Nuvoo introduces new 50% cheaper cloud mining contracts

Nuvoo, which is one of the most trusted crypto mining companies that also offers cloud mining services, has introduced a new mining contract that is not only backed by the latest ASIC technology but is also cheaper by 50 percent than the previous contract.

Customers of Nuvoo can now enjoy a lower maintenance fee compared to other mining companies, including making payments in up to 24 installments. For instance, one can pay for a $3000 contract from Nuvoo for just $125 each month. This means customers can get larger contracts for lower monthly payments and this allows for company and market growth.

The mining contracts from the company are fixed hash power contracts provided directly from one of the largest state-of-the-art ASIC mining farms owned and operated by Nuvoo.

The service is of great use to not just beginners but also for experienced and large-scale mining farms alike. Cloud mining is a great option for people who do not want the hassles of managing and operating miners or who do not have the advanced knowledge to do it. Cloud mining will relieve anyone of electricity costs, 24-hour monitoring, software configuration and the complexities associated with the classic production option on the mining equipment.

The company now owns more than ten world-class data centers that cater to its customers spread from all over the world. And with crypto mining on the cloud a little bit unpredictable and clouded by many untrustworthy companies, Nuvoo comes out as a good company that is trusted by its customers as one of the safest and most transparent ecosystems for crypto miners. Nuvoo offers open-ended contracts and the payouts are made on a daily basis with a withdrawal limit set at 0.0020 BTC.

The company's data centers are based out of Quebec.

The company will also be launching its own cryptocurrency exchange as part of its diversification plan. The new cryptocurrency exchange will have both fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto solutions. It will be a place where users can sell or trade their digital assets after mining.

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