10 Apps To Use in Tracking Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

It can be very easy to track your trading performance if you're invested in only one cryptocurrency or token or coin. However, it is very challenging to track portfolio performance if you are already invested in many cryptocurrencies or tokens or coins. For instance, just the mere task of checking the different websites for cryptocurrency prices for all tokens in order to decide which crypto to buy, sell or hold, can take a lot of time.

Additionally, you might not like the habit of installing separate apps on your computer or phone or device in order to keep opening each and every time to track individual tokens or coins. Therefore, crypto tracking apps come in handy because you can track all tokens and coins in your portfolio at a go and in a single app for tracking, for instance just by merely adding all the wallets or individual tokens in a single app.

Moreover, crypto portfolio tracking apps allow you to assess performance for the total amount of holding in the portfolio at one place, to easily get news and alerts as well as a combination of other indicators that could affect prices and thus performance, or simply to predict price movement and make decisions before it is too late. For one, cryptocurrency prices change rather very quickly so you need the right information and at the right time in your hand.

There are many features to take advantage of when using portfolio tracking apps in order to make your trading and performance tracking easier, quicker and better. Many of these apps also allow you to trade and track cryptocurrency performance on-the-go because they are mobile agnostic. Some allow you to copy trading from whales and others have social network features.

Here are top ten crypto portfolio tracking apps you can install.

1. Altpocket

Altpocket is free, and like many other crypto portfolio tracking apps, allows you to track a variety of exchanges such as Poloniex, Coinbase, Ethereum Wallet, Ethereum Nanopool, Ethermine, Nicehash and Bittrex using API keys. You can then set to trade automatically or do it manually.

You can also add in portfolio of different cryptocurrencies and track their profits, history, charts and other data.

The app also includes social networking features and this allows you to share trade performances and follow other traders. Also, this allows you to discuss cryptocurrency trading and follow issues together with others. You are able, with this app, to view portfolio of other users and follow their trades if you like, to improve your trades.

Furthermore, the application's "Leader boards" allows you to search and see users who are using the platform and follow or emulate those who are making massive returns.

Make sure to set the security to read-only for API keys before submitting them. One problem is that there is no mobile app for Altpocket so there is no tracking on-the-go.

2. has a number of functionalities. In adding your crypto portfolio, the app allows you to integrate wallets from variety of exchanges through API importers although you can still add them manually. allows you to track a total of 5,740 coins and you can generate realized and unrealized gains, trend charts and percentages for portfolio, FIFO, LIFO, HIFO and LOFO calculation, key indicators, reports for taxes and much more stats and info.

The free trading feature is available for up to 200 trades after which you should pay to trade further. It is available for desktop and mobile.

3. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare is a web application comparable to very few others when it comes to receiving feeds for crypto prices and comparing prices and performance (or data) among crypto, as well as getting widgets. It is mobile-friendly.

With it, you can access crypto charts, a list of featured coins, latest reviews posted on their website, and hottest trending topics on their forum. It will provide information for different types of digital currency, as well as wallet providers, exchanges, and mining information.

You add portfolio first to allow tracking currency prices per crypto, acquisition cost, realized profit/loss, profit/loss, holdings and the 24 hr profit/loss. You are also able to track total portfolio change in the last 24 hours, the min and max hits for the total portfolio in a given time-frame, least.most profitable coin of the portfolio, worst/best crypto based on performance in a given time-frame, and other data.

4. Google Sheets

Many people still use Google Sheets to track their crypto portfolios. It allows for lots of customization. You can track individual cryptocurrencies and set tickers to update with price information in real time. There are also Google Sheet plugins you can download to access more data.

You can use it with Chrome plugin, but it is also possible to use the ImportJSON and the CryptoCompare APIs for users who have advanced tech know-how. With a little searching around, you can locate templates for existing crypto trading sheets and avoid making your own.

5. Blockfolio

Blockfolio is a popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that works only for iOS and Android and so there is no web app. It has rich features to help you stay up to date with your portfolio and investments.

It provides simple graphs that can help you track portfolio history and it is possible to sync with a downward swipe and update prices instantly. It also provides a long list of crypto and trading pairs with exchanges.

However, it does not offer API support.

6. Delta

Delta is a mobile tracker that launched last year but becoming more popular. Although they do not support importing APIs from exchanges and there is no desktop version, they are planning to launch these features soon.

It provides graphs, real time tracking and transaction accounting and other data/info as well.

7. CoinFYI

CoinFYI is a web-based and mobile-friendly app that lets you access news feed and ability to view Google Trends chart of the currencies you hold. It provides non-dated preview of your holdings and trades.

One drawback is that you cannot upload trades in bulk.

8. Cryptofolio

Cryptofolio is a free app that requires you to have some technical savvy to capitalize on its potential. The app supports more than 1,300 coins including the popular ones that are listed on There is no actual database on the platform because it uses a JSON caching system.

This application also has the advantage of Chat Rooms where you can speculate, talk with others and trade in the public chat rooms. You are also able to convert your total holdings to local fiat currency.

9. Coincap

Coincap works for iOS and Android and lets you track three portfolios. Some of the benefits include lack of transactions costs and there are no deposit or withdrawal fees.

Coincap allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, in addition to being able to track crypto prices in market capitalization and percentage change in 24 hours. You are also able to add 3 different crypto portfolios and choose the time-frame for the same. This tool also allows you to create an alert for one coin when the price reaches a certain level.

10. CoinGecko

CoinGecko en features an integrated news platform that allows you to also see the price of each of the coins selected. However, you are unable to upload your portfolio with this app.

The application uses a “proprietary ranking algorithm” that considers a number of factors when ranking coins and the algorithm is constantly being refined. The algorithm looks at metrics such as social media, developer and liquidity metrics in one fluid algorithm. In addition, it features a multi-currency support and supports over 100 cryptocurrencies including popular ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar etc.

CoinGecko allows the buying, selling and holding of cryptocurrencies as you like, in addition to viewing liquidity, exchange, prices for the current day.

Other popular mentions include Coin-Folio and Lionshare, among many others.

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