List of Upcoming IEOs

For an introduction on what IEOs are and what the major IEOs platforms where IEOs are being issued are, you can check our earlier general article on IEOs.

Otherwise, you can skip to the list below that details the majority of upcoming IEO projects that will be launched on different launchpads in the coming days and weeks. 


Agro Exchange (AGRO DEX)

Agro DEX by Bitagro is a dApp that allows users to buy and sell agriculture and agricultural products with Agrocoin and receive a commission for confirmed transactions when they use the token for that purpose.

The platform will also have other features such as those allowing for the trading of fiat for digital currency and the other way round. With the dapp, users will be able to tokenize their personal agribusinesses and trade them for various fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. For that purposes, it features APIs that will let third-party large producers of agricultural products tokenize their businesses.

The platform's AI-based features will enable farmers and sellers to determine best prices for their agricultural products as well as customers for their products, while buyers will be able to use it to discover/find new suppliers and products at their preferred prices. Users can also find fair market prices in real time through AI-based price discovery while blockchain procedures will make the trading and exchange process more transparent.

Further, AGRO will have a mobile app through which users/customers can access ecosystem services such as getting a loan secured by agricultural products safely, quickly and without a bureaucratic component.

All transactions on AGRO will be done with Ethereum Smart Contracts.

The IEO will launch on the Exmarkets Launchpad on May 5.


Airsave Travel

Airsave Travel started with its centralized Airsave Travel app that is still operational: it can be downloaded on the App Store. However, the team is working on a decentralized airtravel platform called Smart Trip Platform. The latter utilizes AirsaveTravel Coin (ASTC) to connect travellers and travel service providers and lets users combine blockchain with their social network and save and earn money towards their travel goals.

Once they connect their social accounts to their blockchain accounts on Airsave, the user will then see their friends' lists and be able to refer them to the service. But the trick is that every friend has to save too for the referrer to earn some tokens.

Travelers will not only be able to earn crypto points by referring their friends on the platform, but will also be able to save those points or even crypto and fiat to contribute in realizing their travel plans and goals. Users are able to earn more money in crypto (equivalent to $5 for each $20 saved) by referring their friends to the platform and growing their friends' lists. A user gets to earn 240 Euro for four months by saving with 10 friends and 1040 Euro for four months by saving with 50 friends.

After four months, the user is able to withdraw their savings and earnings in Bitcoins but the minimum of 20% will be paid out in TASH tokens which is the Smart Trip Platform token. That works like sort of multi-level earnings in travel.  which can be a hard-to-realize goal because the friend referred has to save  too.

Although this is a new decentralized platform with a model that has no been tested in blockchain and crypto, Airsavel Travel entered the travel industry in 2014 and partnered with and is still a partner with STA Travel since 2016. Their centralized iOS app has been using this model where each friend referral is paid £5 each and every month. For instance, the iOS app lets users save with ten friends to earn £600 extra in earnings in a year. They can then redeem their savings and earnings in vouchers from STA Travel or up to 80% in cash via PayPal. They can opt to pay for more trips.

Just like with the centralized app, users will be able to see how much they are saving in virtual money on the decentralized blockchain-based dapp. The platform will also feature a ASTC token pre-paid card which has been on development since late last year.

The IEO will launch on the Exmarkets Launchpad on May 1, 2019.

Blockbuster BBX

Blockbuster aims to use the blockchain in solving current problems in the online gambling industry such as lack of transparency, fairness and security. Their decentralized drawing algorithm extracts hash values from live blockchain to determine the winner of a game and thus ensuring that the selection of the winner is pseudorandom, guaranteeing fairness and transparent at the same time.

Thus, it facilitates decentralized lottery and makes it harder to falsify winnings and winning selections. The platform produces resulting winnings instantly and users are able to withdraw money without delay.

Regarding their model, they charge fees for their services and will use 70% of the revenue to buy back the platform token BBX.

The IEO started on Coineal on April 22 and will conclude today, April 25th.



Blockium is a social p2p financial gamification platform that allows users to trade with each other by competing with each other on real-time prices for Stocks/Crypto/FX and indices from top global exchanges. Users are able to execute their trading skills against others (friends and strangers) and make daily profits. It was launched by Fokoya.

Once a user creates a profile, they can either long (Buy) or short (Sell) every asset in their portfolio. The users can also gain from live charts, tips and news market analytics. The platform charges 10% commission from each contests total entry fee. Blockium token holders are entitled to 25% of Blockium profits distributed quarterly.

In other words, users play and compete based on their trading skills, to win marginal profits in real time by trading against others in real time on the platform, just as they would play games against each other. In addition to facilitating p2p financial gamification based on blockchain, Blockium enables users to participate on the platform on any budget. Users get to pay a one-time entry fee in order to participate in a competition.

Based on the startup's Medium post early this month, the platform has attracted 30,000 installs for their app on App Store and Google Play, with over 500,000 financial portfolios created from 1,500,000 assets.

Blockium will launch on the Coinreal Exchange on the 14th of May 2019.


Cryptobuyer (XPT)

Cryptobuyer is a crypto assets company that started in 2015 and allows the utilization and spending of crypto in daily life. It currently has real products such as Point of Sale Solution, Exchange of Digital Currencies, Crypto ATM Multi-Asset machine solutions, and Bit-ATM Franchises and was the world's first company to install Crypto ATMs with Bitcoin, Dash and ETH support.

The products can be used by a variety of people and businesses in different scenarios including by merchants to accept crypto for their online businesses and convert it to fiat. Its crypto ATMs are currently used in Latin America and the network is still expanding. Further, the Cryptobuyer Web platform has multiple options for crypto users whether they are interested in cash-ins or outs. As of now, the Cryptobuyer platform has 50,000 registered users.

Through franchising with BTM, anyone is able to own a crypto ATM. Besides, all the platforms will be accessed through a mobile application that will be launched in the third quarter of this year. The company has partnered with different manufacturing partners and e-commerce leaders in Latin America including Mercado Libre, E-Payments by BRINKS inc., 7-Eleven Mexico, OXXO Mexico among others. Other partners and investors include Invictus Capital.

The IEO will launch on Coineal on 27 April and conclude on 30 April this year.



DEXON is a platform that allows developers to create and deploy DApps that can scale up to serving more than 1 billion users and more than 1 million TPS (transactions per second) in real world scenarios in fields such as IoT, smart payments, gaming, music, and assets exchange services. Developers are able to utilize programming languages such as EVM and SQLVM to build decentralized apps of different features.

Currently, it's huge headache for blockchain-based Dapplications to scale massively while remaining decentralized and secure at the same time. It usually involves a balance of these features and one feature may have to be sacrificed over the other. DEXON wants to make that “trilemma” in blockchain and crypto a past tense or at least help in resolving it. For purposes of decentralization, users with enough DXN, which is the platform's native token, will be able to validate transaction blocks on the network but a set of validators is selected each hour to propose and verify blocks with all validators having equal chances to be selected.

This allows for network expansion while ensuring high network efficiency. For purposes of security, the platform is guaranteed by their “partition-resilient Byzantine agreement,” with added features such as auto disconnection of cable and cloud service shutdown when network gets disconnected etc. In this case, “Partition-resilience” means the safety of the consensus still holds and DEXON continues to hold when network recovers. Scalability issues are solved around their “Responsive Byzantine Agreement“ and DEXON will support 10k transactions per second in testnet. Since validators interact with each other as soon as the message arrives, the block confirmation time will thus only depend on actual network delay instead of any predetermined time bound.

The platform manages a higher transaction throughput in comparison to Hashgraph (200k), EOS (100k), Algorand (875), Dfinity (500-1000), IOTA (500-800k), Cardano (250), and Ethereum (20).

According to company, the project is backed by top-tier venture capitalists such as IDG Capital which led the first round of $20M USD investment in DEXON.

The team is based in Taiwan and the IEO just launched on the LBank Launchpad today, April 25, 2019 and has been concluded.


DUO Network

DUO Network is a decentralized platform based on Ethereum blockchain to let users issue, trade and do settlement of tokenized crypto derivatives. Crypto derivatives include financial contract-based products such as Bitcoin futures and ETFs which derive their value from crypto as an underlying asset. The platform, named Collateralized Autonomous Token (CAT), will define the set of standards that can be followed by users who want to issue, redeem and settle crypto derivatives.

Those issuing crypto derivatives products on the platform will be able to raise funds for their projects by selling tokenized, splittable, fugible and collateralized crypto derivatives and derivative products to willing investors. This is done through smart contracts. The investors who buy these derivatives will be able to trade them on an exchange with other users. The investors or buyers will include hedgers who want to hedge against prices, speculators who want to earn profits from volatility and arbitrageurs looking to capture the price spreads across platforms. The order book is stored off chain and settlement is completed on chain.

The network’s main features are Collateralized Autonomous Tokens (CAT), Price Oracle, CAT Exchange, and DUO Network Token. Any user will be able to enter the DUO DEX, choose a suitable contract and start trading the contract on the exchange. The Beethoven contract and dual-class token are fully production-ready with TestNet. The decentralized exchange is based on the 0x Protocol.

Circling back to the token, holders of CATs will be able to send crypto assets to the custodian smart contract and receive 2 types of CATs with different payoff structures. Holders can redeem their CATs and thus withdraw their crypto assets at any given time.

The IEO will launch on the BitMax Launchpad on the April 27, 2019.



Faireum is a public blockchain that hopes to solve problems of online iGaming industries by lowering costs, decentralizing of gaming, and providing transparency and security of iGaming experiences.

Users of Faireum can also utilize the token to access variety of game types such as lottery, horse-gaming, sports-gaming, casino games, digital games and countless more.

The platform will have ledger nodes, P2P networking, a virtual machine for Smart Contracts and a set of rules for token distribution. The latter will include token distribution, reward, payment gateway, digital asset exchange and cross-chain atomic swap.

Third parties will be able to connect to get the benefits of using consensus mechanism and the Faireum Virtual Machine (FVM) on their services, through Application Programming Interface (API).

The IEO started on the P2PB2B Exchange on April 25 and is now sold out.



Farm2Kitchen is a food supply chain platform that wants to develop a global marketplace where farmers can sell their produce and track their supplies and food buyers can track the supplies from farm to destination.

Through the Global Farmers Marketplace (now in beta version), both small scale and marginal farmers across Asia can market their produce. It aims at providing direct market access, eliminating multiple distribution layers, facilitate a fair market pricing that helps producers and improving of the livelihood of farmers.

According to the IEO promotion from the company, small and marginal farmers from Asia hold land below 2 hectares in holdings each but they produce almost 80 percent of total food in the region. Since this is replicated in most of the developing world, it means small and marginal farmers are crucial for the future of sustainability of agricultural growth and food security around the world.

However, these kinds of farmers are locked out of the higher paying markets because of lack of access to quality seeds, fertilizers, training and capital and are affected by low productivity and inferior product quality. One of the ways that the team intends to solve the problems to help them is allowing farmers to access high paying markets by connecting them directly to the consumers. Farm2Kitchen recently developed a network consisting of more than 600,000 small farmers across India, providing them with training, mentoring and direct access to the market.

Not only Asia, the startup also plans to expand operations to include distributions to restaurants, cafeterias, and food services across Eastern Europe and Asia.

The project's IEO sale taking place on the ExMarkets Tokensale platform from April 22th and will run until the 20th of June 2019.


Green Funding Platforms (GFP)

Green Funding Platforms (GFP) encourages consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance factors when making investment decisions, which, although attached to high initial costs, has been shown by research to have less risk than investment decisions made based only on financial factors. It also advances the sustainability agenda. This is while cutting down costly intermediary networks and providing transparency of projects and decisions.

GSP allows users to upload ESG investments to the platform for other users to check and invest in. These ideas are checked and analyzed by specialists in ESG investment before they are uploaded on the platform, which ensures investors invest safely. With the platform, investors are able to check and follow transaction records on ledger, track transaction status, and do more through the Green Funding Coin.

GFP IEO kicked off its pre-sale on Latoken exchange on January 1 and concluded it on March 31, while the project's ICO started on April 1 and will conclude at the end of the year.



GTEX defines itself as the next generation gaming platform and marketplace where users can trade blockchain-based games. The GTEX PoA Network platform will be a self-incentivizing gaming ecosystem for both gamers and developers featuring a wallet and crypto.

The platform will use fungible and non-fungible ERC20 and ERC721 tokens to tokenize all gaming assets and make them easily tradable. It also features a stable coin known as GTEX Points (GP), a universal gaming currency that will be utilized on the GTEX platform to provide access to platform services.

It utilizes Proof of Authority mechanism where well-known game developers will serve as supernodes but there will be space for developers in any expertise level. Developers can launch their games on the GTEX Game Mall and reach players directly. The platform will utilize GTEX Token gaming token to offer a variety of benefits for users including allowing them to transact at lower fees, access the newest games and get exclusive game token airdrops. All the tokens including stable tokens and airdrops can be accessed via the GTEX Wallet and they still can be traded through the GTEX Exchange.

They are also building GTEX Gaming Platform, a DApp constructed from four main platforms: Game mall, Game item marketplace, Wallet and Exchange. Each of these platforms targets at solving specific issues in the gaming industry.

The IEO launched on Coineal 15 April and will conclude today on April 26th.



IZIChain is a blockchain based platform that lets users build dApps for use in the financial industry whether you are talking about dapps for asset digitization, digital asset trading, loan offer, transactin, getc. It can be utilized by both individual developers and entities.

They call their blockchain ‘Hologram Lattice Chain’ (HLC) and this will have 4 component chains and 2 peer layers. The 3 chains in the Citizen Class allows for scaling of transactions on the platform, while the Protection Class ensures verification, notary or protection (banks, governments, courts, etc.) as well as providing of special services and network maintenance. The platform will also feature a Digital Exchange to facilitate asset trading through peer-to-peer models.

Real Exchange will allow trading among individuals needing to exchange regulatory controlled assets, Digital Banking will allow for depositing or funding, and there will be an ICO Platform and Talk P2P to allow for user-to-user correspondence, addressing issues such as price negotiation, discussion, or collaboration.

The IZI Chain IEO will launch on Coineal Launchpad on April 21 and end on April 25.



Loopex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform being led by a team with a background in cryptocurrency, programming, finance and law fields. The platform allows users to access advanced and variety of features when trading cryptocurrencies and users can also automate trading as they wish.

Some of the trading features on the exchange include limit orders, stop market orders, stop limit, smart market, smart limit and trailing stop. These are all types of orders: a smart market order combines two independent stop-market orders where after the market price has reached one of the two stop orders, the stop market order is placed with the consideration of the activated stop price while the second one is canceled.

With smart orders, users can place stop loss and take profit orders simultaneously as well as develop various purchase strategies. A smart limit order is similar to smart market orders but it combines two independent stop limit orders allowing a user to place an order with limitation of the maximum purchase price and the minimum selling price. Thus the user is able to place an order with limitation of the maximum purchase price attached and minimum selling price.

Trailing stop orders involves a user specifying the number of coins they want to buy and the distance to which the trailing stop will fall behind the market price. The trailing stop follows the market price as the latter moves up and the trailing stop will freeze when the market price falls, such that the distance between the trailing stop and market price shortens as the market price falls. When the distance reaches zero, the market order with the pre-defined number of coins will be placed automatically.

In a stop market order, a user specifies the stop price at which market price the user's order will turn into a market order. In other words, a market order is placed when the market price reaches the specified stop price.

For token buyers, holders of the tokens will gain access to a 50% discount on the execution of all trading. The discount depends on the number of platform tokens held such that a user holding 400 000 XLP and more on the Loopex account can receive VIP status, which makes his trading free of charge.

Their IEO will start on Tuesday, the 30th, on the Latoken Exchange and will take 60 days to conclude.


Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is an Ethereum-based, decentralized AI-driven, data-sharing platform that utilizes the blockchain to allow the secure sharing and selling of data in a transparent manner. The platform will allow integration of services and assets, and data marketplaces can still hook into the Ocean Protocol to let data providers and consumers share data. It is built on the Ocean beta platform and kicked off with more than 1K open datasets.

It uses smart contracts and the data can be analyzed by algorithms. The beta testing allowed data scientists and developers to build and launch new services and solve problems on the blockchain. Some of the companies that would utilize the platform to solve real-world problems in data economies include Aviva, Johnson & Johnson, and Roche. The Commons is the platform's marketplace on which any organization, individual and group can explore, download, and publish open data sets and test the platform concepts.

Data owners can source and buy data from multiple marketplaces and can also control each of the datasets. The platform went live to public beta earlier this month. It allows individuals, industries, academia, and governments to participate in a data economy safely, securely, and borderless.

Data providers are rewarded for sharing their information, all with the rights to determine who should utilize that data. By sharing data, they would benefit the AI and data ecosystems such as through research, etc. Groups, companie, sand organizations can access user data on this platform.

The team, which comprises of data scientists, AI researchers, and big data enthusiasts, is based in Singapore and the IEO will launch on Bittrex International on the 30 April 2019.

The team participated in the recently concluded one of the largest World’s Largest AI + Blockchain Hackathon which took place in Groningen, Netherlands. At the hackathon, they participated in the building of the "Forest DAO," a self-driving rover that would collect data about the forest?—?soil conditions, biodiversity—to give the forest some type of self-awareness to "own itself". The data would be made available on the Ocean Platform. Another team A Solid Team also won first place in their track with their solution around T&Cs online.


TerraGreen TGN

TerraGreen is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that hopes to promote and encourage the use of green energy in blockchain endeavors in order to reduce greenhouse gas effects and mitigate waste pollution.

It will use a platform that has own consensus called "Byzantine Fault Tolerance" and SHA-384 cryptocoin to encourage renewable energy trading. Therefore, it is merely a renewable energy trading platform on which renewable energy can be tokenized by producers and used by the community who buy it in exchange for fiat currency in payment for energy consumed. In other words, the platform users will include energy producers, investors, utilities and consumers who can connect to trade renewable energy they produce and need. Once renewable energy producers register their assets, they can tokenize renewable energy and trade tokens to energy consumers through smart contracts. 

For purposes of transparency, users will be able to monitor how energy is produced and distributed.

The system will also allow for the deployment of different dApps that will promote use, saving and management of renewable energy (e.g. real-time analysis of energy dat, aetc) or facilitate other services. In other words, other projects and coins can be deployed on the platform through side-chains. It will have a web wallet and a mobile wallet (Android and iOS). The mobile app will be introduced in the Q2.

The ecosystem features a coin called the TerraGreen coin, whose total supply will be 270 million. About 50% will be unlocked at first after ICO and 20% reserved for rewards for the masternodes and the rest locked in vesting contracts. The latter will be released in line with demand and performance.

The IEO will be launched on the ExMarkets Launchpad on 21 January to conclude on May 30 2019.


Thunder Core

Thunder Core is an EVM-compatible blockchain that manages a throughput of 1,200+ TPS, sub-second confirmation times, and low gas costs. The project, whose testnet is live, allows users to build decentralized and scalable dapps.
Transactions on the network are confirmed by Consensus Nodes in under a second. The network of nodes is coordinated by the accelerator, which is a robust, DDoS-resilient distributed system.

They hope to introduce a fast and more robust Pili Extension and POS Incentive or Rewards scheme in this first quarter of the year.

The Thunder Core IEO will launch on Huobi Prime in May of this year.



Trias (Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems) is a smart contract capable platform and blockchain that aims to support running of dapplications across all systems and devices including servers, PCs, mobile devices, IoT etc.

Trias combines five layers namely MagCarta contract layer, Prometh service layer, Prometh construction layer, Leviatom ledger layer and Leviatom Trust Layer in order to use existing software service modules in the application layer, quickly combine specific applications such as agricultural traceability implementation, digital copyright confirmation, anti-fake engineering, industrial products, artworks and medical data traceability. It will be capable of supporting all-platform native application with zero reconstruction and migration and support complex smart contract collaboration models.

The platform will have capability to scale and support 100 k transactions per second, will be capable of resisting 90% of collaborative attack, reducing cross-fragment communication overheads to less than 1%, and supporting multi-party collaborative processing without any data exchange. It will also feature an insurance-as-a-security system. Other benefits to users include mining by security attestation and verification.

The IEO will launch on the KuCoin Exchange but its’ launch date is currently unknown.



TuneTrade is a platform that empowers personal brands for anyone whether they are musicians, bloggers, streamers, and makes it easy for them to connect to their core audience through a community coin. On the other hand, fans of different brands will be able to engage with favorite brands.

It means individuals such as artists and limelights etc can use the platform to tokenize their brand image as a way of marketing their personal brands to gain more audience, earning more from their sweat, etc. With the platform, creators, artists, etc will be able to create their own tokens in a few clicks and issue them to willing "investors" fans all with custom volume of tokens, wallets, and other characteristics. It means they can do so to raise funds for their projects.

The tokens issued by persons and brands will represent intellectual property of the contributors. Besides the tokens issued by personal brands, the platform has own native token that can be spent in accessing services and creator applications in addition to allowing holders share to platform rewards and incentives.

Fans, in exchange, can expect more direct engagement with the artists and more quality content. For instance, they can access such content directly via tokens released by artists hence effectively cutting down middlemen and affording the content at much lower prices.

Created by Mo’e brothers, the Lifted music group, and The Coin Bros, Tune Trade will utilize smart contracts and distributed ledgers to rejuvinate the fan and brand engagements.

The smart contracts will be audited by outside sources and the platform will utilize solidity, Vue. JS, Python, and Node. JS programming languages.

The platform already has a prototype and have a ERC-20 scheduler dapp completed and live on the Ethereum main-net. They also recently held a bounty program where the team was able to interact with over 75k wallets. It now has around 100k of community members across all social media platforms.
They recently released the beta version in which 60,000 people participate in beta testing or social media sharing to earn the only tokens.

The IEO will launch on the IDAX Launchpad on April 29 and run until April 30.


Venus Energy

Venus Energy is a program that aims to promote the use of renewable energy in the blockchain and crypto mining in order to contribute towards a cleaner environment and reduce polluting emissions. With the amount of electricity consumed in crypto mining remaining high fairly during all times, miners receive lower renumeration during the times when crypto prices are considerably low. The idea of Venus Energy is to help them reduce those mining costs while contributing to a cleaner environment. 

This is especially relevant for server farms that consume very large amount of energy to support mining of cryptocurrencies. With an appropriate innovation, use of renewable energy will see miners utilizing lesser energy but also making mining process more efficient and profitable. Using cleaner energy means the users/customers of Venus Energy will also contribute lesser greenhouse effect.

In order to solve the issue of high energy use in mining crypto and which as said affects incomes, the team, which is based in Lithuania, plans to build cryptocurrency mining farms and to supply these farms with renewable energy from wind power plants in Lithuania. These windmills will be planted in the country's coastal region which is ideal for windmills because it receives highest wind strength in the country with wind turbine winds revolving at between 6.5 and 7.5 m/s in the coastal region. For instance, the Baltic Sea coast manages a minimum of 3.5 m/s of average wind speeds meaning it is possible to produce good amount of electricity all around the year. With Venus Energy, a person will be able to mine up to 24 different cryptocurrencies on the three most popular platforms namely SHA256, Ethash and Equihash.

In regard to the project tokenomics, those who invest in the token at the end of the soft cap round will receive 50% more compared to the token amount invested during the IEO while Hard Cap funds will also get 20% more compared to tokens invested at the end of the ICO. Holders of the token will get 20% cheaper energy than the cheapest energy sold in the EU (price: 0.032 EU per 1 KWh).

When mining becomes unprofitable, VenusEnergy and customers can agree to stop the mining and the customers will get a lumpsum for their electricity usage up to that point. The IEO will launch on the ExMarkets Exchange Launchpad on May 31 and end on April 4 this year. The pre-ICO was held from February 1st to March 1st.



X-Block is a blockchain 4-based fog computing platform that lets users share and distribute computing resources through smart contracts. It will integrate decentralized storage, computing, bandwidth and other resource. As a fog (you can relate this name to cloud computing) computing solution, it will host dApps remotely, meaning users can avoid the need to build and host their dApps on-site, which eliminates a lot of pain-points such as maintenance. Users will also avoid building programs and dApps that are specific to a given blockchain only.

The team is building a supercomputer made of consumer hardware, for use by anyone, and which allows anyone to join the network as a node and contribute computing resources. Thus it works like a solution that aims to decentralize modern-day cloud computing, most of whose control is central and hence susceptible to all the problems of centralization of data services you could imagine of.

Their tech will allow anyone to participate in sharing and distributing computer resources, including by reducing the high participation cost of blockchain tech today and the fact that it will allow any device to participate, and because it will be easy to use. That is while ensuring low latency, high speed, and massive throughput. The beta software is already released and the platform has a peak transaction throughput -- so called transaction per second (TPS) -- of over 3000 and theoritical TPS of +10 k.

Both super nodes and common nodes can participate in transaction block confirmation as consensus nodes and in block generation and in elections, although other unverified nodes can not participate in elections.

The technology can, for instance, be utilized by traditional cloud computing services such as Amazon and Microsoft which can access resources at a lower cost than are able to do on centralized ecosystems. It employs a lightweight byzantine agreement protocol that allows reducing of overhead and saving of computation power, which allows people to carry out tasks on fog computing with much ease. The technology will also be integrated with main-chains to facilitate diverse cross-chain applications.

The platform utilizes IX token to incentivize the utilization of idle computational resources. Users can lease out their resources and get paid for sharing or selling computational power by the token. Developers can also hook platforms and services into the network to gain from its massive resources and pay by the token depending on the amount of resources and power they utilize. Further, developers can use the public chain to build their dApp tokens.

The IEO launched on the Bibox IEO on April 22 and has since been concluded.


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