced trade alerts with sound for order placement or cancelation.

Users can try this platform free of charge after which they can decide to either pay $18.99 per month for the first month or $17.66 per month on a half year subscription, $15.55 per month for a yearly subscription or $599.99 one-time for a life time subscription.



Silex is a cryptocurrency aggregator application that allows users to trade on their favorite exchanges without storing your API keys on a central server. With it, and using APIs that connect directly to exchanges, you can monitor, trade and invest all your crypto from one integrated terminal. With the application, you are able to view all balances on a single table and are even able to transfer any amount of any crypto from one exchange to the other, without copy pasting any address, the app does it all for you.

The app currently supports Binance, Bittrex, Gdax, Kraken, Cryptopia, Poloniex, and Kucoin. The desktop app works on Mac and Windows PC. It is a free service in its early stages. The user activates their accounts, selects an exchange, adds their API keys, and then makes a trade.


Crypto exchange comparison websites/platforms




Coinparator is a website that lists several exchanges and compares them across a wide range of issues. These include the deposit method, the crypto/altcoins/tokens/coins they deal in, the duration it takes to be verified, and the exchange fees, withdrawal fees, and fiat money deposit fee.

First of all, Coinparator allows a person to select “only wire transfer,” “only credit card,” “only crypto,” and “only recommended” categories of exchanges when doing the comparison. This helps you compare exchanges on a base similarity such as by listing all those that accept fiat (and hence further divided between those that accept only credit card and those that accept only wire transfer deposits), just to give an example.

For instance, selecting the “only wire transfer” category allows you to see all the exchanges with wire transfer option even if they may have other options such as credit card or PayPal or MoneyGram as well. So as long as it offers Wire Transfer, it will list. This allows a user to immediately find an exchange that suits their needs. Of course you can check those that ask for verifications and those that don’t but every other will ask for verification when changing crypto to fiat and vice versa otherwise, almost all exchanges allow you to do deposit and withdrawal of coins without any verifications.

The “only recommended” category is the list of exchanges that has many different deposit-related options, although most on this list actually sell only BTC and some sell various cryptocurrencies. So you might look out in the list for an exchange that offers your deposit method and then buy Bitcoin and transfer them to a crypto-to-crypto exchange that offers BTC pairs for your preferred coins/tokens, unless of course if the pair is available for trading at the recommended exchange. As it is right now, some exchanges specialize in converting fiat to crypto and vice versa while others do offer only crypto-to-crypto trades without the fiat option.



CryptoCompare allows users to check exchange details and data such as the country of location, the type of coins or cryptocurrencies they deal in and read descriptions about their services and offers. You are also, from one platform, able to check the trading fees or range of trading fees as well as other things for listed crypto exchanges.

The platform posts complete reviews about exchanges and lets users to find out more details about these exchanges. Users can also find out rating given by users for each of the exchanges.

Cryptocompare is essentially not a crypto aggregator but a website that deals in many other things such as crypto price tracking, widgets and provision of crypto trading and price data and information. In addition to many other services, CryptoCompare website allows users to check details about different crypto exchanges such as the type of crypto they deal in, the country of location and the compare them with other exchanges by this data or other information included in the description for every crypto exchange listed. is a website that compares deals or price offers for various cryptocurrencies across different crypto exchanges. The comparison is offered on real time basis and helps clients to discover best real time prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. will scan and tell the best prices you will get for a given cryptocurrency and where that price is being offered. For instance, it will show you the best price for Ethereum and detail the crypto exchange where that best price is possible or the exchange (s) offering that price. Users can also set price alerts and receive email notifications when that desired crypto is available for that price on any of the exchanges.

In addition to comparing crypto buying and selling rates for different coins and altcoins, it also compares features among crypto markets such as what fees they charge and the payment methods are offered by crypto exchanges and brokers.

Besides, you are able to check reviews written by other users/traders/customers about different crypto exchanges. The platform also allows users to earn by sharing their trading experiences with peers.



Cryptorival lets you compare cryptocurrency exchanges on a variety of aspects such as the type of platform (whether trading or exchange etc), the cryptocurrencies they support, the maker fees, the takers fees, deposit fee, withdrawal fees, margins, trading tools (margin or indicators, for instance)when founded, and the apps the exchange works on (Android, desktop etc).

The website also provides ratings from clients as well.



CryptoWisser allows you to compare cryptocurrency exchanges using up-to-date, independent and objective information and reviews. This is with an intention to help persons to decide the right exchange that suits their needs.

For instance, there are some times when you want to confirm what an exchange charges on taker or maker fees among other types of fees such as withdrawal and deposit. This exchange comparison service allows you to check and compare exchanges based on the fees, deposit methods accepted, the number of cryptos they support, whether or not they are allowed in the U.S., as well as the user score or rating. allows users to check and compare crypto exchanges based on the total 24-hr volume, fees, fiat money they accept as deposit, the number or amount of pairs they support, and the top three pairs of coins/altcoins by volume as traded on the exchange. not only provides detailed reviews for cryptocurrency services and tools including crypto exchanges but also lets users compare among crypto exchanges in relation to the deposit or withdrawal method (ACH, bank etc); fiat currencies each of the exchanges deal in, the cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange and other details in the description. The website allows you to view live exchange prices for different pairs with data pulled from these exchanges. In addition to this exchange comparison page, on this other page, you can compare exchanges and at the same time check reviews and descriptions for each of them.


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