Sony announces a contactless cryptocurrency wallet

Sony Computer Science Lab will release a contactless cryptocurrency wallet to let customers store different types of crypto assets including BTC, ETH, and Litecoin.

The hardware wallet will make use of a contactless integrated circuit tech and NFC (near field communication) technology, meaning it will not need to use cables or a USB plug to connect to other devices. The company also says that the wallet will be "small, portable and useful" unlike the existing hardware wallets. Finally, it will feature a tamper-proof module within the IC card for extra security.

Sony said in a press release about the announcement that they will fight for its commercialization in an effort to increase adoption of blockchain technology. The company filed a patent earlier this year that would allow them to create a blockchain digital rights management system (DRM) that can validate user's rights to various forms of media such as games, movies, music and more.

Further, users of Sony’s PlayStation can already utilize a native digital currency to perform transactions.

It will let users to securely store their own private keys or private keys of digital assets they own for more private control. Not only will it help the user to manage their private keys to their digital assets, but will also help them manage private keys used for other purposes such as those for permitting the use of personal information using blockchain technology. Therefore, the wallet is very much in with their undertaking to develop a digital information management system on the blockchain.

David Kariuki

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