BNB token surges 11% after partnership with Tripio

Binance platform's coin BNB has surged 11 percent in the last 24 hours after the platform partnered with to allow customers to pay for booking using BNB token. The two announced partnership yesterday.

Tripio, which is a blockchain-based hotel and accommodation booking platform now hosts 450,000 hotels and residential accommodation, which can now be booked with the token among many other supported tokens and coins such as BTC and ETH.

Binance cryptocurrency exchange already now hosts some 10 million active users. Tripio, on the other hand, just raised some $20 million in a funding round in March led by some of the major VC firms like OK Blockchain Capital, Ceyuan Ventures, Node Capital, F2Pool, and GENESIS Capital.

The platform directly connects global customers and service providers to facilitate the booking of hotels and accommodation. This helps to reduce costs for both travelers and hotel outlets. The platform hosts hotels, lodgings and homestays in several countries across the globe and recently saw an increased booking volume go to over 300 on average.

It seems the bear market is a season of partnerships and to expand markets and reach. Binance, which has also announced that they are launching their own blockchain -- public chain curated specifically for the exchange (specifically for the transfer and trading of blockchain assets), also last week partnered with Decentraland to make available BNB for purchase of virtual land in the upcoming LAND auction on Decentraland. It means users can directly auction land with BNB tokens. Further, they will be able to participate in the auction directly through Binance’s Trust Wallet dApp browser.

When the auction begins on December 10, all a user has to do to buy with BNB is to install the Trust Wallet on their Android or iOS device, navigate to through the dApp browser, click Auction after the auction has started, and begin browsing for LAND.

A user who buys LAND with BNB, 5% of their BNB will immediately be burned, thus removing it from circulation and the rest exchanged automatically for MANA.

Decentraland, for starters, is basically a platform marketplace for creating and trading virtual reality content or experiences. It is suitable for gaming and other applications. Powered by Ethereum blockchain, the platform has a 3D virtual space called LAND, which is maintained via an Ethereum smart contract. It is subdivided into parcels owned by members permanently and can be bought using token MANA.

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