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Upcoming ICOs in Artificial Intelligence

A number of ICOs are scheduled this year by a number of startups in various industries, from health care, business automation, robotics, finance and research. We cover some details about these projects below.

A number of ICOs are scheduled this year by a number of startups in various industries, from health care, business automation, robotics, finance and research. We cover some details about these projects below.


AgentMile is a decentralized commercial real estate leasing platform that uses AI to enhance property discovery, leasing capability, management and reporting. In other words, it facilitates brokers, landlords and tenants to list property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), while their customers can search and discover listed property quickly and easily.

Thus, it addresses itself to the following challenges: difficulties in property search and which also takes time, unverified and inaccurate listing of property (affecting decisions, for instance), due-diligence that takes a lot of time, lack of full property history (affecting investing decisions, for instance), locking of industry data behind doors of companies which could also affect decisions, difficulties in cash flow and property management, lack of alignment of real estate to consumer needs and the fact that the markets are not entirely connected to consumers. For instance, all these problems could combine to make it difficult for property investments overseas.

They have been using AgentDrive to service independent brokers and global franchise brokerages (including well known franchises such as Coldwell Banker and Century 21) since 2015 and therefore are more versed with the requirements of different business model in real estate and the challenges therein.

The pre-ICO is set to start on August 1 and end on August 15 while the ICO takes place from August 15 to October 17.


AI CRYPTO is AI ecosystem on the blockchain that wants to make it easier and cheaper to do all AI researches. It seeks to bring together AI researchers and data providers from all over the world for a AI revolution.

It hopes to help reduce costs in conducting machine learning and AI researches. This will be achieved through a machine learning model: on the ecosystem, members can provide GPU power for all AI machine learning calculation and earn rewards in return. Members will also be able to create, share and get rewards for their AI learning data stored on cloud.

It will have a cryptocurrency. A pre-ICO took place on May 9 to May 28 and the main sale is on-going until July 31.


Aimedis is a blockchain system that makes use of smart contracts to facilitate connection, communication and sharing of information among patients, doctors, and hospitals

It works like a social medical network that uses videochat, medical records, trackers, appointments, prescriptions eLearning, scientific research & professional medical IT platform. Users can store, secure, and share medical information with people and organizations they want. Currently, it is running in hospitals across Europe and Asia and supports scientific research to save lives.

It will have videochat through the AIMSocial system for communication where users can collaborate and communicate with each other and with doctors in regard to online prescriptions, online appointments, and learning content. There also will be inclusion of fitness trackers and devices like ECG or blood pressure monitors integrated into the system.

Pharmaceutical industry and scientific research facilities can pay patients for participating in trials.

Aimedis' pre-ICO is ongoing until June 26 while the ICO started on June 27 to end on September 5.

AI Trading

AITrading is a AI-powered blockchain platform that facilitates interactions of market newcomers, professional traders, trading consultants, brokers, and leading exchanges to make trading easier and more productive.

The AI tech will scan the markets and find the best trading opportunities while the users willing to trade on the platform can execute trades by clicking a button and they will generate profits. Deals are concluded using blockchain-based smart contracts.

The pre-ICO started on July 4 and ended on July 30 while the ICO starts on July 31 to end on August 28.

AQUA Intelligence

AQUA Intelligence is a blockchain-based data platform that allows customers to monetize and validate personal data that is used by the platform to build consumer profiles -- which in turn lets hospitality industry to improve sales, operational efficiency, profits and the consumer’s experiences.

This way, businesses can expect to increase their revenues considerably. Customers will validate their data and optimize their loyalty benefits by participating in AQUA token ecosystem.

It will solve problems such as lack of accurate data and presence of segmented data in the hospitality industry. Customers can expect better insight and predictions for hotels.

Their pre-ICO ends June 30 to pave way for the main sale ICO that runs until Sep 30.

Basis Neuro

Basis Neuro is a platform that is used in creating brain controlled gadgets and services and can train your brain, manipulate gadgets and enjoy new VR powerful games.

The devices, such as headsets, can be controlled using brain-machine communications and brain stimulation. Their prototype headset can be used in controlling external devices such as smart home, computer games, toys, even vehicles and prostheses.

It is a state of the art, comfortable to wear, lightweight device, equipped with a Bluetooth module. It is combined with software to read brain signals and interpret them and instantly transmit the commands to connected devices.

The neural stimulator is used for rehabilitation and improving performance of your brain. There is also the Basis Neuro VR/AR headset that can be used for educational and gaming industry or other industries interested in VR/AR-based products. It analysis the user-conditions in order to facilitate change of the non-linear story line. It could be used on patients with cognitive impairness or those who are rehabilitating after a stroke.

Their pre-ICO will take place from February 21 to April 15 while the ICO will take place from June 15 to July 15.


BitImage is a digital media marketplace that packs the good of blockchain and AI to let users come together to create, trade, or find/search for unique digital media they are interested in.
As a content platform, it will protect copyrights and facilitate content licensing, checks & validate digital content using AI, generate trending content analytics, enable users to find people to create content they like or want, as well as allow users to execute deals using smart contracts.

The pre-ICO ended on May 24, while the ICO is taking place from May 31 to July 12.


Botchain wants to offer standardized registry, identity validation and an immutable event ledger for AI products, including bots and RPA tools. It will comprise of verified bot developers, software and instances that people can search for and make use of or benefit from, as well as verified identity of bots and their continued decision logging. The platform will also have support for audit and compliance using seamless API-lie interfaces for continuous hashing of all bot action and decisions.

They hope to eliminate the problem of lacking of universal standards or protocols in the bots world and the fact that it is difficult to verify bot decisions and actions. This increases risks for corporations.
Nodes will earn by providing node services on the network and developers can also earn cryptocurrency by providing protocol for use in the governance process.

It will also support communication and sharing of protocols among bots to accelerate AI development and collaboration.

Their pre-ICO run started on May 11 while their future ICO date is still unknown. aims at revolutionizing content marketing by connecting marketers and content creators through a global creator's ecosystem. It will utilize blockchain to handle campaign creation, payments, review, and reporting.

It is created by the team behind, world's largest AI influencer marketing platform. AI models will help predict content virality by using personality archetypes, brand affinity and over 30 other data points.

The platform will have 5 processes, namely, content review where content is reviewed using AI and machine learning; insights, which facilitates getting of actionable insights by users on how to grow their audience; reporting, which automatically aggregates campaign metrics and sentiment analysis; and discovery, which will filter through more than 50 criteria to find the perfect content creator; and payment, which utilizes smart contracts to accomplish payments to content creators.

The pre-ICO ended on May 13 while the ICO will take place in July of this year.


DiscoveryIoT is a blockchain IoT network powered by AI, Edge Computing, Ubiquitous Computing and Backscatter Communication. The ecosystem enables enterprises to build IoT Dapps with Inbuilt Data connectivity, processing complex computational task using Edge computing and Artificial Intelligence security.

For instance, they have built a distributed app called Discovery, which comprises of layers called an IoT tag called Cliot, a user community and data analytics. The app will help businesses transform their supply chains in the way they connect with users. Users can lent data to the network of other users and get rewards in form of tokens. Again, users can invite other users to join the networks.

The platform will help businesses optimize their activities such as marketing dollars to achieve more efficient branding and marketing and make the most of their marketing dollars.

Making their supply chains efficient could mean things such as leveraging real-time stock and sales data to understand when they run (or could run) out of stock and where they could get the stock quickly, easily and at low prices. They may be able to avoid overstocking and losses from expiry and obsolescence.

Companies can convert the various data points on the network into meaningful information using the platform's data analytics and AI layer. The low-cost IoT tag is self-charging and is affordable at $0.10 a piece even for daily use products like Shampoo bottles or toothpaste tubes.

The pre-ICO started on June 15 and ended on July 31 while the ICO started on August 1 to September 15.


Expercoin Republics is creating an AI powered learning economies and marketplace called Republics that will help advance learning and create jobs in the digital economy.

With it, users can create communities and marketplaces for training, assessments, mentor ship and jobs. In other words, any user can launch a new community with its own marketplace through Expercoin, which has protocol layer and front-end applications that allow users to build highly flexible autonomous organizations known as Republics. Anyone -- including non-tech persons or organizations -- can launch a Republic (e.g. “Republic of Smart Manufacturing,” “Republic of Nanotechnology,” “Republic of Blockchain in Finance,” “Republic of Architectural Design,” “Republic of French Learning,” and start generating revenue.

These Republics are operationalized using smart contracts, open protocols, APIs, front-end libraries, learning content, and subject matter experts.

The pre-ICO starts on June 1 and ends on July 31, while the ICO starts August 1.


Fluzcoin wants to become a more stable retail-sort of a coin that reduces transaction costs for retail purchases, improves speed of transactions facilitates compliance, and is usable by as many people as possible (mass adoption).

It uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm called EUNOMIA to facilitate real-time, computer-aided market corrections to supply and demand. It is also resilient to pump and dump. In other words, it serves more or less like many other stable coins. A number of merchants such as Adidas, Burger King, Pandora, Macys, Microsoft, Nike, Disney, Applebees, XBOX, Victoria's Secret, UBER, Skype, EA and Music are signed up as app partners for Fluzcoin.

The company will also provide integration software and extensions with popular eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (ex-DemandWare), Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and other.

Customers will use the Fluzcoin wallet app that has additional features such as search for nearby stores that are accepting the cryptocurrencies, etc, to make payments and other transactions such as exchanges.


Greeneum also uses blockchain smart contracts and AI machine learning to create a decentralized, sustainable energy market where consumers and producers can leverage the tech to predict prices and benefit from optimal energy rates. It rewards users and companies that support clean and green energy technologies.

The platform lets stakeholders to produce, trade and consumer clean energy on a world-wide scale thanks to peer-to-peer economy and trading.

Additionally, they can use data from the platform to plan, implement and create more reliable and efficient energy grids.

Token holders can use Green Tokens to buy products from the marketplace, contribute to sustainable solutions (for instance in developing markets), buy Greeneum Carbon Certificates (Greeneum rewards users with Greeneum Carbon Credits and Greeneum Green Certificates) and reduce carbon footprint.

The credit and certificate rewards are completely automated using GreenPET set up.

The pre-ICO started March 7 while ICO is not yet announced.


Kimera has developed world's first Artificial General Intelligence which "thinks" and "reasons" more like human beings than other AI techs. It is called Nigel AGI and they hope it will improve on current peer-to-peer connections.

The technology "learns" or is trained using reality observed through the user's devices. The learning process focuses on cause and effect and the knowledge is encoded into “subnets” that are used to build cause-and-effect-centric space-time models. It then uses these models to understand what needs to change for people to achieve their goals.

For instance, a phone with this technology can identify what apps you need and when in order to proactively make suggestions. Based on models, for instance, the phone could "predict" when you need a ride and connect you directly to a driver.

Users can be rewarded for sensor data that teaches Nigel AGI about the world.

Their pre-ICO ended on June 15 when their ICO started, which is slated to end on July 15.


OPU wants to become a leading digital solutions provider for skin care measurement, management and monitoring. This will facilitate the exchange of data, information, and rewards such that the patients, dermatologists, treatment centers, brand specialists, and product manufacturers will benefit.

It will comprise of a mobile skincare app – and a token-based ecosystem that rewards users for participating in the ecosystem. Users also include advertisers who want to find users and groups to which they can promote their products, as well as developers willing to develop software, and manufacturers of skin care products.

Customers, for instance, can use the app to submit skincare data to the AI platform and they can get rewarded in tokens. In addition to that a customer can sign up with a dermatologist for clinical trial and brands can find users for a new product.

Opu team is based out of Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Bangkok. The pre-ICO ends June 26 while the ICO starts on July 17.


Lovar uses machine-learning artificial intelligence system to trade on major exchanges and see subscribers earning profits and rewards.

The LovarAI uses DeepMind technology and machine-learning algorithm to generate profit shared by investors who can even monitor its “AI Analytics” tab of their dashboard.

Investors can access four investment solutions, namely, term deposits, sell over time, internal exchange, and external exchange. The term deposit earns daily interest, while investors can still earn simple or compound interest by selecting short term or long term deposit. Sell Over Time feature allows investors to trade Lovar tokens on multiple exchanges, gradually, earning them 25% more than at internal exchange.

Internal exchange will open at in September, 2018 while external exchanges will open several months after November 2018 according to their website.

The ICO will start on June 14 and end on August 23.


LeadRex uses Artificial Intelligence to help brands and marketers to launch more effective online advertising campaigns and reduce the time of doing digital marketing (or coming with a strategy) and generating quality leads.

It packs in many modules together, including digital advertising services module, database of statistics and analytics, artificial intelligence, CRM system, blockchain technology and smart contracts.

And with AI, brands are able to analyze the marketing segment chosen and then identify their target audience better. They can then target them with the right ads and promotions. Customers, on the other end, can get better services and stop wasting time on undeserved ads.

Brands can use the platform to reduce lead generation costs. Efficiency means they will be able to avoid or reduce the possibility of having to spend the advertising budget without getting the desired results.

Their pre-ICO takes place between May 21 and July 3, while the ICO starts from July 4 to September 7.


Namahe, which is underpinned by permissioned IBM Hyperledger blockchain platform and Google AI, wants to help companies to have full transparency in their supply chains and therefore ensure ethical sourcing of products and services. Companies can also reduce auditing costs and lower of negative publicity as a result.

The supply chain platform packs in the good of blockchain and AI to help supply chains to store and share profiles and experiences with the customer companies, who can access the profiles on the platform. There is the Namahe Marketplace that will facilitate the trading.

It brings together government authorities, consumers, workers, trade unions and other NGOs, in addition to the suppliers and companies hoping to get suppliers. It could, for instance help in proofing the origin for products, issuing of proactive identification, integrating of financial reporting with operations, device/item identification and integrating of systems and businesses with financial reporting systems among other things.

For ethical sourcing, information sharing can help in avoiding problems of untraceable supply chains such as child labor, harassment, poor Working conditions and wage payments,

Brands in global fashion industry, for instance, can use the platform to source for products and avoid negative publicity, save on big audits and maintain customer loyalty. Consumers will use a mobile app to access goods and services at the marketplace.

The ICO will take place between June 28 and July 31.


Placetorent is a real estate rental ecosystem that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and improve the rental process. Users can save and access, on the platform, credit/work history to facilitate access of rental opportunities.

It will also improve efficiency, transparency, quicker settlement of rental transactions, reduce fraud-ability, reduce possibility of manipulation of the industry, and improve security of renting property online, in addition to making rental more affordable. It will also eliminate difficulties such as high commission fees charged by real estate brokers and agents as well as automate tenant-landlord transactions.

The company has a working prototype already. The platform uses PTRT token to facilitate payments and settlements.

The start up held a pre-ICO which ended July 3, while its ICO will start on July 4 and end on September 25.


Sentigraph uses artificial intelligence from IBM Watson, blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS - p2p) to track users' reaction to given events and then use that data and info to provide predictive insights on improving future events.

EMOT will analyze twitter hashtags, make calls to IBM Watson (associated tweets are sent to the Watson's Tone Analyzer and sentiment coordinates are returned) and compute the Graph Index that represents the sentiment level of the user's reaction to a given event. Individuals, groups or brands can find out the outcomes of given events even in real-time.

A case in point is musicians who want to find if their shows are favored by fans. Active investors can use the platform features to analyze investor sentiments corresponding to certain stocks. Users can also use the token to participate in the EVP game.

Their pre-ICO ended in June 8 while the ICO started June 18 to end on July 19.


ServAdvisor is a services recommendations platform for local service consumers and travelers. It packs in AI capabilities as well as the good of AR, VR and customer incentivization -- all on blockchain.

It will have AI and GPS capability, Wi-Fi passwords sharing module, ServAdvisor friends and experts, multi-language advantages, an exchange to let token buyers and sellers trade tokens, and will let users rate each other. For instance, customers can get better recommendations on hotels they can stay at or places they can eat at, e.t.c. 

Additionally, brands can use the platform for marketing and consumer engagement where they can, for instance, incentivize consumers using the app. In the end, they could use data to maintain better customer loyalty, rich information on their products and services and promotions.

Their pre-ICO is set to start on September 10 and end on October 10 while ICO is slated for November 12 until December 12.


Spiking is a platform that helps traders to follow whales in the crypto market. Why would you want to follow a crypto whale? If you are a crypto trader or whale already, you know why: with this platform, you could find whales that match your trading goals and follow their trades automatically. This will help you replicate the trading tactics to help achieve your trading goals.

And whales are thought to have access to critical information of projects that make them behave the way they do when trading or make the moves they make when trading. How to find the information they have access to may be difficult but one could, for instance, check their trading moves for some action but more is needful: the platform will introduce a system in which " trust is the cornerstone of the follower-whale relationship" and where whales and other users can meet in a "transparent environment."

Besides, you can use the platform's smart contracts to mirror trading activity of any crypto whale and control your different accounts separately in different exchanges using the acquired information from following a whale.

Whales will receive 21% commission fee from profits generated from followers initial capital. Followers will receive 71% of the profits plus return of initial capital.

The private sale is happening now, while the dates of the ICO have yet to be announced, beyond the fact that it will take place in Q3 this year.


Unclock uses advanced artificial intelligence to check public and hidden internet data to assist users to achieve cyber threat protection. The company describes the solution as the "next generation vulnerability cyber security scanning." It uses blockchain 3.0 and allows IT security experts worldwide to collaborate in resolving cyber threat vulnerabilities and they are rewarded through a fully automated system.

They have a Cyber security as a service application for customers that was developed in 2016 and they partnered with Adecco -- world's largest human resources firm to provide cyber security consultancy to public/private sector clients. They also have formed strategic alliance with world leading artificial intelligence software developers.

They will launch the Uncloak™ channel partner model in the third quarter of the year and the Uncloak™ AI engine in the forth quarter. The platform will go live for public use in the forth quarter of the year.

The pre-ICO will end on June 25 while the main token sale takes place between June 26 and July 3.


XenChain uses e-KYC idea to accelerate and strengthen identity verification processes for those in need, including private individuals and corporate clients. Validators provide personal questions for purposes of validating identity or individuals who act as referee to another user.

It could also serve government departments such as border registration and identification, but also applicable in a wide range of industries including traveling.

The identity data is assigned a unique ID and hash public key and stored in the public blockchain while the actual data is stored off-chain.

The pre-ICO is taking place until July 31 while the ICO takes place between August 1 and August 15.


U.K.-based Xriba wants to use their platform to bridge the traditional financial frameworks with crypto markets to add more transparency and accountability.

It will use AI to make it easier, quicker and less costly to classify and digitize documents compared to traditional methods where accountants, auditors and lawyers spend a lot of time costs. The company has the Optical Character Recognition tech that automatically reads and processes invoices and other documents to enable reduction of time used for payments by 72 percent over the year.

Through blockchain, companies can easily transfer financial resources between and among themselves as well as make account management simple, swift and secure. It will automate bookkeeping.

It also uses a Mechanical Turk where the bookkeeping process automation is also monitored by a team to maintain integrity.

The ICO ends on July 7.


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