This Dash PoS lets any merchant to accept and receive cryptocurrency in minutes

The digital economy is now worth $1 billion and the role of cryptocurrency in the future digital economy is set to increase. But not many merchants are accepting cryptocurrencies for payment yet. Accepting cryptocurrency at your merchant store is no longer difficult or impossible, thanks to the upcoming tools that can help you do that with a few clicks. Far from the debate about the volatility of prices -- which you can deal with using stablecoins anyway -- and other "soft" excuses of not accepting crypto at your store, the hardware part is entirely a no excuse.

With some tools, you do not even have to worry about the limits on the number of cryptocurrencies you can store after starting to accept. You even do not need to be kept behind by the notion that only small or medium businesses can use these tools.

Sure there are many tools that allow you to accept cryptocurrencies out there, but meet, your new easy-to-use Point Of Sale system or a cash register that allows you to accept Dash and other cryptocurrencies at your business in almost near-instant. Applicable in retail settings and already being used by a retail store owned by its creator, the tool is

Developed by Steven Zeiler, this tool can be used at any kind and type of store. You simply sign up at the website and start accepting Dash cryptocurrency. Once you accept, you can even convert into dollars and pay a small fee for the conversion.

It is an easy-to-learn tool and you or the employee requires only seconds to master the technique of using it to accept Dash.

It works on the website but on any device, desktop or mobile or other platforms. Setting up to receive payment is not very hard. With Android (on Chrome), iPad/iPhone (on Safari); and any desktop browser, you register and are then directed to "Add Coin addresses" to set the payout addresses for each coin you would like to accept. Customers are directed to these addresses when paying with the specific coin types. These addresses can be changed later from the admin dashboard.

To accept coins, you click the “Merchant Point Of Sale App” and in the payment screen, accept Dash by entering the amount of USD value of the product or simply the dollar worth of the item price. Click the "collect $(amount)" button at the bottom of the payment screen and it will generate a QR code in a few seconds. From your mobile Dash wallet, you get to scan this QR code generated or input the wallet address indicated and it will register to receive the Dash cryptocurrency equivalent of the inputted Dash.

You can confirm that the amount has entered your Dash wallet by clicking on the "invoices" where you see individual invoices for individual Dash transactions and their status -- whether paid or unpaid.
From your admin panel, you can also pair a merchant device, check out invoices and payout history.

Anypay saw its’ heaviest use from Dash because of its reliably low fees and fast transactions. However, they also introduced the DashBack feature to see each customer earning a small bonus for each transaction processed by the system. This means people started to be paid to spend instead of paying them to hodl. However, there is still incentive to hodl but also an additional incentive to spend.

The POS is a boost for the cryptocurrency Dash, which also is accepted by many merchants around the world. Discover Dash, for instance, is a directory that lists more than 3500 Dash merchants. The project is funded by Dash DAO and seeks to increase adoption of the cryptocurrency by offering a one stop resource for the Dash community to search and find Dash accepting businesses.

According to this listing, Venezuela has 1903 listings for businesses accepting Dash, America has more than 460 businesses or merchants accepting Dash as payment, followed by Canada with 139, Germany 138, Australia with 107 and Austria with 91 listings. UK has 66.


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