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World’s first multi-asset stable token launched in Mauritius

New regulations in Mauritius are enabling digital marketplaces and digital custodians and the jurisdiction now recognizes Digital Assets as an asset class for investment, both by expert and sophisticated investors. To that extent, the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) Marketplace Limited (HM) has listed the world's first digital multi-asset stable token MAST.

In most cases what the crypto industry is accustomed to is a stable token or a security token that represent a single asset or that is pegged to a single asset. However, MAST token will be a stable coin backed by a mix of assets (represented by tokens) and is sold in packages and investors can alter the percentages of assets that make up each package of their choice as they wish.

As such, MAST offers some difference in being able to bundle several assets as a security for the token. MAST will offer the capability for investors to adapt to changing risk as well as allow them to adapt investments to their risk appetite. Participants in financial institutions will be able to buy and trade different packages and tokens using fiat and crypto. Those investing in the packages can access multiple assets such as GMEX Group, MINDEX holding, HYBSE shares, fully gold backed DIM Currencies and stable gold coins, and participants can also run a node on the DIM Ecosystem's network.

According to their website, MAST token investment packages will entail a mix of other tokens including GMEX token, Mindex token, DIM Node token, DIM currencies, Gold Coin, HYBSE tokens, with each of the tokens backed by shares of the companies. These are shares of the three companies that collaborated to form the HYBSE Marketplace, namely Mindex holdings (Mauritius based International Derivatives and Commodities Exchange), GMEX Group Limited, and Hybrid Stock Exchange Corporation (HYBSE). Investors can also choose the DIM Currencies, which comprise of 80% Gold and 20% BTC.

There is also the DIM Node Token, which is a token from DIM-E blockchain as a node earning. Also available for purchase currently are the DIM Ticket, which are discount coupons for DIMPAY and other utility usages. Therefore, a user can mix all or some of these tokens while investing in the Super Multi-Asset Token package.

Those willing to invest in MAST can buy can choose a suitable investment package that works for their needs in regard to the mix of tokens. The MAST token comes in three packages, namely Risk, Medium and Secure SMAST packages, with the level of risk being altered by changing the percentages of the basket of stable assets in the packages. For instance, the token offers multiple bonus level investment choices. One can choose the first bonus level, which will comprise 75% of equity token, 75% of DIM node token and has a lock-in period of 12 months. Other bonus levels have different percentages.

However, other participants will be able to list their own tokens and offer them for sale via Asset Token Offering (ATO) model. Mast tokens can be primarily listed by issuers on the platform or secondary traded by other users still on the same platform. Accredited participants can invest a minimum of $100K to $5M while individual investors can invest as little as $10 to $500 K. Accredited participants are able to invest in super multi-asset stable tokens (SMAST), DIM Node tokens, and DIM tickets while public participants can invest in super equity packages that offer a mix of equities from different companies, DIM node tokens, and DIM tickets.

The marketplace opens new opportunities for the financial institutions and the public for a new fundraising model Asset Token Offering (ATO), which is an alternative to ICOs and STOs. MAST products will be the first instruments to trade on the HYBSE marketplace using this new fundraising model.

HYBSE Marketplace utilizes NEM blockchain and allows any user to register as an issuer of digital tokens or as a buyer. That means they cut out intermediaries to reduce trading costs and increase profit margins, while increasing efficiency. It allows the trading of cryptonized-equities, such as block shares, and other cryptonized-instruments are traded 24 hours a day.

The official MAST ATO started on February 21, 2019, with secondary trading expected to start on Q2 2019.

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