Hoard launches multi-currency wallet beta

Hoard has launched its multi-currency wallet and trading platform that lets users send and receive digital and fiat currencies from a single platform. Besides, users are able to trade, buy, sell, trade, spend, track, and securely store value in cryptocurrencies.

The platform, which works like a multi-chain cryptocurrency liquidity pool, also allows users to purchase (via cash money using debit cards or through ACH transactions) digital currencies by linking an account and automatically buying several cryptocurrencies in one buy on autopilot. This is done by simply selecting a rule and automatically buy multiple coins in a single purchase on autopilot.

With the wallet, users can hold and manage more than 1000 digital assets across different blockchains and on multiple devices, all without KYC or accounts. The Android and iOS app will let anyone to instantly swap any digital asset without any complexities of trading and at minimal fees. Users will also be able to track crypto transactions or market performance of your assets stored on other platforms.

They will be offering peer-to-peer transactions through a multichain DEX, merchant services, portfolio growth and financial management with cash, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Allowing users to send and receive crypto and fiat through the FINRA/MSB regulated and KYC/AML compliant platform eliminates typical entry barriers for users. Users are able to convert crypto to cash, settle transactions and remit money to merchants instantly by scanning a QR code.

It makes investing in cryptocurrencies easier. Hoard's IFTTT-inspired robo-investing engine complete with coin baskets and auto-rebalancing will make easier Robo investing. Users will be able to diversify investments through Privacy Coins, Exchange Coins, or Proof-of-Stake coins.

It converts digital currencies to cash and lets users settle transactions and remit money to merchant account immediately at the time of sale for just 0.5% fee or less. The cardless payment technology will settle transactions instantly and make crypto comfortable for merchants to accept.

The blockchain protocol features the Hoard token and is a second-layer cross-chain exchange engine code-named Smaug.

Alongside the launch of the ICO, the company is integrating Hoard with a mobile app and this, according to CEO of Hoard Jason Davis, will make investing in cryptocurrencies adaptable and adoptable by anyone.

Users will not have to worry about liquidity because the Hoard Masternode network will automatically find the best rates for users willing to trade any type of pairs. They will also provide read-only APIs and work with partnerships to let clients automatically record transactions across multiple exchanges or wallets. The mobile wallet app will also integrate with cold-storage and hardware wallet to enable users to view their balances and historical performances.

It will also include a market sentiment analysis that pulls data and information from social media.

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